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    Diet and Nutrition Recap, December Challenge, 7:15 Saturday

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Fantastic sessions last week.  My abs are sore, my legs are sore and my throat is sore from all the yelling!  I know we are probably doing the Donkey Kong (kb swings, burpees, boxjumps) circuit a bit too often lately but it is such great all-over conditioning I can’t help but put it in the class plans.  As for the rest of last week, I am pretty sure we are all over the new renegade worms and have had more than enough v-sits for the time being.  I know I am also over those 30kg barbells!  Next week?  A new kettlebell complex, some 21’s, the return of the sledgehammers and a body work class featurning the number 7 (seven).  The classes look awesome!

    I wanted to give over the rest of today’s blog to the Diet and Nutrition talk we held at Round 1 today (Sunday) – and many thanks to Helen Frost ( for coming down and conducting the session – and of course to the more than 100 members and guests who got along to the gym and made the event such a success.  There have been some interesting comments following on from the talk – I don’t think a story of the day would be complete though without mentioning Paul and Billy and their love of massage!

    Now rather than try to cover ‘everything’ Helen spoke about – after 2 hours she was still going strong – I thought I would repeat the three (3) messages that I took from the session:

    –         The basis of good eating is healthy serves of fresh, raw food.  As Helen said, if it grows on a tree or in the ground, if it runs across the ground or swims in the water, then it is ‘LIVE FOOD’ and ‘GOOD’.  If it is preserved, sweetened, coloured or processed in anyway, then it is ‘DEAD’ and therefore ‘BAD’.  ‘LIVE’ food is (comparatively) low in calories when compared to ‘DEAD’ food – meaning you can eat larger quantities which will provide the quality fuel you need whilst also satisfying your hunger…and lead to a boost in your metabolic rate.

    –         Rather than take a ‘all or nothing’ approach, Helen repeatedly referred back to a simple formula – 80% foundation, 20% moderation.  What does this mean?  Make 80% of your eating foundation foods – eat ‘LIVE’ food and drink fresh water – and allow yourself to make some ‘other’ choices some of the time.  Sticking firmly to the 80% rule will ensure you – as long as you are eating at the right times – you have adequate quality fuel in your system to enable you to train hard, not feel tired and maintain a positive outlook.

    –         Cravings have a multi-layered hierarchy.  The first thing you need to use to stifle a craving is water.  The often repeated ‘if you want to snack, drink a glass of water then wait 30 minutes before giving in’ is a terrific strategy.  Helen took it further though, saying that rather than give in after 30 minutes, the next phase is fresh fruit and vegetables.  She pointed out that an apple has more than 400 components (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes etc) and it could be any one of them our body needs.  The third level of craving is protein.  So, I take that to mean the late night snack craving is now ‘Water, wait 30 minutes, fruit/veg, wait 30 minutes, protein, wait 30 minutes and THEN if you are still craving…yep, then you can have your chocolate’.

    See you in the gym!

    Round 1 Fitness – November Specials

    This is the last week of the November specials – so if you want a free month or are keen to win the first ever SUPER membership, there is no time like this week!  As noted last week, there have been quite a few current members renew their memberships early to go into the draw for the SUPER membership…I have even allowed people who pay from month to month to do this so if you would like to go into the draw, let us know of your intention to renew THIS MONTH and we will add you to the list:

    Part 1 – For new members (or rejoining members who have been absent for MORE than 3-months) only:

    –         Join for 12-months, get an additional month added to your membership for FREE.  You still get the Round 1 pack, you still get access to unlimited classes plus the gym plus the cardio gear…you still get all of that.  But for 13 months rather than 12.  Simple as that – same price, extra month.

    Part 2 – For everyone else!

    –         If you renew or re-join for 12-months, you will go into the draw to receive an upgrade to the very first Round 1 Fitness ‘SUPER Membership’.  The Super membership will include:

    • 12 months membership including members pack (as normal).
    • 3 additional pairs of wraps.
    • TANKS Upgrade allowing you access to 1 x TANKS session every week.
    • 10-round PT pass providing 10 x 30 minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.
    • MMA gloves (ideal for 1-minute rounds)
    • Leather gloves (for improved hand support and protection).
    • Foam Roller (rehab is important).
    • Ab Wheel (so is your core).
    • Your choice of two (2) Round 1 Fitness T-shirts or Singlets.
    • 3kg Bag of ‘Boomers’ Protein.
    • Round 1 Fitness Key Ring

    All up, the ‘SUPER’ Membership is valued at nearly $2000 and you will only pay your ‘normal’ 12-month membership fees to access all elements of the package.  I have to note here that the ‘SUPER’ membership package is not transferable, though obviously once you have the gear you could quite happily give it to someone else if that is what you wanted…

    The new ‘Super Membership’ will also be available (excluding the bonus ‘non-R1F items I have included for the promotion – Boomers Protein, Ab Wheel and Foam Roller) for $1350 (one time payment) or $120 (monthly payment for those who prefer a DD) from December 1st.

    Gym Update #1 – Saturday, 7:15am is GO

    From this Saturday December 1st, there will be a Boxing for Fitness class running at 7:15am.  So for those of you looking to Get it Done a bit earlier on the weekend, you can now train from 7:15am on Saturday’s.

    Gym Update #2– December Challenge starts Saturday

    The 12 Days of Christmas challenge also kicks off this coming Saturday.  Details are on the challenge sheets available from the reception – but in essence you have 24 days (1st December until 24th December) to complete 12-classes (at LEAST one Body Work) and 12 ‘OTHER’ challenges.  What are the other challenges?  Well, they are varied but in essence there are 5 ‘cardio’ challenges (bike, running, rowing, cross-trainer and summit trainer), 5 ‘weights’ challenges (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, sledgehammers and bodyweight) and two ‘mixed’ challenges.

    There is one other slight change to this challenge – ‘Get it Done’ T’s will be available for finishers, but there will be a $30 charge for each t.  If you want the shirt at the conclusion of the challenge, you do need to ORDER and PAY in advance otherwise I cannot commit to your size being available.  And if you order and pay – but don’t finish – then no, you don’t get your money back (it has been spent on ordering the shirt) and NO, you don’t get the shirt (you didn’t Get It Done).

    Good luck!

    Gym Update #3– New Share Gloves

    The new share gloves – along with the cool new singlets – have finally arrived in Oz.  It is now just a matter of clearing customs and we will have them in the gym.  Just wanted to remind everyone that when they arrive there will be a $2 hire fee each time you use them.

    Facebook Highlights

    An awesome week on Facebook  – be sure to check out these links:

    How to Deadlift:

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    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    After all of the food stuff this week, the clip of the week is back to some pretty simple training motivation.  Get into it!

    See you in the gym!



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