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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am really looking forward to the week ahead – the class plans look great (we are trying a couple of new things) and I have the City to Surf to run this weekend – it is always a fun event.  I can also safely say that after all the abdominal torture we have been dishing out (and in the case of myself and Leila, living through) over the last 10-days or so we are ‘winding back’ on the abs for a little bit – which for me will be sweet relief – after the 100 x V-Sit penalty I copped at the conclusion of Saturday’s session…which had to be followed by the 20 x situps required by the August Challenge, my abs are just a bit tender today.

    I thought I would talk today about one lesson that the August Challenge has taught me – and hopefully a lot of you guys as well – over the past 3 weeks.  The lesson is really simple – it is amazing how much progress you can make by spending even five (5) minutes at the end of each session doing a few ‘extras’.  That is, it is amazing how much progress you can make if you are diligent and consistent about the ‘extras’ you choose to do.  The biggest change for me has been in my pull-ups.  Now – I often jump on the bar and bang out a few, but I tend to ‘kip’ to help myself up.  Early in the challenge, I was called on this and have had to complete each pull-up from a ‘dead-hang’ since that time – and at first completing ten (10) was a real struggle.  This afternoon I managed 23.  I am really happy with that – I have made progress simply by consistently putting in a ‘little bit extra’.

    Now, whilst the challenge is on the ‘little bit extra’ is pre-determined.  Pushups, Pullups, Situps and Squats.  Easy and simple.  But when the challenge is over, what are you going to do with that ‘time’.  After all, if you have ten minutes spare at the end of each session in August I am sure you will have ten minutes spare at the end of each session in September.  That is, you will have ten minutes spare if you really want ten minutes spare – So what are you going to do with that time, what are you going to focus on that will maximise the value of that ten minutes?  Remember, if you do ten minutes of focussed training – and if you are consistent about it – you will get some solid improvements in that area.  So what do you want to improve?  Or, more importantly, how can you spend that ten minutes such that you get the absolute maximum benefit out of it?

    For me, that would mean determining what part of your body gives you the most grief.  If it is a sore knee, I would focus on building strength around that knee.  If you have a sore shoulder, I would focus on increasing the mobility of that joint.  For me, my lower back gives me hell on occasion – I wake up in the morning with shooting pains all down my leg and really struggle to put my foot on the ground without more pain.  There is a program of stretching I follow that gets me going and it needs to be repeated several times during the day – after a few days of this the pain disappears and I am all good again.  A few months ago I had a really bad episode and once I was ‘better’ I decided that enough was enough and I was going to strengthen my lower back.  So, every day I diligently jumped on the back extension machine and completed 50 x Back Extensions.  I would then jump on the GHD and try to do 50 x GHD Back Extensions (these are done face down as opposed to the situps you might see people doing on this apparatus).  When I first started, I could only do five (5) reps on the GHD but after a month or so I had built up to 50 (five sets of ten) and was feeling MUCH better.  My glutes and hamstrings felt a lot more stable and I had a few months without any back issues.  But, of course the routine became boring and I forgot about the pain so I started missing days then started missing weeks then stopped my ‘prehab’ altogether.  Then for some reason my back issues started coming back this week.

    Remember, you cannot do ‘everything’ – we all have a lot of areas of weakness.  But if you limit your extras to 10-minutes and focus on doing things that will make your body FEEL better (stretching, rehab and prehab) rather than focusing on performance I really do think you will get the most benefit for the time spent.  Me – I am going to (try and!) stick with my back extensions this time.  I might even add some kettlebell swings to the mix – after all, I hate it when my back hurts because it makes me grouchy and limits my training.  You?  I hope you at least find some way to maintain that ten minute block at the end of each session when the challenge is over and keep using it to ‘move forward’.

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – ‘Golden Gloves’ Challenge is Underway

    Well – we are past half-way…so how are you going?

    I have found it a bit of a battle this week.  I missed my usual class on Tuesday – the only one I could make was Body Work (why can I hear Renae laughing as she reads this) which, of course, doesn’t count for a signature.  All of this meant I needed to pick up a session on Saturday – but because I was working on Sunday I also had to run on Saturday…and given I have the marathon next weekend 15-minutes wasn’t going to cut it!  So whilst I have still managed to get my running done and my five (5) boxing sessions, when you add in the Body Work class, the extra running, two lifting sessions and the ‘No Rules’ session I stupidly decided to do on Friday night they were five (5) sessions ‘the hard way’.  Anyway, I am still in pretty good shape to ‘Get it Done’.

    If you need a reminder of the ‘RULES’ for the challenge, please check the blog from a couple of weeks back!

    Gym Update #2 – Save the Date – September 2nd – Save the Date – September 2nd

    On the 2nd of September – at the conclusion of the 5pm class – we will be conducting a 15-20min presentation from the team at Aubin Grove Physio on the very general topic of injury prevention and pre-hab.  The presentation will run in the front area of the gym and will mean that the start time of the 6pm class will be ‘pushed’ 5-10 minutes on that night.

    I am really looking forward to having the AG Physio team in the gym – they do a terrific job at their clinic – and really believe the skills and experience they are coming along to share could help a lot of us at R1.

    Gym Update #3 – September 2013 Timetable Changes

    Well, I still don’t have a draft to show you, but remember the quick hits are:

    Introduction of 5am Monday.

    Introduction of 4pm Tuesday and 4pm Thursday.

    Removal of the ‘Beginners Option’ flag – sorry guys but it seems scaling is failing and these sessions are leaving both newbies and experienced gym users dissatisfied.

    Change 10:15am Sunday from Boxing è Body Work.

    Introduction of a new ‘Beginners’ lifting class called ‘Starting Strength’ at 6pm Tuesday and Thursday.  These sessions will be limited to six (6) participants and will go for 30mins.  Cost of each session will be $11.  Remember to let me know if you are interested in these.

    Gym Update #4 – Policy Changes Coming

    We have a pretty cool process for managing memberships – basically, you tell us what is going on in your life and we will do what we can to sort out a solution for you.  This has worked pretty well for us for a while now – but the reality is we have really gotten a little too big to keep operating this way…what once was easy for me to do (create ‘one-off’ contracts for people) is now pretty well out of hand so I just need to really consolidate what contract types we offer.

    As part of these changes I will also be making some changes to our membership contracts – the one major one will be that the only contract types we will ‘FREEZE’ will be 12-month contracts – and then for a minimum of 14days.  I know this might seem petty but we have had some recent ‘FREEZES’ put in place that are longer than the membership that was sold – it is getting crazy.

    Now – obviously these changes won’t affect any current contracts however we will time the new Terms and Conditions to tie in with the new time-table – September 1st.

    Gym Update #5 – New Gym Users, Referrals and other stuff

    Let me start this off by saying a big thanks to everyone who has brought friends, family members, kids, partners, mum’s and dad’s along to our classes – we really appreciate it.  Let me also say that when you do this, I would encourage you to use the ‘3-Day Pass’ feature which is available from our website –  Let me also tell you about a couple of things that have been happening with 3-day passes and a couple of changes that will be happening as a consequence.

    First off, bringing in new people to the gym and expecting them to get through a Body Work class is just not reasonable.  Heck, the class I did on Saturday morning – 8:15am session – is just not reasonable for gym newbies.  If you are bringing someone along for the first time, do them a favour – come to a Beginners class.  It will be better for them and – if you are hoping to get a long-term gym buddy out of the visit, better for you in the long-run.  As a consequence of this, the 3-day pass will be changing so that the 1st class each pass holder completes MUST be a Beginners session – there will be no exceptions to this rule.

    Secondly, the 3-day pass is a way for us to generate new business.  It is not a way for people who are on holiday in Perth to get a few days free training whilst they are here.  As such, the T’s and C’s on the pass will be changing to say that the person must reside within 10kms of R1F.  Will this be ‘hard and fast’?  Well, probably not – but interstate and international addresses (yep, we are getting both) will not be supported.

    We still want this process to be an easy one guys – and you will still get your referrals when people who you bring in join the gym (3-months = 1 week, 6-months = 2 weeks and 12-months = 1 month) but we do need to take a little bit of control because the system has been subject to a fair bit of abuse recently.

    Gym Update #6 – New Equipment on the Way

    We have some new gear coming – some extra ‘light’ kettlebells (so the number of 4kg and 6kg kettles available will be ‘8’), some extra deadballs and some new power-vests.

    This week also saw the arrival of a new shipment of gloves as well as our new back-packs…these aren’t quite ready for release ‘YET’ but it wont be long now!  Just on the new gloves that have arrived, the price of the bag mitts will be going from $25 up to $30 sometime this week.  Unfortunately the $AUD continues to fall against the $US and we just can’t continue to keep offering them at the same price.

    Gym Update #7 – Scoopon Users – Get it Done!

    Anyone who has been using one of the 2013 Scoopons, please remember that they must be used before the 19th of August – which is this week…MONDAY in fact.  If you have any sessions left on your Scoopon they will not be honoured after that date – so if you have been thinking about getting back to the gym get back to the gym NOW to avoid disappointment later.

    Gym Update #8 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    A couple of BIG upsets in DreamTeam.  Clint – 2nd on the ladder at the end of the season – has lost for the second week in a row and is OUT of the competition.  Further, Matt – 4th at season’s end – has also lost for the second week in a row and is OUT.  This means that in the preliminary finals next week, Lloyd will take on Roly who snuck into the finals in 7th place whilst top placed Travis will meet Tony who finished the year in 5th spot.

    Over in the tipping, Jason Barnes was our only competitor to correctly pick all 9 winners – great job Barnesy.   It hasn’t helped him much in the overall competition (he is 35 off the pace) where Dayle has opened up a 2 game break over Leigh, Ross and Rachel.

    Facebook Highlights

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    Link of the week

    I haven’t posted anything from Ross Boxing for a while – this is a great video blog:

    See you in the gym!



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