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    5 Ways to Wellbeing, Go for Jo, Golden Gloves Challenge

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am happily back from Melbourne and my footy commitments are over (well, mostly) for another year.  Thanks to everyone who has been asking about how the boys went – in short, we beat Vic Country and lost to South Australia – but the longer story involves a lot of effort, close results in both games and some terrific play.  It was a great group of kids to be involved with and I have to say that I continue to be impressed with the maturity shown by the groups of 17/18yo boys I am involved with through the WA State Academy.

    Whilst in Melbourne we got the opportunity to spend time at several AFL clubs which was fantastic – and one of the more interesting sessions I had was with the player development manager at one of the inner-city clubs.  He walked me through a 5-step program that they use to help their players live ‘balanced’ lives and I thought I would share those things with you today.

    Step 1:  Connect

    This is all about making contact with people – about not living inside your ‘own world’ and rather getting out there and not just ‘doing’ but engaging.  The example he spoke to me about was players who attend sponsors nights as an obligation but ‘sat in the corner’ rather than getting out of their comfort zone and meeting people.  He said every day all of us have opportunities to ‘connect’ with other people that we let slip by because it is ‘easier’ to just keep ourselves to ourselves – but the rewards of being prepared to put ourselves out there are great.

    Step 2:  Move

    Move is obvious – and I guess it is where Round 1 comes in for most of us.  It is about ‘doing’, not watching – and if you read the documentation on the link at the bottom of the blog you will see it is also about just grabbing 5-minutes for a walk to clear your mind, or even breaking out of your ‘gym comfort zone’ once in a while and joining your friend for a run or a taking a bike ride down the free-way with the kids…it is about finding ways to do rather than just observing what others do.

    Step 3:  Tune In

    Tune-In relates to how we engage to our immediate family and close friends – it is about making sure that we are doing more than just spending time – we are actively conversing, listening and making ourselves an important part of the lives of those people who are most important to us.

    Step 4:  Learn

    Now ideally this is completing some kind of formal study program – but that isn’t always practical.  It is practical to download a couple of books onto your iPad or tablet – not ‘stories’, but something you are able to learn from – and spending 20 minutes each day flicking through it.  Or maybe switch from watching reality tv to check out a documentary.

    Step 5:  Give

    Use some of your time selflessly.  It starts off simple – by showing (and saying) thanks when someone does something for you.  You can add to it and keep it close to home by volunteering some time at your children’s school or sporting club (helps you ‘Tune In’ as well!).  To ‘GIVE’ is not about spending hours and hours every week – it is about having something in your life that is solely for the benefit of someone else.

    For those of you who want to read a little more about the program, check out this link:

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – ‘Go for Jo’ Cancer Fundraiser

    Thanks very much to the 200+ people who made their way down to the gym today – we raised over $4100 on the day, pushing the ‘Go for Jo’ Fundraising total up over $14000!  Fantastic effort everyone.

    It is times like this I am really proud to be involved with Round 1 – the way everyone pulled together to raise money either by donating their time to organise the event, helping out on the day (running the bbq, taking photos, selling cakes and raffle tickets etc etc), donating goods and services or just by getting along and buying a raffle ticket (or two) was amazing.  To everyone involved in the ‘Train the Trainer’ craziness (Zumba Leanne?  Really?) and to those people who had their heads shaved – well done guys – the sessions were great and your new haircuts look awesome!  As Burgo pointed out, now that his hair has been cut everyone can better appreciate how good looking he truly is!

    One more thing about ‘Go for Jo’ – as a special thankyou to Claire and Jackie for doing so much work in organising the event, they will receive a 10-session ‘PT30’ pass valued at $300….enjoy guys.  And Jackie – as Sean is away on holiday I will happily fill the breach and take those sessions for you! J

     Gym Update #2 – New Barbells are here…

    The first part of our new Tanks area arrived this week – a couple of new Olympic Barbells are on-site and already being put to good use.  The power-racks are on transit from Melbourne and I expect them to be installed either later this week or early next week – it is going to be great!

    Gym Update #3 – Start Getting Ready for the ‘Golden Gloves’ Challenge

    The next Round 1 challenge – ‘Golden Gloves’ – will be starting on August 1st.  The first detail I will ‘leak out’ is that to complete the challenge you MUST complete 20 BOXING classes during the month of August…start planning guys.  This challenge will have a special incentive – the ‘winners’ will receive a pair of ‘GOLDEN’ Round 1 Fitness Bag Mitts.

    Gym Update #4 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    Dreamteam is potentially the stupidest game ever.  Just when you think you have no chance – that you may as well kiss the season goodbye, you get a (very narrow) upset win and you start thinking about how you can sneak back into the finals.  The good news for me is that I won this week – by a very skinny 6-point margin.  The bad news is that means I now have to care about DreamTeam again!  Meanwhile, up at the top end of the ladder Clint (2nd place) scored an upset win over 1st place Travis and Lloyd, Tony and Matt (3rd, 4th and 5th) continued on their winning ways.

    Over in the tipping competition, Travis turned around his DT disaster by scoring an incredible 9 out of 9.  There were upsets everywhere this weekend and I cannot believe that result – I am not sure where he landed ‘nation wide’ but am sure there aren’t too many out there who picked the field!  Up at the top of our leaderboard, Ross has been caught by Steve whilst Lloyd and Leigh are just 2 points further back.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some more great links on Facebook this week:

    The best and worst about strength training:

    Workout mistakes:

    American Weightlifting Documentary:

    Link of the week

    This link is all about sentiment and not about health or fitness…but I think if you take the time to watch it you will like it (a lot)!

    See you in the gym!



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