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    Resolutions? Just Start! Beach Bootcamp, Scoopon Info.

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Bit of a chaotic week last week – with the gym closed for a couple of days and searing temperatures it was a bit of a challenge to get much done in the way of exercise.  Somehow I managed to squeeze in three classes, a couple of challenges (to finalise the 12-days of Christmas Challenge – DONE!) and got an early start on one of my New Year’s resolution by getting a bit of running done – have squeezed in two sessions on the treadmill and one on the road so far.  You have to start somewhere and sometime I guess and I have decided that I want to up my running in 2013 – and given I have given the other guys a few extra hours off I couldn’t necessarily do a class, and my shoulder hurts and the treadmills were just sitting there…so what the hell??

    I have been working on my latest 90-day plan (which includes stuff for home, work and the soon to ramp up footy) and that has involved a fair bit of review and revision of my last couple of 90-day plans – looking back is both rewarding (“wow – I DID that”) and disappointing (“man, I can’t believe I didn’t do that”).  But in looking through, I came up with one overwhelming truth – Those things that I finished?  Well, they were things that I simply got stuck into despite a lack of skill, knowledge, experience, whatever.  I just started at square 1 and began moving forward – the old ‘how do you eat an elephant’ strategy.  Those items still highlighted in ‘RED’ – the ones that didn’t get finished?  Well, not only did they not get finished – in many cases they are good ideas that I simply never even started working on.

    What’s my point here?  It is the time of year for resolutions and I think the most effective way to make them happen is to be specific about what you are going to do and then just START.  Don’t spend hours thinking about the best way to go about it, or carefully determine how to fit it into your routine or how you are going to pay for it or whatever – just START.  And once you have started – once you have began to form a pattern of behaviour – all of the details will become obvious.  And, as I think we all know habits are harder to get into than get out of.

    Let’s all smash 2013 – faster, harder, stronger…better.

    See you in the gym,


    Bootcamp – 19th January 2013

    We will be running a BEACH BOOTCAMP on January 19th.  This session is planned for 90 minutes – starting with 45-50 minutes of hard beach work –using the sand and water…and moving into a couple of team games for the last 45 minutes or so.  The water stuff will only be waist deep so no need to worry if you are not a particularly strong swimmer.

    There will be two (2) trainers on hand to run the day…and numbers will be strictly limited to 40 participants.  Cost for the event is $15 per person – and you can register as an individual (we will allocate you to a team) for (if you are quick) as a group of people who want to be on the same team!  Your spot in each team will only be confirmed when you have paid for the session.

    Christmas Hours

    The Christmas hours have been in the last couple of blogs/posted around the gym for a few weeks now…somehow, if you have managed to miss all of that I have listed them below:





    Monday, 24th Dec 6am to 5pm Monday, 31st Dec 6am to 5pm
    Tuesday, 25th Dec Closed Tuesday, 1st Jan Closed
    Wednesday, 26th Dec Closed Wednesday, 2nd Jan 6am to 9pm
    Thursday, 27th Dec 6am to 9pm Thursday, 3rd Jan 6am to 9pm
    Friday, 28th Dec 6am to 8pm Friday, 4th Jan 6am to 8pm
    Saturday, 29th Dec 7am to 12pm Saturday, 5th Jan 7am to 12pm
    Sunday, 30th Dec 8am to 12pm Sunday, 6th Jan 8am to 12pm

    Comments/questions about the times?  Send me a note at or just catch me next time you are in the gym.

    2012 Scoopon’s

    Just a reminder that all of the 2012 Scoopon’s have now EXPIRED.  The last date for those passes to be used was December 26th 2012 – so if life has somehow gotten in the way and prevented you from doing your 10 sessions in the 6 months available, I do apologise but the Terms and Conditions were pretty clear and you can no longer use those passes.

    For anyone interested in the stats on the Scoopons, I can tell you that of the 1023 Scoopons we sold 552 people brought them into Round 1 and completed at least one (1) session.  That is a touch over half of the people who purchased Scoopons who presented them at the gym.  For those of you who regularly buy Scoopons, the company tells me this is a pretty common ratio – and ALL of the revenue for Scoopons that are not presented is kept by Scoopon themselves (it is generally a 50-50 split with the business who is running the offer for those that are presented).  So my message here?  If you are going to buy a Scoopon (regardless of the service it is for) please USE it.

    More numbers?  Of the 552 who did come to the gym we have had repeat business from 129 of those people in terms of memberships or 10-round passes – I don’t track casuals that way so cannot comment on that.  Anyway, I guess I am happy that we managed to keep 129 clients but then again, that is only one (1) out of every five (5)!  We have been trying to address this by adding the beginners group at 5pm and 6pm and splitting BodyWork on Mon/Wednesdays but if there are other things we need to be doing, please, please let us know.  Our recent timetable changes have been about making the gym more inclusive whilst also maintaining our focus on hard, results focussed training – if we are missing the mark, please tell us!

    One other point – in thinking about all of the Scoopon stuff, I did some counting of the sessions we have offered since the offer back in June.  Right at the moment we are running 63 group sessions each week – which means in the 6 months since the Scoopon promotion we would have run more than 1500 classes.  Now I am obviously biased but I think we give everyone a great opportunity to get their training done regardless of the demands of work and family…and have given everyone who wanted to a chance to use all 10-sessions on their Scoopon!

    Gym Update #1 – New Gear, New Gear

    Not too much to report this week – other than to say that our new handwraps are in and they are super fantastic.  They are also available in two new colours – purple and green!

    The only other thing to mention is that the 3kg bags of protein are now back in stock – $115 for 3kg.  Did you know that even if you try to buy the product direct from Boomers it would cost you $125.95 – $112 for the product + $13.25 for shipping and insurance?  I hope you do shop around for all of the products you need for your training – but please think about buying from Round 1 first.  Our leather boxing gloves for example are available at a great price ($45) for what is a quality product.

    Friends of Round One (x 3)

    1/.Hands On India

    Well, as we all know Nathan went off to India to help treat the kids…and whilst he did a great job there is still much work to be done.  Tickets for the Hands On India fundraising raffle are available from R1 reception for $50 each.  First prize is a new 2012 Jeep Patriot valued at more than $25000.

    2/.White Collar Boxing

    Our own Paul O’Connor is now a Boxing Promoter – and is running a White Collar Boxing event as part of the 2013 St Patrick’s Day festivities.  And he needs our help!  Ideally what we would like is someone from Round 1 who wants to have a go and participate in the event…8 weeks sparring training is part of the entry package so you wont be going in ‘green’.

    Interested in having a go?  Know someone who might be?  See Paul in the gym (7pm BodyWork!) or contact him on 0412 345644.

    3/.Ronnie’s Skin Care and Health

    Long-term Round 1’er Brad Cochrane has a new venture going – and all R1 members can benefit!  We are all being offered a free 45 minute skin analysis and mini-facial pamper session using premium skin care products.  To book, please call Ronnie Cochrane on 0430 313 982 – This offer expires 31/1/13.

    Facebook Highlights

    A surprisingly active Facebook  this week – it seems that despite the holidays there was still a lot of thought being given to diet and training!  Stories and threads about BodyWork, No-Rules, Membership referrals, Dealing with the eat and loads of Christmas wishes.  Somewhere in there was a link to the following awesome article:

    How girls started off in weight sports:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    An often debated subject:

    How deep should you squat:

    See you in the gym!



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