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    Timetable changes, New gear – Power Racks, Ab Wheel Fun

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Loved my training last week.  Body Work was an absolute ‘all-timer’ and the new kettlebell moves we introduced in Boxing (Floor-press to Situp and Figure 8 + Twist) were both a lot of fun and really challenged my body in a new/different way.  As for Thursday, well, that ’20 punches every 10 seconds/3 thrusters every 10 seconds’ session really is one of the toughest/best classes we have ever put together and it is one I am certain we will run again.  Most of all though, I loved the 25 minute ‘shadow boxing’ that we did last Monday.  I loved it because it was different, I loved it because it was challenging and I loved the interaction with the trainer throughout that part of the class.  I am not sure we will do that sort of thing every week, but I do want to persist with sessions of that type – maybe every 3-4 weeks or thereabouts.

    I received a heap of feedback from the questions I asked in last week’s blog about Friday nights and Beginners classes – I really appreciate the thought everyone put into it and there were some great ideas.  In the short term, I have decided to try out a few things:

    Beginners Classes

    Now, these currently run at 8pm Tues/Thurs and 11:15am Sat/Sun – I have decided that we will add another Beginners session to the timetable at 5pm FRIDAY nights, replacing the Boxing for Fitness session.  (Please note, Boxing for Fitness will still run at 4pm and 6pm on Fridays).   This timetable change will be live on the internet SOON and will be trialled for the month of MAY only at this stage.

    The other thing I am trying to do with Beginners is further ‘wind it back’ – essentially making the classes easier and more technique oriented…those people who have attended the Beginners sessions I have been running over the past couple of months (extended warm-up, punching how-to, skipping how-to etc) will get the idea of what I mean.  Now, I have had a few people indicate that in doing this we make it harder for people to transition from Beginners to Boxing, however Boxing for Fitness will – as it always has – remains a ‘go at your own pace’ session and I am convinced that if you have got through 4-6 Beginners sessions you are capable of ‘stepping up’!


    There were a few people asking for an extra Body Work class on Friday nights – I am not going to do this.  We already run the ‘No-Rules’ session at 7pm (easily the most popular class on Friday nights) and that is a great option for people looking for Body Work.  As noted above, I have decided to introduce a Beginners session at 5pm Friday though – and in reviewing the timetable will add an EXTRA ‘BODY WORK’ class at 10:15am on Saturday mornings (trial for the month of May).  We did not previously offer a Body Work on the weekends, and should this experiment prove successful we will look to make both Saturday and Sunday at 10:15am a ‘Body Work’ class.

    Summary of changes for May

    So – in short we have made two changes to the timetable for the month of May:

    5pm Friday changes from ‘Boxing for Fitness’ to ‘Beginners’.

    10:15am Saturday changes from ‘Boxing for Fitness’ to ‘Body Work’.

    One more thing – those people who want to see a ‘Beginners Body Work’ session, well – it isn’t really going to happen.  Body Work is an advanced class…to do it in ‘Beginners’ mode, simply drop the weights down, and – as with the earlier comments about Boxing for Fitness, just do it at your own pace and using the weights that suit YOU!

    See you in the gym,


    April Whole Life Challenge – Weekly Challenge

    OK – the rowing and bench-press is OVER…and there are only two days (and ONE challenge point) to go.

    To achieve your last challenge point, you must write down at least 200 words describing the most difficult element of the challenge (for you) and the strategies that you used to overcome it.

    For example, the hardest part might have been foregoing a glass of wine after a hard day at work – and you solved the problem by taking the dog for a walk.  Clearly coming up with 200 words means you need a little more detail than that, but I am sure you get the general idea.  If you feel like sharing, I would love to get the details via email at

    Quick Reminder – It’s (Nearly) Winter Peoples!

    The weather is getting cooler and it is worth making mention of a couple of things:

    1/.Our classes – as most people know – start on the hour (or on the 15 minutes on weekends) and oftentimes it is ‘straight into it’.  You might need to spend the first couple of rounds getting going in the cooler weather – or, even better – arrive 10 minutes early and do a bit of skipping before the class starts.

    2/.We stretch down OUTSIDE and after your session it can often feel chilly.  So – bring a jumper (the Round 1 Hoodies are awesome!) and put it on after the session and before you head outside to stretch.

    3/.The ground is often wet.  So – before you come into the gym, spend a quick moment banging the grass/dirt off the bottom of your shoes before deciding to spread it all over the gym.  Yes – we vacuum every day (often twice a day) but it is very difficult to clean things up when we are running back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back sessions…take a moment or two and help keep the place clean and tidy.

    Gym Update #1 – New Gear Part 1

    As noted last week, the new dead balls, wall balls and kettlebells have been in the gym for a week or so now and getting a heap of use in the classes.  Good.  The new mini-sleds that arrived at the same time will be pressed into service this week…I cannot wait for this.  One thing I have learned over the past 12-18months is that pushing a sled is quite possibly the highest intensity cardio in the entire universe (big call I know, but try loading one up and sprinting down the middle of the gym with it a few times!) and being able to more regularly do this in the classes will only benefit everyone!

    Gym Update #2 – New Gear Part 2

    The ‘BIG’ changes to our TANKS area are getting ever closer.  More racks, more benches, more bars – changing the configuration so that the racks are back to back, adding some rack inserts to enable the benches to sit on top of the platforms…it is going to be AWESOME.  Not only will this provide more capacity in an area of the gym that gets quite busy due to PT and TANKS, it also allows us to focus a little more on some Olympic lifting in a safe environment (the racks allow squats, bench and shrugs to be completed with support).

    Gym Update #3 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    I am writing this on Sunday morning, but it looks like I might actually maybe possibly record my first win of the Dream Team season…go the Round 1 Bulls!  There are some pretty impressive teams in our competition and competition is pretty hot – good on those guys up the top of the ladder!

    As for tipping, well, half way through the round it is pretty safe to say I am struggling – that is what happens when you back the Pies and can’t see how Port could possibly win 5 in a row…oh well.  Be sure to check out the results HERE when the round is over.

    Gym Update #4 – Facebook ‘Check-In’ prize

    This month’s facebook checkin prize is a free ‘RING THE BELL’ PT pack.  So remember to check-in to the gym on Facebook and win 3 x 30 min PT sessions.

    Remember also – if your car is spotted by me on the streets/in the car park at the shops/anywhere (except the gym, smarty!) then you will receive a free set of hand-wraps.  So get a cool new sticker on your car and win some wraps.

    Gym Update #5 – Blog ‘Mini-Challenge’

    A reminder again about the April ‘Mini-Challenge’.

    Each day during the month of April you must do ONE (1) chinup for each day of the month that has ‘passed’.  In other words, on April 1st you must do one chinup.  On the 2nd – you do two, on the 3rd you do three etc etc.  I have found the last week nearly impossible and split out to 3 sets on Thursday and then immediately having to do 4 sets on Friday.  Not really the plan!  Never mind – nearly done now!

    The mini-challenge for May will be cardio based – each time you come to the gym, complete 100m in each gear on the bike from 14 to 24 and back down again.  It takes around about 12 minutes to complete.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some of the best links EVER added to our Facebook site this week.  The ‘Focus on the Task at Hand’ link in particular should be compulsory viewing…be sure to check out the links and comment on the Facebook site:


    Marion Jones:

    Focus on the task at hand:

    Rope Climb:


    Link of the week

    Ab wheel FUN!

    See you in the gym!



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