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    Train when you can train, Go for Jo gets BIGGER, Heavy Bag Workout

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I loved my training last week – at least I loved the training I got to do.  The national carnival is well underway so my football life is somewhat taking over my life-life at the moment…which means less time punching bags, less time lifting barbells and less time doing burpees for me.  That said, I found last week’s Body Work class to be an absolute ‘All-Timer’ – and although I hated it whilst it was happening, I loved re-reading the board at the end and knowing what I had managed to do.  On the boxing front, I found the Friday 2-minute rounds to be a heap of fun – I really enjoy the challenge of the ‘remember the combo’ classes and, after all, what are a few burpees between friends???

    All of extra demands on my time have really constricted the time I have to train – I’m usually pretty busy but can still find 60 mins or so in the middle of the day to do a class, go for a run, lift some weights etc.  But the last two weeks it really has been a case of “if you don’t do it ‘now’, you will never get to do it” – where ‘NOW’ might be 9:15am, 12pm, 1pm or even later at 8pm.  It really is a case of just grabbing the chance to train whenever it presents itself.  This is going to sound a bit sad but I really hate it when – as the day starts creeping on – I begin to realise that if I was going to train ‘today’ it needed to be the 09:15am class…which is already in the rear-view mirror.  It is usually not a disaster – I can have a run, do a cross-fit WOD, Kettlebell work-out or whatever else strikes my fancy – but I like to do the boxing classes and when I realise that I have missed my chance I get a bit cranky.

    I have spoken about this before I know, but opportunity really is where time and place ‘merge’.  There is no point showing up to the MCG the day after the Grand Final ready to play the game of your life – the game is when the game is and you have to be ready for it.  The little gap in your calendar when you have time to train is the little gap in your calendar when you have time to train – and you just have to take advantage of it.  Sean would extend this analogy to say that the time he has set aside each day to get his meals cooked better be used wisely – otherwise he will get out of bed the next morning and have to head to the gym without having his food ready which will lead to breaking his diet and not getting the results that he is after.

    All of us have moments each day we can take advantage of that will make a positive impact on our lives and result in us making progress towards our goals.  It depends on whether or not we identify them at the time and take advantage of them or if we miss our chance and are forced to try and figure out another solution later in the day.

    See you at Round 1,


    Gym Update #1 – June Special

    Our June special is up and running – and for the first time ever we are offering our Round 1 packs – Bag, Bag Mitts, Wraps and a Towel – for sale…and not only that, we are offering them at a discount price.  Valued at $70, these packs are available for just $39 when you join Round 1 (or renew your membership) during June.

    Now, for you 12-month members, don’t worry – you still get your pack for free…but if you want a second pack – and let’s face it, if you do three classes a week you will need new gloves and wraps before the year is out, and you can never have enough towels – then this month you can get all of that for an extra $39.

    Gym Update #2 – 7th July is the ‘Go for Jo’ Cancer Fundraiser (and it is getting BIGGER)

    Keep the date, keep the date.  July 7th @12pm, July 7th @12pm.

    On the 7th of July – starting at 12pm – we will be having a bit of a fundraiser, fun-day at Round 1 to raise money for the Cancer Council as part of the ‘Go for Jo’ campaign.  Without going into too much detail, one of our favourite members was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and some of her friends started up a Fundraising page in her name around the ‘Run for a Reason’ event.  The link to the page is HERE:

    Now – the ‘Run for a Reason’ fundraising is open until July 31st – and to help we have decided to do our own fundraising through the gym:

    –         A ‘Train the Trainer’ auction was held through the Round 1 Facebook group – with more than $800 raised to torture each of the trainers in a 30 minute session.  These sessions will be run starting at 12pm on this day!

    –         A few of our members have volunteered to ‘Shave for a Reason’ and will be losing their locks on the 7th – again, starting at 12pm.

    –         We also now have an absolute HEAP of prizes and auction items on offer – wine, Tupperware, giftware, a Jack Daniels pack and even a television.

    There will be a sausage sizzle happening, there will be some door prizes on offer and maybe some other stuff if we have the time to organise it.  Our hope is that as many people as possible can get over to the gym on the day from 12pm on the 7th, throw in a few dollars to watch the trainers get tortured or the heads get shaved, maybe buy a sausage or two and generally help raise some money for cancer research.  See you on the 7th!

     Gym Update #3 – ‘8 Days a Week’ Challenge is GO!

    The challenge is on and we are a couple of weeks in now.  I am am continuing to STRUGGLE with this challenge but if I can somehow find a way to do a class next Saturday I might just almost make it.  Maybe.  I am still missing classes through footy and work and it was all of this that triggered my comments in the opening of the blog.  As I said last week, I still don’t know if I am going to make it, but I just have to keep doing a session every time I have the chance to do a session.

    Please check the blog in either of the past 3-weeks if you are unsure about the ‘RULES’ of the challenge!

    Gym Update #4 – A Couple of Reminders

    Two quick things everyone.  Firstly, please bang the grass off your feet before coming into the gym – with winter comes wet, dewy ground which causes clumps of grass to stick to shoes…which ends up strewn across the gym if it is not cleaned up.  It is not the vacuuming I mind – it is the fact that other gym users need to lie in piles of grass when doing ab-work etc until we get a CHANCE to clean it up that is annoying.

    Secondly – the old water bottle bug-bear.  Please put the little plastic bottle tops in the bins everyone!

    Gym Update #5 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    These crazy bye rounds are killing my Dream Team…I have almost no-chance of pulling back the lead vs Travis (there is one game to go as I type this) so I guess it is another defeat and a slump down to the lower half of the ladder.

    On the tipping front, Ross is batting 100% so far this week which means he is holding on to his 2-match lead over Lloyd, Kim and Steve.  Let’s hope for a couple of upsets over the next couple of weeks to drag these guys back to the pack.

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    See you in the gym!



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