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    It is ACTION that counts (not thoughts or words), Nutrition Lecture this Sunday (17th), New Gear on the Way

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Body Work was amazing last week.  The ‘couplet’ based class – Burpees/Overhead Squats, Kettlebell Dips/Kettlebell Cleans, Pushups/Clean and Press, Renegade Rows/Kettlebell Thrusters – plus a couple of quadrathons and some core work really pushed the limits.  It is amazing – it seems the worse I feel when the class is on the BETTER I feel afterwards…and I always love to wake up feeling nicely sore in different muscles from whatever it was I did the day before.

    What’s on this week?  A twist on 90-second rounds on Monday, 2-minute rounds with some wall-sits and running (but NOT a bin run!) on Tuesday, 5-minute rounds including a barbell circuit Wednesday, some leg work during Thursday’s one-minute rounds and Friday we are back to 2-minute rounds – hopefully using the new deadballs (which should have arrived by then!).  Bodywork is a partner based session which rolls between cardio and weights, whilst Tanks features the use of some dumbbells during each session – though Tues/Wed is all about volume and Thurs/Sat it is all about ‘power’.

    I have spent the weekend back in Melbourne attending the National Coaches Conference – it seems like only a couple of months ago I was attending (and blogging!) about last years conference but a quick look at the diary tells me that yep, it really was 12-months ago.  Time is certainly spinning faster and faster as I grow older.  There was a heap of good sessions to attend and as always I managed to come away with a notebook stuffed full of information and if I can get someone to do some handwriting interpretation for me I might even be able to review some of it!

    If I was to pick out one absolutely key point that I got from the sessions though I would have to say it came from Craig McRae – former triple premiership player with the Lions who now runs the development team at Collingwood.  Craig’s session was on the first morning and he was speaking on the topic of ‘Getting the Best out of Young Players’.  Now, before I get to the ‘ONE THING’ that left a mark on me, I wanted to quickly cover a few other things in Craig’s presentation that are aligned with our current strategy at Round 1:

    Set people up to succeed:  This has been something we have been very focussed on lately – it is why we are running the Beginners Workshop, why we have included a Beginners option in our earlier classes (Mon, Tues, Wed) and 8pm on Monday and Wednesday and why we have introduced the ‘Ring the Bell’ PT program.  We know that training at Round 1 is different to training at other gyms and are trying to provide everyone with a mechanism to get into it safely and within an environment of support.  We want an environment where all of our members can work out hard (and safely) whilst performing a WIDE range of functional exercises.

    Provide Instant Feedback: This is something we have been working on for ages – trying to quickly assist people with technique right away – AND challenging them on their effort when we believe it is necessary.  Luckily for Craig, he is able to do full personality profiles of all his players and is able to target his feedback style accordingly…we cannot do this at R1 at the moment (but maybe we should!).  Craig also spoke at length about using technology to assist in providing feedback on technique which is something we have been doing in TANKS for a long time now…maybe it could be extended to the Boxing classes?

    Provide Goal-setting templates and assistance:  Again, this is something we have been working on for ages and many of our PT clients have benefitted from.  I would be very interested in understanding if there are other people out there who would like some help with defining their diet and fitness goals for the next 3-6-12 months?  Let me know if you are because it is something I really believe can help people achieve.

    With a drum roll playing though, the point that meant the most to me was that he told the players that he doesn’t care about words and he doesn’t care about feelings – he cares about what they are DOING (their actions).  Now as trainers we see this in the gym quite a bit (people saying “I’m Trying” whilst quite obviously resting) but I think more important that what we all say to our coaches/trainers are the things we are saying to ourselves.  Don’t tell yourself you are going to get more sleep – turn off the television set/shut down Facebook and go to bed a bit earlier.  Don’t tell yourself you are going to ‘eat better’ – get yourself a diet plan (there was one in the blog last week), make sure you pre- prepare your meals, and stick to it.  And don’t tell yourself that 2013 is your year to get fit and healthy – just don’t even say it.  Right down the times you are going to get to the gym and make sure you stick to it.  And when you are there, bust your butt!

    It isn’t what you say that counts, it isn’t what you think that counts.  It is what you do.  So DO!

    See you in the gym,


    New Healthy Eating Seminar – Sunday February 17th @ 3pm

    As a follow-up to our Healthy Eating Seminar with Helen Frost back in November, we will be running another of these workshops at the gym on Sunday February 17th.  Helen will be revising the content somewhat so that people who came along back in November will still have the opportunity to pick up a few new things – whilst also targeting the message so that first timers will get a lot of value.

    Once again, the cost will be free.  Once again, it will be open to members and non-members alike.  And once again I really need you to bring your own chairs!

    February Challenge – ‘NUMBERS GAME’ – It’s ON!!!

    The challenge is on and if you are doing it you still have 17 more days to complete your 20 classes + extras.  I know I am in a little bit of trouble – just a little bit – because with being away in Melbourne this weekend and having kids sport + work commitments on each of the next two weekends it really is getting to the ‘cannot miss a day from Mon-Fri’ stage…And did I mention I still have to do the row, bike and run???

    That said, it isn’t too late to start – to complete the challenge you must complete the following activities during February:

    10kms running on the treadmill – 20 Group classes – 30kms on the rower – 40kb Man-makers – 50kms on the bike – 60 GHD Situps – 70 Pull-ups – 80 Box Jumps – 90 Barbell Clean and Press – 100 Burpees

    You need to get the classes ‘signed off’ – the rest of the activities are all ‘self assessed’.  You are permitted two (2) ‘double classes’ (2 in one day) as part of your 20 – but no more.  It is not compulsory to complete all of the ‘extras’ in one set (you can break up the bike/running etc) but you MUST keep track of progress as you go.  Other rules are on the challenge forms which you can obtain from the reception desk.  You have the 28-days of February to complete the ‘Numbers Game’ challenge.

    New Beach Bootcamp – SUNDAY 17th February, 2013 (That’s THIS WEEK!!!)

    Our next Beach Bootcamp is on the calendar and scheduled for a Sunday this time – had a few people who couldn’t do the Saturday last time because of kids sport etc and thought we would give them an opportunity.  We will again be kicking things off at 08:30am in the morning and again there will be 40 spots available @$15 per head.  As with the last bootcamp, this one is open to both members and non-members.  There are still a heap of spots available so if you are interested in changing things up, this Sunday would be a great chance to give it a go.

    Please book at reception next time you are in – and again, bookings and payments must be made together.

    Gym Update #1 – Bags and Towels

    The new backpacks and towels are ready to be picked up – I will be grabbing them from customs tomorrow (Monday) so for those of you who have been waiting for a backpack the wait is nearly over.

    We will once again be fully stocked with towels as well – remember, you cannot and MUST not train without having a towel and USING it.  The majority of complaints I receive from people in the gym relate to having to clean up sweat puddles left by other gym members – it is both selfish and gross…Remember, towels can be had for $5 from reception if you have forgotten one and there really is no excuse.

    Gym Update #2 – New Gear, New Gear, New Gear

    A hole heap of new stuff will arrive at the gym this week – Dead Balls, Wall Balls, 5kg Bumper Plates, Barbell Collars, new power bands and the next delivery of foam rollers and weighted vests.  Very keen to get started with all of the new gear.

    Gym Update #3 – ‘Ring the Bell’ PT Program

    The ‘Ring the Bell’ PT program is now into its second week – if you are new to Round 1 and want to get a jump-start on your training, this could be just the thing for you.  ‘Ring the Bell’ entitles new members to access 3 x 30min PT sessions for just $79.  The offer will be valid once for each client and MUST be used within the first month of a membership.  It is designed to provide an easy transition to Round 1 for newcomers by exposing them to the gym and some of the more common exercises we do in a one-on-one setting where technique adjustments will be a lot easier to explain and understand.

    As this is a new initiative and because the ‘one-month’ rule will exclude a lot of our existing members, we will be offering the ‘Ring the Bell’ program to ALL of our members during the month of February…

    Facebook Highlights

    Loads of new links on Facebook  this week – below are a short sample:

    De Francos Gym –

    American Weightlifting:

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    Alternatives to WHEY:

    Link of the week

    Continuing the diet theme from last week, this week’s link takes a look at your post-workout meal:

    See you in the gym!



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