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    Planning to Train, (Awesome) January Special, 6-Month Life Plan

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great classes last week.  Was fantastic to do some two-handed kettlebell (two kettlebell??) exercises in the classes – it is something I find great during my own workouts but rarely include in the sessions…due to the investment we have made in the lighter (4kg and 6kg) kbs – as well as ramping up the numbers of 8kg/12kg/16kg kbs on hand – it is something I think we can do more of in 2014.  I am also really happy with the way the new TANKS format has been working for the last month or so – a warm-up block, strength block, endurance block and ‘something else’…the new format has made the sessions a lot more dynamic and (I think) now give everyone (newcomer or experienced TANKS participant) a chance of being able to work consistently throughout the program…it means that those things that are ‘too hard’ are at least only ‘too hard’ for 10 minutes or so!

    Given it is New Years Resolution time, I thought I would talk a little bit today about a few pitfalls I have learned when people decide to ‘get started’ on a new program – or even for our regulars make a promise to ‘re-commit’ to their training.

    The first one is this – train when you train.  I know that when you sit down and plan out your day, attending gym sessions at 5am or 6am might seem like they are the ‘BEST’ times for you to train.  But before you make attending the early morning classes your plan – have a think about yourself.  Are you someone who struggles to get out of bed when the alarm goes off?  If you are a slow starter in the mornings, then planning to come to 5am classes is probably not a plan that you will be able to sustain – you will then become frustrated with yourself and perhaps even give up on the whole thing.  A better plan is to think about your habits and fit your training in around them – if you are an early riser – GREAT.  Plan to come at 6am (or even 5am).  If you aren’t, then maybe an 8pm class – after work, after dinner, after the kids are in bed (etc) will fit in better with your life.

    The second one is ‘Be Prepared’.  Make your training life an easy life – get yourself a few pairs of hand wraps.  Get yourself a few gym towels (and if you are that way inclined, a few gym ‘outfits’).  If you are planning on training in the morning, pack your bag/get your gear ready the NIGHT before.  There is nothing worse than digging through pile of washing looking for socks at 4:30am (in the dark of course, you wouldn’t want to wake anyone else up!).  Be smart.  Get ready to go – have enough equipment available to support the training you want to do each week and get it ready ‘in time’.

    The third and final one I wanted to mention is to make time to ‘recover’.  Now – this means a lot of things to a lot of people and to many it means “If I trained yesterday then today I don’t do ANYTHING”…I think there is a bit more too it than that.  If you want to work some ‘off days’ into your training – great idea.  Keep in mind though that if you are ‘just’ doing the boxing classes then most weeks you will be able to complete 4 or 5 sessions with no ill-effects (just listen to your body).  BUT.  You do need to take some time out to stretch (and even better – to foam roll!), you need to take some time out to walk, you need to take some time out to ‘CHILL’.  If you can get outside and go for a walk for 30 minutes or so, the impact on your body in terms of recovery can be enormous.  If you can add to this with a couple of 10-15 minute sessions on the foam roller each week, you will be feeling even better.

    Are there other considerations?  Of course – your specific training goals for the year (get stronger – and how you want to measure it), lose weight (how much and by when)…the list goes on.  But those things can only be ‘worked towards’ if you can cover off the basics – defining the TIMES you can get to the gym, making sure you are PREPARED and not thrown off course by anything within your control AND making sure you are working in some time to recover so your next session is a good one!

    Happy New Year – See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – January Special

    We have a great special running this month – our new ‘UNLIMITED’ membership (Unlimited classes, cancel anytime) is available WITHOUT a joining fee (a saving of $75).

    We have had some great specials at the gym lately but I think this tops it all – just $70 per month for as many classes as you like and full gym access without a time commitment.  If you are thinking of getting ‘in shape’ for 2014 this special might be just the thing for you – it entitles you to Boxing Classes, Beginners, Body Work, B+…you have full gym/cardio access, can access PT services, can do TANKS/Starting Strength sessions…

    Gym Update #2 – 6-Month Life Plan

    Thanks to everyone who dropped into the gym on Friday night to get their measurements done for the life plan.  We have now measured up 98 people (around 120 have registered interest) and I am hopeful that on the first Friday in February (measuring day!) we have 100% of people who started the challenge still ‘following the plan’.

    The rules for month 1 are pretty simple.  Actually, they are VERY simple.

    No BREAD (or bread ‘type’ foods) from Monday to Friday.  And yes, Mountain Bread, Pita bread etc count as BREAD.

    Two classes per week.

    Four Alcohol Free Days per week – and a maximum of TWO (2) drinks per day on each of the other three days…and no, you can’t BANK the drinks you don’t have on one day and drink them on another.

    One 30-minute walk/stretch per week.

    Two free eating/drinking days for the month when all of the rules can be thrown away.

    For you guys who are ‘IN’, the rules are all written on the back of your challenge sheets.

    Gym Update #3 – Christmas / New Year Hours

    Thanks for everyone who supported us over Christmas/New Year.  I know it is hard to focus on your exercise regime during this period but myself and the trainers really appreciated seeing so many people in the gym…and I am sure you guys who kept your training up will reap the rewards over the next month or so.

    For those of you who have had a ‘break’ from training – keep in mind during your first session back it all might seem a bit hard and you will feel like you are ‘starting again’.  This isn’t the case – you will still be a long way ahead of where you were when you first started at Round 1 – but you wont be quite at the level you were before you took a break.  After two or three sessions you will be back in the groove of things and going as hard as ever…so just show a little bit of persistence/resilience – it will be worth it.

    Gym Update #4 – Next ‘Get it Done’ Challenge is Coming

    As per comments last week, the next ‘Get it Done’ Challenge will commence in February.  It will be very, very simple – 25 classes in the Calendar month – 2 x Doubles (2 classes in one day) permitted to enable people to finish.  It is worth starting to plan your sessions out now – February is a ‘SHORT’ month, school goes back, kids sport is all back and running…if you want to ‘GET IT DONE’ – and Free T’s will be available to ‘FINISHERS’ – then a little bit of time spent planning will be time well spent.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great stuff on our FACEBOOK site last week – if you missed any of the links I have copied them all below:

    Double Kettlebells:


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    Nice article about Body Image this week (which seems relevant given the challenge is kicking off):

    See you in the gym!



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