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    Ways to ‘get better’, KrankCycle, Pushing the Sled

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    How hard was that Tuesday tricep session?  Crab walks, 1-ring pushups, tricep extensions, skull crushers, tricep pushups, sledgehammer tricep blasters?  I think all of us knew we had some sort of muscle on the back of our arms when we woke up on Wednesday!  I also really enjoyed the Wednesday class with the escalating jump-squats (5, then 10, then 15, then 20) and found the challenge of doing them in a continuous set a really good focus point for the class.  Next week?  Starting Strength is Power Cleans, the ‘Strength’ component of TANKS is Incline Bench Press, Body Work features an ‘interesting’ warm-up followed by a couple of 21-15-9 triplets (looks fun actually) and the boxing sessions look pretty balanced – a heap of step back lunges on Monday with a super challenging session scheduled for Wednesday – 2:30 rounds with pushups, squats and situps each round…looks awesome!

    Managing time at Round 1 has become ‘interesting’ these days.  When I read the article Lloyd posted about being ‘stuck’ in a training rut (see the Facebook links section of this document) it really did make me wonder about whether we are doing everything we can to service our clients.  Now – we spend a lot (my business coach says far TOO much) time on developing interesting, aligned, progressive classes for everyone to do each week (he likes the Body Pump type ideal where you write a session once then run it continuously for 5 or 6 weeks all over the world – very time efficient!)…but there is no doubt that whilst our sessions do a pretty good job of hitting the ‘middle’ ground do they really help people at the ‘bottom’ end or those who are just getting started?  How do you get better at something when the goal posts keep moving?  What about people at the top end?  And what about those people at the ‘top’ of the middle and the ‘bottom’ of the middle – people who might find that boxing every day isn’t quite enough (or is too much), yet Body Work is a bit too much (or Beginners is not quite enough)…or Beginners (or Body Work) is at the right level but the wrong time.  I know we have tried to provide small group extensions (Starting Strength / Tanks) to help people who feel they are ‘stuck’ – but at the same time I understand that not everyone wants to pay ‘more’ for those types of training…yet at the same time given I need to pay staff to do the sessions, I do need to charge for them!

    So – what do we do?

    I guess the short-answer is that we have tried to provide progression type programs in the form of the 6-month Life Plan to help people achieve results – and the regular monthly challenges to offer a bit of a push – but none of those things really work effectively without people first understanding the required ‘technique’.  In other words, there is no easy way to get people started off in our Boxing sessions let alone get them doing some fundamental lifting (squats, deadlifts, bench press, over-head press and rows) unless they know how to do it.  I guess that we try to provide an ‘on-ramp’ to our Boxing sessions via the Beginners classes but not everyone are able (or prepared) to train at those times…and when it comes to the more advanced classes (Tanks, No Rules) we are almost assuming that everyone knows ‘HOW’ to do those basic lifts (along with a heap of other movements really) before the session starts – and whilst some technique tweaking might go on within each session, trying to instruct the movement whilst ALSO getting the entire group through the workload scheduled for the session oftentimes proves impossible.

    So – what do we do?

    The answer really guys is we need to hear about any / all issues that you might be experiencing in order to help you achieve what you want to achieve.  I am putting some rudimentary plans together that would involve offering a 30-minute workshop at 6pm on a Friday to cover a fundamental lift type/exercise…I guess similar to starting strength in a way but without the small group restriction.  But what I really need is information.  What things do you want that you aren’t getting?  Are there results you are expecting that you aren’t getting?  What is negatively impacting on your ability to get through the sessions and achieve the results that you are chasing?  What do you need from us that we aren’t giving you today?  Make your comments on FACEBOOK, send me an email to…I don’t mind how you get in touch but if there are issues you are having that you want our help to solve, please let me know.

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – February Challenge – LAST WEEK

    The February challenge is nearly over.  Nearly.  Today is the Sunday 23rd – which means you have just 4 more days to get those 25 sessions done.  If you need to double up – double up.  Do whatever you need to do to get those 25 sessions completed within the (very short) month of February.  For those of you who successfully complete the challenge, you will be the proud recipient of a Round 1 Fitness ‘Get it Done’ t-shirt…you know, the ones the charcoal grey ones with ‘Get It Done’ on them, the ones that are not for sale?  (Well, that is assuming I have enough of course!  Given how many forms I have been signing lately I might need to order some more).

    Four (4) days left.  Get it done.

    Gym Update #2 – 6-Month Life Plan

    For you guys doing the Life Plan, I would really encourage you to stick at it.  We have been going for seven (7) weeks now and if bread isn’t completely OUT of your diet, if you are still struggling to figure out ‘what to eat’ – and by bread this of course means pitta bread, flat bread, mountain bread, Turkish bread, cracker biscuits and all of those ‘bread replacements’ – then you really do need to come and see me or ask for help on the Life Plan Facebook page.  You should have also be used to stopping at TWO (2) drinks, AND staying away from the sweets and lollies (on weekdays at least) by now.

    What is in store for month three (3)?  Well, some of the things to think about are how you will survive without pasta and breakfast cereal.  And how you will find time for an extra gym session each week…month 3 is when the Life Plan becomes a little bit challenging.

    All of that said, the ‘RULES’ for Month#2 are still in effect and they are listed below:

    • Two (2) group training sessions per week
    • One (1) 30-minute walk/stretch per week
    • No SWEETS!  (And this means Lollies, chocolate, icecream or donuts/biscuits/cakes) Monday to Friday
    • No COOL DRINK – And this includes the ‘DIET’ versions – Monday to Friday.
    • No bread – At ALL!  (Well, free eating days I guess)
    • Five (5) alcohol free days each week – and only two (2) drinks allowed on the other days.
    • Two (and ONLY 2) days during the month when you can eat/drink outside of the ‘rules’.

    Good luck everyone – and for anyone who wants to jump on board, it is not too late!

    Gym Update #3 – New Equipment on the way

    As mentioned last week, we have a new KrankCycle on the way.  For those of you who don’t remember it, well – here is a reminder!

    There is also some other cool stuff going on in the background.  Specifically we are working with our insurance company (yep – sad isn’t it!) to come up with a solution for rope-climbing and elevated gymnastic rings…and potentially a rope ladder or two.  No promises at the moment but our initial conversations have been positive.

    Gym Update #4 – New Short-sleeve Hoodies

    There are some new short-sleeve hoodies on the way.  These will have a full zip front, pockets on each side and should be pretty cool – just the thing to wear before/after workouts as the weather becomes colder.  Now – due to the fact that we always end up with 100000 unsold items I will only be getting a few in – and initially in a very restricted range of colors (black with white lettering, white with black lettering).  They will literally be ‘first in, best dressed’ when they arrive.

    ONCE the hoodies are in and everyone has seen them, we would like to offer a pre-order service with a bit of a difference for the next order…this will become more obvious when the hoodies arrive.

    Gym Update #5 – 12-month Memberships:  Bags

    If you are missing a bag from your 12-month membership pack – well, they are here now.  Please just ask at reception next time you are in and we will happily hand one over!

    Facebook Highlights

    There sure were a lot of links put up on our FACEBOOK site in the past week – if you missed them, here they are:

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    Link of the week

    Had a few people looking nervously at the sled last week – not sure whether to ‘get involved’ or not.  Well, it is easy (well, it is not easy but there is no trick to it) and it is awesome.

    See you in the gym!



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