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    Focus on the Process, Beginners Workshop

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of classes last week – the New Years Day interruption (and the days off the week before) seem like distant memories to me and I am really looking forward to everything being ‘back to normal’ this week.  My work hours and my sore shoulder have really impacted on my ‘usual’ training, but luckily the treadmills seem to be working and whilst rolling through a kettlebell workout ‘solo’ is not my preferred training method, when that is all you have then I guess you pick up a kettlebell and get started.

    Just like last week, I want to talk about resolutions this week – but rather than focussing on the first step (just get started) I wanted to talk about what happens ‘next’.  Getting fit and losing weight are pretty common things for everyone to commit to achieve ‘THIS YEAR’ around this time…and both are awesome goals (and if that is your plan we would love to see you at Round 1! J ) …but both things are really hard to achieve and seeing ‘progress’ can take some time.  And training is HARD – particularly when it is hot.  And saying ‘No’ when junk food is on the menu, or bypassing the desert tray or whatever it might be can be even harder.

    Remember though, life starts when you DECIDE to start it, and equally progress towards your goals is defined by those decisions.  You can choose to become frustrated, angry, tired of making the effort or whatever it might be after 3 weeks of ‘having a go’.  Or, you can choose to really VALUE the process of getting fit and being healthy – Value the effort you are putting in, value your dietary discipline – be consistent and let the outcome looking after itself.  January (and even February!) is not really the time to be thinking about outcomes – at this early stage it is about dedicating yourself (ourselves?) to the process, and having just a little bit of faith that effort will see you through.

    See you in the gym,


    Bootcamp – 19th January 2013

    The Bootcamp announced last week is fully booked out.  There are still a couple of people who haven’t paid their registration – but they have asked (and been given) a special exemption due to being away on holidays last week.

    A waiting list has been started so if something changes and you wont be able to make it, let us know and I will put you in touch with someone who might be interested in taking your spot.

    Beginners Workshop – 4 week course starting Saturday February 2nd

    We will be running a 4-week ‘Beginners Workshop’ commencing on Saturday February 2nd at 09:30am.  The sessions have been scheduled to run each Saturday in February and each session will run for just over 1 hour.  The course will be limited to 8 attendees and cost will be $89 per person (inc. GST).  It is open to both members and non-members.

    Basic agenda?

    Week 1 – Punching basics (stance, jabs) + some simple barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight moves.
    Week 2 – Punching extended (hooks and uppercuts), burpees + some extended barbells and kettlebells.
    Week 3 – Boxing – simple footwork and combinations + speedball and some dumbell basics.
    Week 4 – Boxing – Conditioning drills, more speedball + chinups and abs.

    Please note that the focus of these sessions will be on technique and NOT on fitness.  The sessions have been timed so that at the conclusion of the course those people who are interested could follow up the course by jumping into the 11:15am Beginners class and have a go at applying their newly gleaned knowledge!

    If you are interested in trying to do things a little bit better or developing some understanding about what each exercise is working etc then this might be just the thing for you.  Numbers are limited to 8 people which is intended to enable each attendee to get some close attention from the trainers.

    Gym Update #1 – Records Board and ‘THE RULES’

    A couple of new whiteboards will be going up in the next couple of weeks – one will be all about ‘The Rules’ of the gym (hopefully everything from ‘Bring a towel and use it’ to ‘No standing on the bikes unless the trainer says so’ can be squeezed on there) and the other will cover off on the best times/performances for a range of ‘Challenges’ we do in the gym.  We are targetting 12 ‘challenges’ for now with best performances for both guys and girls to be published.

    Both should be a lot of fun and I really hope they add to the community around the gym.

    Friends of Round One (x 3)

    1/.Hands On India

    Well, as we all know Nathan went off to India to help treat the kids…and whilst he did a great job there is still much work to be done.  Tickets for the Hands On India fundraising raffle are available from R1 reception for $50 each.  First prize is a new 2012 Jeep Patriot valued at more than $25000.

    2/.White Collar Boxing

    Our own Paul O’Connor is now a Boxing Promoter – and is running a White Collar Boxing event as part of the 2013 St Patrick’s Day festivities.  And he needs our help!  Ideally what we would like is someone from Round 1 who wants to have a go and participate in the event…8 weeks sparring training is part of the entry package so you wont be going in ‘green’.

    Interested in having a go?  Know someone who might be?  See Paul in the gym (7pm BodyWork!) or contact him on 0412 345644.

    3/.Ronnie’s Skin Care and Health

    Long-term Round 1’er Brad Cochrane has a new venture going – and all R1 members can benefit!  We are all being offered a free 45 minute skin analysis and mini-facial pamper session using premium skin care products.  To book, please call Ronnie Cochrane on 0430 313 982 – This offer expires 31/1/13.

    Facebook Highlights

    A great week on Facebook  this week – loads of links, lots of talk about the White Collar Boxing, New Years wishes and TANKS.  Amongst it all were some cool links:


    New year KB workout:

    Resolutions that aren’t about weight loss:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    We are (clearly) not a CrossFit gym but this is still an awesome article:

    See you in the gym!



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