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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    It is Easter Sunday as I type this – and there are a heap of people out in the gym who probably should be home eating chocolate eggs who have decided to throw some tyres around/hit some bags instead.  I do wonder if we are all just a little bit crazy sometimes – thinking back to all of the people in the gym on Good Friday maybe we are a LOT crazy – but I also figure we will all be much better off because of it.

    Today is the last day before a few of us embark on the newest Round 1 challenge – see details below – and I always think the last day before you embark on a new diet/training regimen is a good test about how successfully you might be able to stick to it.  Are you treating it like the ‘last supper’ – desperately cramming chocolate in your mouth because you know you “CAN’T” for the next 30 days – or is it business as usual, a nice balanced eating day with maybe a treat or two (after all, it is the day the rabbit pays us a visit) but certainly no gorging and no sense that it is going to be 30-days of ‘suffering’ ahead.  As with most things, this is a mind-set issue – are you thinking about what you are ‘missing out’ on (glass half empty) or thinking about the health improvements you are about to make?  In the last challenge, participants lost an average of 4kgs each – is that something that would help you feel better about yourself?  I know that carrying around 4kg less makes a lot of difference to what you are able to accomplish in the gym – you just feel more energised and ready to go.

    If you are undertaking the challenge, I would really encourage you to go ‘All OUT’.  I know that you ‘CAN’ deduct a point here or there for a poor food choice – but please don’t.  Go into the challenge with a mindset that you are going to tick every single box, that you are going to achieve the maximum number of points when it comes to diet, stretching and supplementation (fish oil).  I know it isn’t always possible to get to the gym – but it is always possible to say NO to that glass of wine or piece of cake.  Go into the challenge with real enthusiasm for it – go into the challenge with the idea that it will make a lasting difference to your life and then enable it to happen through the choices you make.

    You can do it.  Despite what might seem to be a very ‘limiting’ list of excluded foods, you will quickly find it is very easy to eat and live on the diet and you will be feeling better than ever.

    Good luck!

    See you in the gym,


    March ‘mini’ Challenge – Squats – It’s OVER!

    If you are interested in the details of the challenge – the rules, the whats, the where-fors, please check any of the blogs published earlier in month – check the archive HERE!  In any case, massive congratulations to anyone who has given it a go – and to those people who have had more than one attempt what can I say?  You guys are clearly in love with pain!

    Notable scores for the girls were Jacinta on 1188, Zara on 1140 and Tanya on 1092.  None of the boys cracked the 1000 point mark but Aaron came close with 975, Nathan scored 823 and Matt was next best with 640.

    Once again, well done to everyone who took part in the challenge – it is the sort of thing that really pushes you to a new level of performance.

    Gym Update #1 – April Challenge – Whole Life Challenge

    As noted in the last two blogs, our next challenge will be a ‘repeat’ of last October’s whole life challenge – the challenge which saw the 25 participants who completed the challenge lose a combined 110kgs (more than 4kgs per person) and 207cms in waist measurements.  Now, for results like this there are certain sacrifices than need to be made:

    –         No Grains or starches (sweet potatoes are allowed).

    –         No Dairy (though WHEY protein will be allowed this time).

    –         No Sugar (or sweetener of any kind).

    –         No Alcohol, no soft drink, no FRUIT JUICE (though you can eat fruit, and vegetable juice is allowed).

    This time, I will also be asking you to take 3mg of Fish Oil every day as well.

    For those of you who remember how this works, you receive points for exercise (2 per class, 1 per ‘other’ block of 30 minutes – self assessed) and for stretching (10 mins per day) and LOSE points (up to 3 per day) for any kind of food transgression.  Points are recorded on a google docs spreadsheet and collated by me each week.

    We will be taking measurements – skinfolds and weight – at the start and end of the challenge in an effort to correctly monitor everyone’s progress.

    Please send me an email ( if you think you might be interested in having a go.  If you registered interest last week and still haven’t received anything – well, please send through another request and I will try to ‘re-share’ the spreadsheet.

    Gym Update #2 – Round 1 Fitness Dream-team and Footy Tipping

    Both our AFL dreamteam competition AND our R1F footy tipping contest are underway.  If you still want to join the tipping, it isn’t too late – go to the following link  to get involved.  The round is barely half way done as I write this and the upsets are already coming thick and fast (go those Mighty Bulldogs!)…the size of the prize will depend on the number of entries (entry is free of course) but I am sure it will be something cool!

    Gym Update #3 – Beanies are GO!

    Our newest addition – Round 1 Beanies – are in for winter.  These are black and red with a little ‘Boxing for Fitness’ badge on them and look awesome – $15 from the gym.

    Gym Update #4 – Facebook ‘Check-In’ prize

    Don’t forget – if you want to win yourself a free ‘TANKS’ 10-pass then you need to ‘Check-In’ on Facebook everytime you come to the gym.  If you are looking to take your training up a level (or two, or three) then TANKS is the way to do it.  If you want to try it out for FREE (normally $13.50 per session on top of your membership) then you need to WIN the Check-In contest!

    Gym Update #5 – Blog ‘Mini-Challenge’

    March is over – so on to the April ‘Mini-Challenge’.
    Each day during the month of April you must do ONE (1) chinup for each day of the month that has ‘passed’.  In other words, on April 1st you must do one chinup.  On the 2nd – you do two, on the 3rd you do three etc etc.  Can’t wait until the 30th!

    Facebook Highlights

    A busy week with regards to Facebook  links – check these out!

    Kettlebell + cables:

    Tanks from March 9th

    Gym Jones – 1 piece:

    Heavy bag workout:

    1 sled, 16 exercises!  1 is hard enough!

    Boxing for Fitness on Good Friday:

    Link of the week

    I know this link isn’t very ‘Round 1’ – but consider it a present for one of my favourite people (and a SUPER Trainer!), Sean O’Neill.

    See you in the gym!



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