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    Timetable Updates, Christmas Get-together, Warm-up Plan

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Is it OK to say that I ‘felt’ my training this week more than enjoyed it?  Man, my legs hurt, my abs hurt…all those gorilla swings, goblet squats and thrusters – the week just feels like one big continuous beating!  My favourite class of the week?  Definitely that cardio smash session on Friday – bags, bikes, bags, rowers, bags, kettlebells – I just loved it.

    I wanted to talk this week about the changes to our timetable (that go into effect on Monday) and what it all means.  As this stuff is all about the timetable, it might be worth having a quick look at the new timetable ( before you read any further.

    1. Addition of a ‘Beginners’ Option at 5pm and 6pm Mon, Tues and Wednesday.
      In these classes, the ‘normal’ Boxing for Fitness class will be running ‘as is’ – so no change there.  What will be different is we will be asking people at the start if they would like to be part of a beginners ‘group’ within that session.  Those people in the ‘beginners’ group will have a few less exercises to do (2 pushups rather than 5 for example) and simplified combinations on the bags.  They wont get the extended rest breaks or warm-ups that are part of a ‘normal’ beginners class but we do hope they can get a little bit more instruction and that this change will provide an easier transition for people trying to move from Beginners to Boxing.
    2. Body Work and Boxing running ‘Side by Side’ at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday.
      We will be running the daily ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class at 7pm Monday and Wednesday – with a ‘Body Work’ option for those people who want it.  7pm is certainly our quietest time each night (and we understand Body Work is too much for a lot of people), so the intention is to allow those people who want to do Boxing at 7pm to do so, whilst also providing extra weights and pure cardio for those Body Workers who are looking for something extra.

      Please note that Tuesday nights will remain as a DEDICATED ‘Body Work’ class.

    3. Boxing for Fitness at 5am on Wednesday and Friday.
      Pretty simple this one – an earlier class every Wednesday and Friday morning.  Already people are asking me for ‘more’…let’s just see how many people come to the ones we have scheduled first.  If we are regularly getting more than 12 people, we will consider adding an extra day.
    4. No-Rules class formally added to the timetable.
      ‘No Rules’ is exactly that.  A class with no rules – might be boxing, might be body work, might be some kind of evil hybrid!  It has been running at 1pm Thursday and 7pm Friday for a few months now…so if you are a crazy person who likes to be pushed and challenged, then the ‘No Rules’ classes are sessions you simply should not miss.

    I would love to hear your feedback on the new schedule (and the look of the new timetable) – please email me at  How will all of this work?  With both the combined Boxing/Beginners and Boxing/Body Work class, we actually DONT really know just yet!  The plans are written and it *should* be fine, but please be a little bit patient over the next couple of weeks whilst all of this is bedded down.

    See you in the gym,


    12-days of Christmas Challenge – How are you going??

    We are one week into the challenge – and it has been fantastic to see so many people having a go at the various challenges.  There have been a few clarifications and questions about ‘The Rules’ on Facebook – but in essence, if there is an ‘EASY’ way to do one of the challenges, then it is probably wrong.  When you are selecting your weights, pick the one you would ‘usually’ use in the classes (same for box jumps) and…well, there are no other ands.  Have a go and get it done!

    So far I have managed to get through six (6) classes – so half way home there, and five (5) of the challenges.  But I haven’t picked up a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell yet so there is still a fair bit of pain waiting for me…it is going to be a fun couple of weeks trying to squeeze it all in amongst everything else that is happening!  I will say that there is a fair bit to be said for the challenges too…they certainly show there is more you can do in a ‘spare’ 30 minutes than just idly jog on the treadmill!

    Gym Update #1 – Christmas Get Together

    Since we always leave this to the last possible second, we will do the same thing again this year.  Anyone looking to have a get together with their gym buddies for Christmas, we are going to do it NEXT weekend.  Rather than do it at the pub (which makes it hard for people with kids) we will have it down at Woodmans Point next Sunday afternoon (December 16th), kicking off at around 2:30pm.

    There will be some beer, white wine and water put on, and if we can get access to a bbq I will even man the tongs and cook some sausages.  Whilst none of this sounds too exciting (and it is definitely in the category of poorly planned and organised) but if we can get a few people along then I am sure everyone will enjoy themselves.

    There is a big playground there for the kids, the water isn’t far away in case it is hot and if we all bring down a variety of chairs and eskies I am sure it will be an enjoyable afternoon.

    Gym Update #2 – Dead Balls

    A few people may have noticed that several of the 12kg dead balls are now covered in gaffer tape – this is because the balls are splitting and they aren’t cheap to replace.  Hopefully the tape solves the problem for a while and we can worry more about getting NEW gear into the gym than about replacing the stuff we already have.

    Remember though, if you are using something and it is either broken or just doesn’t seem right, please let us know so we can try and remedy the situation.

    Gym Update #3– New Toaster Racks

    Users of the TANKS area will see a couple of new toaster racks are now available for use.  These should make it easier to access the plates in what can be a restricted area – remember though, not EVERY plate will fit on the new racks and using the storage on the Power Rack is a much better 2nd option than just leaving your weights on the floor.

    Gym Update #4 – Proposed Christmas Hours

    A few people have been asking so here is what I am thinking – closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day.  Early close on Christmas eve and New Years eve (4pm class the last one to run each day) – this is based on the fact that we have had less than 6 people attend the 5pm session each of the past two years (and I want to spend some time at home as well).





    Monday, 24th Dec 6am è 5pm Monday, 31st Dec 6am è 5pm
    Tuesday, 25th Dec Closed Tuesday, 1st Jan Closed
    Wednesday, 26th Dec Closed Wednesday, 2nd Jan 6am è 9pm
    Thursday, 27th Dec 6amè9pm Thursday, 3rd Jan 6am è 9pm
    Friday, 28th Dec 6am è 8pm Friday, 4th Jan 6am è 8pm
    Saturday, 29th Dec 7am è 12pm Saturday, 5th Jan 7am è 12pm
    Sunday, 30th Dec 8am è 12pm Sunday, 6th Jan 8am è 12pm

    Comments/questions about the proposed times?  Send me a note at or just catch me next time you are in the gym.

    Gym Update #5 – New Share Gloves

    The new Share gloves are in and a big thankyou to everyone who has remembered the new policy – hiring gloves is now $2 per session (and yep, you STILL need to use wraps or inner gloves as well).

    If the policy enables us to replace these gloves more frequently, it will be a big win for everyone – and remember, you own pair of bag mitts can be had for just $25.

    Gym Update #6 – Backpacks

    The issue with the backpacks has been resolved – they are in the gym and available again, so for all of you 12-month members don’t forget to grab your bag when you join / renew your membership.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another week and another tonne of photos posted on the Facebook  site. Hopefully everyone is enjoying seeing themselves (and their friends) in action – and perhaps seeing some of the goings on in the gym in those Body Work and No Rules sessions that you might have heard about.  Other links this week:

    Tips for the festive season:  (Includes the ‘Kick your own ass’ hint!).

    Paleo Brownies:

    Loads of pics and comments about how many burpees serves of some of there ‘favorite’ foods and drink represent (eg.  Large Big Mac meal = 1hour, 49minutes of continuous burpees).

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    Mobility for the desk bound athlete – or, what you can do in the 10 minutes before a session starts to make sure you are ‘ready’:

    See you in the gym!



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