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    No Excuses week (Get it Done!), May Special

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of training last week.  Body Work was an absolute ‘all-timer’, the TANKS ‘chipper’ style work-out was awesome and I thought the variety we were able to get into the boxing sessions was great – everything from isometric holds to tabata tuck-jumps…probably the only equipment we didn’t use last week was the power ropes and they are on the plan for NEXT week.  What about this week?  A couple of bodyweight circuits on Monday, some shadow boxing Tuesday, a Bike/Squat challenge on Wednesday, a kb focussed 1min Rounds on Thursday and abs galore on Friday…the sessions look great.

    One week out from the challenge, I have to say I am not feeling great.  Sure, my diet is still fine (I have enjoyed a couple of cheat meals and a beer or two but aside from that have pretty much remained on track) but my lower back – a source of sciatic pain for pretty much as long as I can remember – is really, really acting up.  And the truth is, it is completely my fault.  I have gone from being ‘forced’ to stretch for 10-minutes every day (no stretch = no point!) to doing no stretching at all.  What it comes down to is that I am not a great lover of stretching (just find it really, really boring!) so I don’t do it unless I have too, but I know – and this was only reinforced for me by stretching every day during the challenge – that I just feel better when I stretch.  I feel better when I stretch – it is a pretty simple concept, but I don’t do it unless I have too.

    The funny thing is, there are quite a few other things in my life that make me feel better/operate better etc, and I don’t always do those either.  For example, my Monday is better if – on Sunday night before I ‘shut down’ for the day I do a quick review of everything I have to do on Monday and make sure my ‘To Do’ list is clear and prioritised…but I don’t do that every day either.  There are more examples as well – and I am sure each of you have your own stories of things that you know are good for you that you elect not to do just ‘because’.

    Anyway, the point of this is that this week is going to be my ‘No Excuses’ week.  There are three things that I am going to do every day that I know make my life better that I too often neglect ‘because’ – where because is pretty much laziness!  Those things will be stretching, making my daily ‘to-do’ and completing my 30-minutes of reading….every single day!  No Excuses for me this week and I will be feeling better (and better about myself) this time NEXT Sunday!  Get it Done.

    See you in the gym,


    Gym Update #1 – May Special is underway! – only 21 left.

    If you love your Round 1 sessions, then you will love the May Special – 10 classes for just $99.  Now – obviously if you are a member of the gym then you have unlimited classes included in your package, but if you are a casual user of the gym then this is a great way to go – you save more than 20% on the normal price ($120) and don’t have to mess about finding change/carrying credit cards etc when you want to hit the gym.

    There are only 100 of these passes available and 79 are already gone…so – if you want one, be quick.  The passes are valid for 12-months – strictly one pass per user I am sorry.

    Oh yeah – one other thing.  If you are a member and refer a new person who buys one of the 10-round specials, you will go into the draw for a free ‘Ring the Bell’ PT package – or 3 x free 30-minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.

    Gym Update #2 – May Timetable ‘Trial’

    Just a quick reminder about the May timetable changes – we are running Beginners at 5pm on Friday and Body Work at 10:15am on Saturday.  To this point there has been lot’s of positive comment about the Body Work class…not so much about Beginners on Friday – again, letting us know what you think is important but the best way for us to get the message is for you to vote with your feet and attend the session (or not as the case may be).

    After two weeks numbers for 5pm Friday are effectively unchanged, whilst Saturday 10:15am has gone up by approx 25%.

    So – there are still a couple of weeks to go in the trial – so get along to the gym, give the changes a try and let us know what you think!

    Gym Update #3 – Broken Cross-trainer

    As a few people might have noticed, the black Life-Fitness Cross-trainer has been out of action for a couple of weeks now.  We have had the GymCare team out a couple of times and are waiting for parts at the moment…apologies for this.

    Talking to the maintenance guys, the problem with the CT has been caused by the ‘buttons’ being pushed too hard when setting up the ‘program’ you might want to use – basically it has caused the processor board to crack.  Why do I mention this?  Well – the repair bill is going to exceed $1500 and whilst I understand it is frustrating when equipment doesn’t respond the way you want it too, when it is electronic it is very rare that simply hitting the buttons ‘harder’ will solve the problem!

    Gym Update #4 – Facebook Check-in Prize

    The winner of the April Facebook check-in Prize – 3 x 30min PT Sessions – is Jackie Pereira.  Jackie religiously ‘check’s in’ at the gym on arrival and has gotten herself a lot of entries in the barrel for each of these ‘check-in’ prizes…was probably only a matter of time before she picked one up.  I have already planned out JP’s PT Sessions and this is what she will be doing:

    Workout #1:  Rowing intervals combined with barbell thrusters.

    Workout #2:  Combining reps of ‘Cindy’ with decreasing clean and press reps.

    Workout #3:  Fight gone Bad

    JP – I hope you are as excited about these sessions as I am about running them!  Let me know when you want to start!

    The May check-in prize will be one of the new Round 1 Fitness ‘Is there any Danger’ singlets soon to arrive on our doorstep!  Remember also – if your car is spotted by me on the streets/in the car park at the shops/anywhere (except the gym, smarty!) then you will receive a free set of hand-wraps.  So get a cool new sticker on your car and win some wraps.

    Gym Update #5 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    The Dream Team scoring is well up on last week (as I type this anyway) and there could be a couple of upsets on the cards with Travis’ (1st) in trouble vs Dale (Godsell version) and Roly (2nd) in strife vs Dale (Klompmaker version).  Also good to see that Brad’s team does not currently have the lowest score in the competition though there are still a few games to play!

    In the tipping contest, there are a lot of people with a perfect 6 at this stage of the weekend…but I am not one of them!  Final results won’t be in until tomorrow (Monday) but at this point it looks like Leigh and Ross will hang on to their joint lead of the competition.

    Gym Update #6 – Blog ‘Mini-Challenge’

    The May Mini-Challenge has been great – not only is it a great workout, it has really given us a reason to change around the ‘standard’ stuff we do on the bikes in the classes and add in some distance targets (which we do in TANKS but have never really done in Boxing) – and these have been a great challenge for everyone.  It is one thing to sprint – it is quite another to sprint and know that you have to sprint until to reach a specified distance…

    So – what was/is the May ‘mini-challenge’?  Each time you come to the gym, complete 100m in each gear on the bike from 14 to 24 and back down again.  This takes around about 12 minutes to complete and really gives you a bit of a ‘blast’ before/after your session.

    Facebook Highlights

    A really busy week on our Facebook group.  Setting aside all of the whining about sore quads and butts, there were some great links added:

    Decide for yourself


    Exercises for strength:

    Rowing intervals:

    Always go first, never do the math:

    Link of the week

    Killing the fat-man.  There are a series of videos here (the link is to the first one) that show an interesting transformation – mostly in someones outlook.

    See you in the gym!



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