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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great classes last week.  The sleds were out for most of it and I have to say pushing those things around must be one of the single best exercises that you can do.  When I really ‘have a go’ – run flat out with the sled, keep my shoulders square and bum down – getting from the chin-up bar to the speedball and back really does take everything out of me.  At the same time, when I am tired and ‘struggling’, just getting the thing moving and keeping it moving is almost more than I can cope with.  It builds strength in your legs and core, it is great cardio…it might hurt a bit but it is a truly awesome exercise.  And whilst we are on the topic of awesome exercises, the Power Ropes are back in play this week…builds the core, builds the arms, builds the legs, builds cardio-vascular…another awesome exercise.

    I am writing this on Sunday night after completing the City to Surf Fun Run today.  Congratulations to everyone who had a go at the event – and a special congratulations to everyone who competed for the first time, pushed themselves to a personal best or made the big step to ‘jump up’ in distance this year.  You guys who challenged yourself by running the 12km instead of the 4km, the 21km instead of the 12km or the 42km instead of the 21km…hats off.  It is a massive decision to put yourself out of your comfort zone and try something you haven’t done before – especially when you know it is going to hurt!

    I have spent some time tonight reading through the comments on Facebook where different people have credited Round 1 for their achievements today.  And yep – it feels great to be receiving that feedback and I speak for Jason, Lils, Lloyd and Sean when I say a sincere thanks.   With that said, I don’t want this blog to read like a Round 1 testimonial or advertisement but I do want to grab hold of this point – the great feeling of achievement you get not just by doing something new and fantastic, but also by encouraging someone else to ‘have a go’ – when they achieve, you will feel like YOU have achieved.

    I am really pleased we have such a supportive training environment at Round 1 and I hope you guys all appreciate that it is the members that drive it – not the staff.  Every time you acknowledge someone for picking up a 15kg barbell instead of a 10kg one – and it isn’t much more than a ‘Nice work with that big bar’ comment – you are really contributing to something.  It is the same thing when you see someone slog through the full-round of instructor led squats or pushups or whatever…it is the ‘great work’ comments from peers that are just so meaningful – and even more important than that, everytime you bring one of your friends to the gym – or maybe just arrange to join them down the park for a bit of a ‘walk-jog’ so they can start their own ‘get in shape’ journey.  I suppose what I am talking about is being a positive influence on others – not a preacher, just a supporter – to become better people whether their challenge is health, work, study or otherwise.

    I will finish with one last supporting anecdote.  Ian, Clint and I were driving home from the marathon today when Ian told the story of his race – ‘For the last 8kms myself and a girl I met along the way (I know, typical) just set little targets for ourselves – “Let’s run to that tree/sign/corner” – then stopped and walked for a bit and then repeated the cycle.  She told me at the end that if I hadn’t come along she would have just given up.  I would have kept going but I might still be running NOW’.  A little word of support here and there certainly doesn’t hurt – and sometimes it works wonders.  You guys have created a really supportive training environment at the gym – let’s keep building it!

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – ‘Golden Gloves’ Challenge is Underway

    Well – we have one (1) week to go…so how are you going?

    Me?  I am in a little bit of trouble.  I have three (3) more classes and – of course – the three (3) Road Work sessions for the week remaining.  The classes are going to be a bit of a problem but I think I should be able to give one a go by Wednesday or so.  But I honestly cannot see how I can do the road-work this week…my knee is killing, I have a couple of toe-nails that no longer want to be attached to the rest of me…that said – it is only Sunday night now and I am sure I will find a way to figure it out.

    If you need a reminder of the ‘RULES’ for the challenge, please check the blog from a couple of weeks back!

    One more thing.  We will conduct the ‘draw’ for the golden gloves on Monday September 2nd – the same night as the Aubin Grove Physio presentation.  So if you have completed the challenge please be sure to hand your completed form in asap.

    Gym Update #2 – Save the Date – September 2nd – Save the Date – September 2nd

    On the 2nd of September – at the conclusion of the 5pm class – we will be conducting a 15-20min presentation from the team at Aubin Grove Physio on the very general topic of injury prevention and pre-hab.  The presentation will run in the front area of the gym and will mean that the start time of the 6pm class will be ‘pushed’ 5-10 minutes on that night.

    I am really looking forward to having the AG Physio team in the gym – they do a terrific job at their clinic – and really believe the skills and experience they are coming along to share could help a lot of us at R1.

    Gym Update #3 – September 2013 Timetable Changes

    Well, I still don’t have a draft to show you, but remember the quick hits are:

    Introduction of 5am Monday.

    Introduction of 4pm Tuesday and 4pm Thursday.

    Removal of the ‘Beginners Option’ flag – sorry guys but it seems scaling is failing and these sessions are leaving both newbies and experienced gym users dissatisfied.

    Change 10:15am Sunday from Boxing è Body Work.

    Introduction of a new ‘Beginners’ lifting class called ‘Starting Strength’ at 6pm Tuesday and Thursday.  These sessions will be limited to six (6) participants and will go for 30mins.  Cost of each session will be $11.  Remember to let me know if you are interested in these.

    Gym Update #4 – Policy Changes Coming

    We have a pretty cool process for managing memberships – basically, you tell us what is going on in your life and we will do what we can to sort out a solution for you.  This has worked pretty well for us for a while now – but the reality is we have really gotten a little too big to keep operating this way…what once was easy for me to do (create ‘one-off’ contracts for people) is now pretty well out of hand so I just need to really consolidate what contract types we offer.

    As part of these changes I will also be making some changes to our membership contracts – the one major one will be that the only contract types we will ‘FREEZE’ will be 12-month contracts – and then for a minimum of 14days.  I know this might seem petty but we have had some recent ‘FREEZES’ put in place that are longer than the membership that was sold – it is getting crazy.

    Now – obviously these changes won’t affect any current contracts however we will time the new Terms and Conditions to tie in with the new time-table – September 1st.

    Gym Update #5 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    And the upsets continue in Dream Team.  Our top team – Travis – has been kicked to the curb in the preliminary final by Roly.  Roly has certainly done it the hard way – finishing 7th and winning three (3) consecutive elimination finals.  In the other side of the draw, Lloyd has struck a blow for the ‘regular season top 4’ by getting over the top of Tony who had finished the season in fifth place.  So the Grand Final is set – Lloyd vs Roly.

    Over in the tipping competition, there were a heap of upsets this weekend – but if your name is Leigh Rodgers you picked all NINE (9) winners correctly and leapt back to the top of the leaderboard.  With just one week to go, Leigh is now level with Dayle in first place with Rachel the only other possible winner two (2) points further back.

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    See you in the gym!



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