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    Daily Diet Plan (for me!), New Gear on the way, New Gloves/Wraps in Stock

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am writing this Sunday afternoon of what seems like a non-existent weekend.  I am struggling with a bit of a back injury and feel the need to stretch every 15 minutes or so, it is Dempsey’s birthday tomorrow (Monday) so we have had parties and family visits and everything associated with that, little athletics relay champs next week so we have had multiple commitments there this weekend…and amongst all that we have the usual Christmas catch-ups with friends and colleagues so common to this time of year…and somehow we have to find time to go to the gym and get a little bit of exercise done?  Good luck with that!  As I noted in my email during the week, we have seen class numbers ‘dip’ as is common to this time of year – but even if you can’t maintain your usual schedule it is important to try and still maintain some level of activity.  You might need to compromise your time-table and squeeze in a morning session (5am’s every day now), or maybe you are starting work earlier so those 8pm sessions might be the plan?  Whatever it is you choose to do, maintaining some level of activity through this time of year will mean so much come January!

    I have been seeing a real increase in requests for food and diet advice lately – and that is great.  Our strategy for creating a diet for you is to start with your own 4-day food diary, and try to include as many of your current ‘favorites’ as possible in your new plan.  This doesn’t mean you will see ‘Fruit Loops’ listed in the breakfast spot when you get your diet plan back because that is what you ‘always’ eat – but it does mean that where possible we will try and come up with a phase#1 plan that ‘tightens’ things up and allows you to take ‘baby steps’ down the path to a new diet.

    A few people have said “Don’t worry about that – just write down what you eat and I will do that”.  Well, it isn’t really that simple – what I do is probably not suitable for everyone.  For one, my body type allows me to ‘get away’ with a few things…and for another, I train pretty hard, pretty often and this also allows me to get away with a few things.  That said, I thought this weeks blog would be a good place to tell everyone what it is that I am eating ‘hour by hour’ during a typical day.

    4am – Alarm goes off – Gotta love those 5am classes!  I head out to the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine then jump in the shower.  When I get out, I grab myself a piece of fruit (whatever is handy – usually a banana) and make a short black.  I sit down, swallow my fish oil and my JP+ and check out twitter etc for 15 minutes or so and head off to the gym.

    Between 5am and 8am I am running classes and during that time I will have another one or two short black coffees.  Like I said, what I eat and drink is not for everyone!  During this time I usually drink around 1 ½ bottles of water – around 1lt I guess.

    I try to leave the gym around 08:30am or so – though this doesn’t always happen.  When I get home I cook up 3 eggs and 3 rashers of bacon – when I have taken all of that out of the pan I throw in a big handful of English spinach and stir it around for 30 seconds or so and throw that on top of the eggs.   When that is done, I have another short black, try to drink a bottle of water and – depending on how I am feeling grab a few macadamia nuts to get some extra healthy fats in.

    From here it is work – admin stuff mostly, though I do get to write the class plans, work on individual weights programs etc if I am lucky through to around lunch-time.  By this time I am back in the gym and it is time to train – depending on what day it is this means a Boxing Class or a Body Work class which I follow-up a couple of times each week with some weights…I tend to stick to the ‘big’ lifts (squats, deadlifts, front squats, bench press, overhead press, rows) because I find I get the most bang for my buck when I do these.  Again, we are all different – Seany tends to do higher reps and a much bigger variety of exercises than me…we all need to do different things depending on our goals and current starting point.  When all this training time is over I go back and check my emails, grab a coffee and around 2:45pm head over to the primary school to pick up the boys.

    At 3pm or thereabouts it is time for lunch.  Lunch for me looks an awful lot like breakfast – I often have some tuna or chicken or steak rather than the bacon at breakfast time, but eggs and English spinach are usually involved.  If I am feeling really flat I might throw in some sweet potatoe – if there are mushrooms and capsicum in the fridge I throw them in as well.  Basically, I don’t get too stressed about this meal – some eggs, some meat, some fresh veggies all together in a pan – done.  When ‘lunch’ is eaten I jump in the shower as it is time to get back to the gym for the 4pm class.

    During the next 5 hours it is running classes, doing admin, doing weights programs – whatever.  During this time I will eat a few almonds, drink a couple of cups of coffee and continue to drink wate – I don’t really pay too much attention.  If I am getting ‘tired’, I eat some almonds – if I feel fine, well, I don’t eat the almonds!  If I am running classes I am in the gym till around 9:30pm – if not, I generally try to be home by 7:30pm so that Vanessa can get in there and get a session done.  Whatever time it is when I get home, eating is usually my number one priority – I leave this in V’s hands (she is pretty handy) and this generally means something similar to what I ate for lunch with the exception that the serve is much bigger and the food is cooked a lot better (she is just a better cook than I am).  So – it will be steak and veggies, chicken and salad etc – and if I am really lucky some paleo chocolate for desert.  A few months ago dinner would have included sweet potato 3-4 times per week – these days I seem to be able to get by quite happily without it.

    So – there you go.  My diet really doesn’t change much from day-to-day.  If you ask Sean, Lloyd and Lils what they eat, they will probably say the same thing – today’s meals look pretty much like yesterdays.  I guess we like what we eat, but when it all comes down to it the food is primarily there to provide us with nutrition and not to provide us with entertainment – and as Sean likes to say “If you are complaining your food is too boring then you don’t really want to change your body – you are just saying that you do”.

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – New Gloves and Wraps HAVE ARRIVED (Hoorah!!)

    At long (long) last, our new bag mitts and hand-wraps have arrived.  This new gear is truly awesome – I have never been happier with the quality of our Round One products and am so pleased to be able to offer them at the same old prices.  Our current range of gloves – $25 for bag mitts, $25 for weightlifting gloves, $30 for MMA gloves, $45 for leather boxing gloves with a wrist wrap and $65 for sparring gloves – is pretty comprehensive…the products are high quality, long lasting and great value (just check the prices at Rebel Sport if you don’t believe me).

    A reminder of our Facebook ‘special offer’ – if you purchase a pair of the new ‘FIRE’ wraps you will receive a set of mini-gloves to hang from the rear-view mirror of your car…these look pretty cool!

    Gym Update #2 – Membership Changes

    Since opening the gym back in March/April 2010, we have only every offered ‘fixed term’ contracts – one month, three months, six months or twelve months. As mentioned a couple of weeks back, we are about to change the way we do things:

    12-month memberships – including the Round 1 Pack – will STILL be available as up-front contracts or monthly/fortnightly debits…no changes to pricing or anything like that.

    6-month contracts will no longer be available.

    3-month contracts will be available as ‘up-front’ payments only – pricing is unchanged ($250).

    1-month contracts will no longer be available.

    A new contract type – UNLIMITED – will be introduced.  This will be slightly more expensive than a 12-month contract – an extra $5 per month – but you will be able to cancel this contract at any time (though written notification will be required).  This contract will NOT include a Round 1 Pack and will also require the payment of a Joining Fee ($75).

    All of these changes are effective as of today (December 1st).  

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear has arrived/is on the way!

    Hey guys – I know we ran really short of ‘red’ skipping ropes in the gym last week.  Sorry about that – there are 30 new red ropes in the gym now.  Please try and treat the ropes with a little bit of respect though.  I know they break sometimes – that is fine – but when I see people skipping such that they continuously whack into the chin-up bar structure or the white seats along the side of the gym, well – it is almost asking for them to break.  The biggest cause of this is everyone’s insistence on skipping ‘in a circle’…when you are on the skipping station, you might notice that most of the available room is right in the MIDDLE of the floor – don’t be scared to use it.

    On another ‘new gear’ perspective, we will be trialling a ‘KrankCycle’ over the next month or so.   The KrankCycle is a ‘grinder’ style piece of cardio equipment that will allow the trainers to get some high-intensity cardio work into their clients who are recovering from lower body/back injuries.  It will (obviously) be available for our members when not in use by the pt’s.

    Not sure what this is?  Check out this video: .

    Gym Update #4 – Reminder – Opening Hours Changes

    Along with the changes to the membership contracts, we will be keeping the changes coming by adding a couple of extra hours to our timetable.  Now – these changes may or may not end up being ‘permanent’ – all I will promise at the moment is that our opening hours will expand to include 5am starts on both Tuesday and Thursday morning (so every single week day) from the start of December until the end of February…or right throughout summer.

    We will run ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class at 5am on Tuesday’s and ‘1-Minute Rounds’ session at 5am on Thursday.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great stuff on our FACEBOOK site over the last couple of weeks – if you missed any of the links I have copied them all below:

    Bear Complex:

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    Link of the week

    V-ups are hard.  This video might help!

    See you in the gym!



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