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    Gym Questions – Beginners and Friday night, ANZAC Day hours

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week.  I had loads of fun – particularly with the tabata punching class from last Tuesday…going from Light bags to Combo Bags to Shields, 10 seconds easy, 20 seconds ‘flat out’ for 12 minutes was really tough.  What else?  I liked all the abs in Wednesday’s session – haven’t done that many for a while – and always enjoy the box-jump/burpee/kettlebell swing combination which was part of Body Work (all week) and the Monday boxing class.  Speaking of Body Work – how hard were those ‘Isometric holds’ on the chin-up bar??

    This week we have a new kettlebell exercise – or rather a new variation on an old exercise.  In fact, now I have written that I can say that there are two new variations on two old kettlebell exercises!   What else?  Well, we will have the barbells out the front of the heavy bags most of the week (so lots of combination lifting/punching) and a lot of variety between the round lengths.  This public holiday Thursday we will be reprising the famous (infamous) 20 punches every 10 seconds/3 thrusters every 10 seconds class from February – so good luck with that!  I also need to say that I will be trying something ‘new’ in Monday’s class and hope everyone supports the effort to continually provide a different experience…I am actually pretty curious myself as to how it is going to work out!

    I want to talk a little this week about the gym and a few things that I would like suggestions on!

    First off, Friday nights we are completely and utterly deserted.  We run 4 classes (4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm) and for the last two weeks we have not had more than 10 attendees at any of them.  So – what would you like us to do?  Should we drop a class, make one of them a Body Work or Beginners class…what would you like us to do???  Now – I do expect Friday’s to be quiet’ish, but running back-to-back-to-back-to-back sessions for such a low number of people really doesn’t make much sense from a business perspective.  Happy to look at any suggestions you might have to turn our Friday’s into ‘something’!

    Secondly, Beginners sessions.  Beginners is supposed to be a pathway to Boxing for Fitness – but we are having real trouble progressing people out of the Beginners sessions and into the ‘normal’ classes.  To illustrate this point, the busiest class last Tuesday was 8pm Beginners and the busiest session on both Saturday AND Sunday was the 11:15am Beginners.  Now, given the range of class times we offer I think it is really unlikely that these are peoples preferred training times (certainly the fact that Monday and Wednesday 8pm sessions aren’t Beginners classes and have much lower numbers indicate this)…so what should we do?  How can we create a pathway from Beginners to Boxing?  How can we enable people to make the transition more easily?  Certainly Beginners is a great class and our experience is that people moving from Beginners to Boxing are much more likely to become long-term clients than those who insist in jumping in ‘feet first’ and end up doing some kind of punching/thrusters/burpee combination and become far to frightened to ever return, but we have to find a way to make people feel more comfortable in progressing.

    I would really love to hear your ideas on these issues everyone – I would really like to understand exactly what everyone is looking for from our sessions and whether or not the offerings we have today are meeting your needs.  Now – we are not going to be able to satisfy everyone but I cannot help but think we are missing the mark with our Friday night offerings and doing something wrong in Beginners that is discouraging people from moving ‘up the ranks’.

    See you in the gym,


    ANZAC Day Opening Hours

    This Thursday is ANZAC day and we will be open as per our usual public holiday hours – 8am to 12pm with Boxing for Fitness running at 8:15, 9:15 and 10:15 and Beginners on at 11:15am.

    I have had a few people ask if we are running a ‘bonus’ public holiday session at 7:15am (as per the last couple of public holidays) and the answer is ‘NO’ – unfortunately it is too hard to commit to getting to the ANZAC Day service and back to the gym to run a class by 7am.

    April Whole Life Challenge – Weekly Challenge

    This is the last ‘full week’ mini-challenge and we are back to the physical – this time, a strength challenge.

    5 Rounds – Row 250m followed by 10 Bench-Press.

    Please use a weight that means completing 10 reps is a real challenge – if you don’t have to ‘drop’ the weights between the first set and the last set then I think it can be safely said that your starting weight was not heavy enough.

    Gym Update #1 – New Gear Part 1

    All of the new gear promised in last week’s blog has arrived which means we have:

    –         New Wall Balls

    –         New Dead Balls

    –         More 20kg (Blue) kettlebells

    –         New ‘mini-sleds’.

    It is great to see new gear rolling in the door and having the opportunity to keep varying the Boxing and Body Work sessions.

    Gym Update #2 – New Gear Part 2

    Our new hoodies are in Perth – they just aren’t in the gym yet.  Looking forward to achieving customs clearance SOON and getting them on the shelves for winter.  The new ‘Is there any Danger???’ singlets are also in production and we look forward to having them available soon!

    Gym Update #3 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    The DreamTeam ladder has not been updated as I type this – however I can report that the weeks top scorer was NOT me – in fact, I am (much) closer to the other end of the table.  Tony was the top scorer with 2200 points, with other notable efforts from Dale (2106), Lloyd (2105), Roly (2029) and Daniel (2020).

    Over in tipping land, the weekends upsets caused a bit of havoc with a few people – but not with Leigh who successfully picked all 9 winners!  Amazing effort.

    Gym Update #4 – Facebook ‘Check-In’ prize

    This month’s facebook checkin prize is a free ‘RING THE BELL’ PT pack.  So remember to check-in to the gym on Facebook and win 3 x 30 min PT sessions.

    Remember also – if your car is spotted by me on the streets/in the car park at the shops/anywhere (except the gym, smarty!) then you will receive a free set of hand-wraps.  So get a cool new sticker on your car and win some wraps.

    Gym Update #5 – Blog ‘Mini-Challenge’

    A reminder again about the April ‘Mini-Challenge’.

    Each day during the month of April you must do ONE (1) chinup for each day of the month that has ‘passed’.  In other words, on April 1st you must do one chinup.  On the 2nd – you do two, on the 3rd you do three etc etc.  The last few days this has been getting very tough (probably wasn’t such a great idea to do the Chelsea workout before attempting this yesterday either) but I am still managing to do them in 2 sets…will I have to split it out to 3?  How are you going?

    Facebook Highlights

    Another good week of info and fun for those of you on our Facebook site – have a look at these links:

    Exercise for lower back pain:

    Total body Kettlebell:

    Skill transfer of the burpee:

    1-minute Rounds at Round 1:

    Link of the week

    Not challenge friendly, but they look particularly nice!

    See you in the gym!



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