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    Measuring Progress, February Challenge, February Bootcamp and Double Skips

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Wow.  That was one tough week of sessions – the Tanks people are crying about walking lunges, the Body Work crew are crying about Barbell Man-Makers and Turkish Get-ups and the Boxing people – particularly from Wednesday – seem a little reluctant to do ANY more jump squats…ever.  This week – well, there is an ‘interesting’ session planned for tomorrow (Monday) including the return of the Renegade Worm, we have some bench press on Tuesday, Kettlebell lunge to press on Wednesday, make use of the heavier hand-weights during one-minute rounds and Friday, well, Friday is going to be fun.  And I am so excited about the Body Work session that I have given it a name – ‘The 20’.  I can’t wait to get into it.

    There is a lot of stuff going on in the background at R1 at the moment – between getting the new website up and running (due to launch this Friday), trying to establish the Bootcamps (next one on Feb 17th) and Workshops (Beginners workshop starts this Saturday) as part of our regular offerings, getting ready to launch the new PT initiative (Ring the Bell), planning the February Challenge and trying to manage the “hows” of the recent changes relating to Beginners in the Boxing classes and Boxing/Body Work running simultaneously it has sometimes felt like the actual training is getting in the way of running the gym – and the ‘planning day’ (Thursday) which used to consist of a few hours writing class plans followed by a quick look at the occasional bank statement is now scheduled to within an inch of its life!

    It is funny how things evolve across all aspects of your life.  When I opened Round 1 (nearly 3 years ago if you can believe that) if you had told me all of the ‘stuff’ I would be doing now from a business perspective I would not have believed you (the ‘we will build it, they will come’ philosophy was in full swing back then and things don’t quite work that way) – likewise if you had told me I would have run a marathon and be planning to run another one I would not have believed you (my reconstructed knee didn’t like running back then…or maybe it was carrying the extra 12 or so kgs it didn’t like so much?).  And if I was to tell you now what I will be doing in another three (3) years then I would be guessing at best.

    Where am I going with this?  Well, it is only when we really look at what we are doing NOW and critically compare it to what we once did that we can really see how far we have come – just like you don’t realise how much your kids have grown until you look at a couple of old photos.  I feel like every day I am talking to someone who tells me their fitness/weight loss tale of woe – how ‘last year’ two or three months of exercise and dieting gave them ‘zero’ results…so they gave up.  And now, twelve (12) months later they are thinking about starting the cycle all over again – and of course, things will miraculously be ‘different’ this time.  The truth is of course – had they looked at what they were achieving in each session rather than just staring at the numbers on the scales they would have realised the truth – that they were running further and faster, lifting heavier weights more times, and in the case of Round 1 punching harder and faster…and because they knew they were progressing they wouldn’t have given up, and would be that much further ahead now rather than having to completely start again from zero.

    Before you become disheartened with your lack of ‘progress’, have a really critical ‘think back’ at where you have come from.  If it results on the scales you are looking for, ask one of the trainers for some help with your diet.  If it is a particular exercise you are still struggling with, then again – ask for some help.  But don’t give up because it isn’t ‘working’ – it is working.  It might not be giving you the quick results you are chasing, but nothing that is worthwhile is ever achieved without a bit of blood, sweat and tears.

    See you in the gym,


    Round 1 Membership – Pricing Change (12-month Packages) from 1st February 2013

    Another cut and paste job – our pricing will be going up from this coming Friday – February 1st – so if you want to take advantage of the current price points for 12-month memberships then please make sure you do so BEFORE then.  I will be making all of the back-end changes on Thursday night and once that is done, it is done.

    All of that said, please read on for details of all of our membership types and costs of each one:

    Membership Type Current Pricing New Pricing
    ‘SUPER’ Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 12-months
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions (excluding TANKS)
    • 1 x TANKS class per week (Valued at $702)
    • 11 x 30 minute PT sessions (valued at $300)
    • Round 1 Pack (Bag, Gloves, Handwraps, Towel – valued at $90).
    • Round 1 Leather Bag Gloves (valued at $45)
    • Round 1 MMA Gloves (valued at $30)
    • Two (2) Additional pairs of handwraps (valued at $20)
    • Two (2) Round 1 Fitness Singlets (valued at $40)
    • Round 1 Fitness key ring (valued at $3)

    Total Package Value:  $1945 – Save $595!

    $1350 (if paid up front)

    $120 (if paid monthly)

    No Change
    ‘Premium’ Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 12-months
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions (excluding TANKS)
    • 1 x TANKS class per week (Valued at $702)
    • Round 1 Pack (Bag, Gloves, Handwraps, Towel – valued at $90).
    • Eligible to access Personal Training services ($30 per 30 minutes or $55 per 60 minutes).

    Total Package Value: $1507 – Save $337!!

    $1170 (if paid ‘up front’)

    $97.50 (if paid monthly)

    No Change
    12-month Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 12-months
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions (excluding TANKS)
    • Round 1 Pack (Bag, Gloves, Handwraps, Towel – valued at $90).
    • Eligible to access TANKS sessions ($13.50 per class)
    • Eligible to access Personal Training services ($30 per 30 minutes or $55 per 60 minutes).

    Total Package Value:  $805 – Save $90.

    $650 (if paid ‘up front’)

    $59 (if paid monthly)

    $715 (if paid ‘up front’)

    $65 (if paid monthly)

    6-Month Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 6-months
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions (excluding TANKS)
    • Eligible to access TANKS sessions ($13.50 per class)
    • Eligible to access Personal Training services ($30 per 30 minutes or $55 per 60 minutes).
    $450 (if paid ‘up front)

    $82.50 (if paid monthly)

    No Change
    3-Month Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 3-months
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions (excluding TANKS)
    • Eligible to access TANKS sessions ($13.50 per class)
    • Eligible to access Personal Training services ($30 per 30 minutes or $55 per 60 minutes).
    $250 (if paid ‘up front’)

    $96.25 (if paid monthly)

    No Change
    1-Month Membership

    • Unlimited access to the Gym for 1-month
    • Unlimited Group Training Sessions for 1-months
    • Eligible to access TANKS sessions ($13.50 per class)
    • Eligible to access Personal Training services ($30 per 30 minutes or $55 per 60 minutes).
    $110 No Change

    If you want to read more about the reasons for the changes etc, then please refer to either of the last two weeks blog posts where I expand on things a little bit more…I am not going to regurgitate it all again today.

    New Healthy Eating Seminar – Sunday February 17th @ 3pm

    As a follow-up to our Healthy Eating Seminar with Helen Frost back in November, we will be running another of these workshops at the gym on Sunday February 17th.  Helen will be revising the content somewhat so that people who came along back in November will still have the opportunity to pick up a few new things – whilst also targeting the message so that first timers will get a lot of value.

    Once again, the cost will be free.  Once again, it will be open to members and non-members alike.  And once again I really need you to bring your own chairs!

    February Challenge – ‘NUMBERS GAME’

    Very happy to announce that the latest Round 1 Challenge – ‘Numbers Game’ – will kick off this Friday and run for the month of February.

    During the month, you must complete:

    10kms running on the treadmill – 20 Group classes – 30kms on the rower – 40kb Man-makers – 50kms on the bike – 60 GHD Situps – 70 Pull-ups – 80 Box Jumps – 90 Barbell Clean and Press – 100 Burpees

    You need to get the classes ‘signed off’ – the rest of the activities are all ‘self assessed’.  You are permitted two (2) ‘double classes’ (2 in one day) as part of your 20 – but no more.  It is not compulsory to complete all of the ‘extras’ in one set (you can break up the bike/running etc) but you MUST keep track of progress as you go.  Other rules are on the challenge forms which you can obtain from the reception desk.  You have the 28-days of February to complete the ‘Numbers Game’ challenge.

    One other thing.  Beginners classes are acceptable as a ‘class’ – but cannot be used as part of a ‘Double’.

    New Beach Bootcamp – SUNDAY 17th February, 2013

    Our next Beach Bootcamp is on the calendar and scheduled for a Sunday this time – had a few people who couldn’t do the Saturday last time because of kids sport etc and thought we would give them an opportunity.  We will again be kicking things off at 08:30am in the morning and again there will be 40 spots available @$15 per head.

    Please book at reception next time you are in – and again, bookings and payments must be made together.

    Beginners Workshop – 4 week course starting Saturday February 2nd

    Really looking forward to the start of the Beginners Workshop next week.  The course has been fully booked for a while (only 8 spots available) and I am certain the participants will get the help and assistance with technique that they are looking for.

    We have had a number of queries about running ‘another’ Beginners Workshop and my tentative answer is ‘of course’.  We just need to go through the process of the first one, make sure the topics we cover are the topics we need to cover and that the course ‘flows’ properly…in other words, before we go for number 2 we need to make sure we have fully learned the lessons from number 1.

    If you are really desperate for some help and can’t wait for the next workshop, maybe think about our new ‘Ring the Bell’ program (see below).

    Gym Update #1 – ‘Ring the Bell’ PT Program

    Just wanted to announce a new initiative to try and make life easier for gym newbies – the ‘Ring the Bell’ program.  This program will give new members 3 x 30min PT sessions for just $79.  The offer will be valid once for each client and MUST be used within the first month of a membership.  It is designed to provide an easy transition to Round 1 for newcomers by exposing them to the gym and some of the more common exercises we do in a one-on-one setting where technique adjustments will be a lot easier to explain and understand.

    As this is a new initiative and because the ‘one-month’ rule will exclude a lot of our existing members, we will be offering the ‘Ring the Bell’ program to ALL of our members during the month of February…

    Gym Update #2 – Round 1/Juice Plus+ Special Offer

    This is the last week of our Juice Plus+ special – sign-up for JP+ Premium (Fruits + Veg + Berries) during January and receive 1-months free gym membership.  That is $110 worth of value at no cost when you sign up for JP+ – a terrific deal.

    If you are struggling with your diet and battling to get the 2 fruit/5 (cups of) veggies that the government recommends as part of their ‘Healthy and Active Australia’ campaign ( then JP+ is a terrific way to bridge the gap + more – forget 2&5 – JP+ contains more than 17 different types of Fruit and Veg and you take it in capsule form – the only preparation needed is to get a glass of water!

    Facebook Highlights

    A great week on the Facebook  site – full of complaints about sore legs and butts…and a few links:

    Catalyst Athletics:

    Foam Rollers:

    Bacteria and Obesity – A Hidden Connection? –

    Frog, plank and roll workout:


    Link of the week

    There was a lot of skipping in the gym last week…which only serves to confirm that we probably don’t do enough in the classes and that there are a lot of people not getting enough of this fantastic, simple cardio exercise done between sessions.  Why spend $1500 on a treadmill for home when for a lot less money (speed ropes from the gym cost just $20), a lot less space and $0 in power and noise you could skip instead?  Anyway, here is a great article about double-skips:

    See you in the gym!



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