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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    A mad week and a crazy weekend.  Between footy meetings, getting sick, two days of little athletics and measuring up 96 people as part of kicking of Month Three (3) of our Life Plan program, I have missed out on three scheduled training sessions (I could only make up for 1) and had my diet taken over by chaos.  Basically, every week is ‘bad’ – but some are worse than others and sticking ‘fat’ and remaining focused on the big picture is a challenge that is faced by every one of us.  Even me!  That said, the classes I did get through were terrific.  I really loved that new power-ropes/rowing combo – complete cardio-endurance blast that really challenged me…I don’t know about you guys but I tried to get the 250m row completed in 50seconds – and coming off a minute of solid work with the heavy power rope found that a real challenge both physically and mentally.  I also managed to finish an ‘interesting’ lifting session that I have modified and created as a Body Work class for this week – I really hope you guys like it.  I was originally planning to make it a ‘No Rules’ class but think I have got the scaling such that it will have a bit of a wider ‘appeal’.  Regardless, good luck!

    In the past three days, ninety six (96) people have been weighed, measured and pinched as part of kicking off Month three of the ‘Life Plan’ – and I have spoken to a few others who have rescheduled appointments for getting their measurements done due to work or travel commitments.  For me, it is just fantastic to have so many people really having a go at changing their diet (and to a lesser extent, lifestyle – most of them are pretty dedicated gym goers anyway!)  – and who have continued to stick with it for three months. The bonus is that a number of them have gotten some really positive outcomes that have encouraged them to keep them on track.  We have actually seen some quite amazing results – one person has lost a touch over 18kgs, quite a few waist measurements have dropped by > 10cm – and all in two months.  Much more common though has been weight loss of between 2-4 kgs and a general drop in skinfolds/measurements in the 8-15% per month range – so good, steady changes in both weight loss and body composition.  There are (of course) a few people who haven’t quite got the results they are chasing – all I can really say to them is to say focussed and stick with it.  As noted in the blog last week, ultimately it is consistency and longevity that brings results – quick turnarounds are subjects covered in fairy tales that have been written about ‘someone else’.

    Before I go on – I just wanted to mention that if you are thinking about the Life Plan or ‘wishing’ you had chosen to get involved, it is never too late.  The rules for month three (3) are published later in this blog and I know you could jump straight in if you want too…there is amazing support from the other participants both in the gym and on the Life Challenge Facebook page.

    Anyway, enough promotion of the Life Plan ‘side project’ – whether you are ‘Life Planning’ or not, I am certain that you are looking to get results from your workouts and I was reading an amazing coaching book this week (‘So What, Next Pitch’ by Brian Cain) where he outlined a very simple three step philosophy for remaining positive during difficult circumstances and making sure you achieve the best result possible.  He called it (he gives everything an acronym which is equal parts helpful and annoying) the “3 P’s Philosophy” and it goes like this:  ‘Follow the PROCESS, Be PRESENT, Stay POSITIVE’.  The book is obviously about coaching – and specifically about coaching baseball – and whilst the specific points made relating to that sport are not really relevant to me (or you guys as far as I know) the generics are.

    Follow the Process is both simple – and really, really wide ranging.  This applies to so many parts of my day – but when it comes to my ‘gym’ time the ‘process’ really counts.  On those days when I am not ‘together’ – when I haven’t made sure to eat, when I leave it too late to start putting my wraps on, when I don’t have my water bottle organised, when I can’t find my towel, when I am not warm (ideally I skip for a few minutes before a class), when I don’t take the time after a class to walk and stretch…well, I really get what I deserve.  My session is never as good as it could be – I always find myself having to re-wrap my ‘quick-wrapped’ hands, or running out for water etc – and my next day is never as good because without taking the time to ‘wind down’ I end up with one sore spot too many (or whatever) and it impacts my next class as well.

    Be Present is something I am sure I have written about before – but I couldn’t find it in the archives.  To me it is about making sure that when you are training, you are fully focussed and engaged – working towards the outcome you want to achieve.  I know for me there are times when I have had a chaotic day and I almost find myself ‘waking up’ half-way through a class – I had been training in a fashion…not so much going through the motions but not really being fully aware or committed to the task at hand.  It is one reason for me that doing Body Work rather than Boxing for Fitness – or even Beginners rather than Boxing for Fitness –  can be a better plan…I have usually run Boxing three (3) times by 8am and know it backwards – which means when I do the class at lunch time I don’t really need to completely ‘focus’ on what I am doing (or at least I don’t ‘think’ I do).

    Stay positive is last but ultimately most important.  So – you just had a week like I did.  You were busy and missed training.  You were sick and couldn’t get you food right.  You wanted three sessions and only managed two.  You promised yourself an alcohol free week but found yourself at a function with a beer in hand.  Do these things mean something?  Well, of course they do.  But none of them are the end of the world.  And whilst it would have been better if you didn’t have that beer, did get all of your training done and had stuck to your diet – you still managed ‘something’ and next week is a new opportunity to get everything right.  Next week starts tomorrow!

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – February Challenge + T-Shirts

    With the challenge over and the dust settled (well, settling!), it is time to distribute the goodies.  I have a box of awesome ‘Get it Done’ T’s in various sizes from Girls size 8-14 and Boys Med-XL ready to go.   If we run out (and not that many people finished the challenge so don’t worry) or we can’t fit you or whatever, don’t stress…I will get you the shirt you earned.

    So – what happens now?  I have a little spread sheet sitting on the very laptop I am typing this blog on with name/t-shirt size written on it.  Basically, all of those people who have finished the challenge, let me know via email what shirt size you are and they will be in alphabetical order in reception for each of you to pick up from Tuesday afternoon.

    Gym Update #2 – 6-Month Life Plan

    As mentioned earlier in the blog, month two (2) is done and dusted and the new rules come into play as of Monday March 10th.  Those rules are:


    Three (3) Classes per Calendar Week (Must be signed by trainer)

    Diet Rules:
    NO PASTA permitted – AT ALL!
    NO BREAKFAST CEREAL permitted – Monday to Friday
    ONE SERVE of Sweets – Lollies, chocolate, cool drink (soda), icecream or biscuits/cakes etc PER WEEK.
    No bread – At ALL!
    Five (5) alcohol free days each week – and only two (2) drinks allowed on the other days.
    Two (and ONLY 2) days during the month when you can eat/drink outside of the ‘rules’.

    Prehab rules:

    1 x 30 minute walk/stretch per week. (Mark on sheet with PH)

    So the big ‘changes’ are the addition of PASTA and Breakfast Cereal to the exclusions list – and the restriction of the ‘sweets’ from ‘On Weekends’ to ‘One Serve Per Week’.

    Remain focussed, keep your sheets up to date and stay positive – after all, if you aren’t getting results by following the plan, do you really think that falling off the wagon is going to help??

    Gym Update #3 – New Equipment on the way

    The new KrankCycle will be in the gym on MONDAY MARCH 10th…I promise.

    From there, we have more medium sized (and small, and large for that matter) bag mitts on the way, sleeveless hoodies are nearly ready to go…it is all moving forward (steadily, if slowly).

    Gym Update #4 – 12-month Memberships:  Bags

    I will mention this for the last time in the blog as it is boring me and most likely you…but if you are missing a bag from your 12-month membership pack – well, they are in the gym and available to you.  Please just ask at reception next time you are in and we will happily hand one over!  There are still a heap of names on the list for bags so please do take the time to see us next time you are in!

    Gym Update #5 – AFL Dreamteam and Footy Tipping

    A return of the old segments is imminent – first off, be sure to join our footy tipping contest by selecting the following link:

    We also have an AFL Fantasy competition using AFL DreamTeam that still has four (4) spots open…we would love to fill it with people from the gym (before the contest is filled for us by ‘celebrities’) so please jump on – go to and you wll find our league using code 12929.

    Facebook Highlights

    With me out of action for so much of the week, the number of links on FACEBOOK took a sharp decline.  Nevertheless, there was some good stuff put up there:

    Six challenges to take on:

    Adversity makes us stronger:

    Jersey Caramels:

    30-day eating plan:

    Feel free to put links up on the site guys…if you read something that resonates, give others the same opportunity to benefit.


    Link of the week

    Not the new 300 workout, but a cool video of a great new abs routine from Funk Roberts:

    See you in the gym!



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