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    Planning for the Christmas season, Videos galore

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    There can be no disputing the fact that last week’s sessions were AWESOME!  The classes were super challenging – how about that Body Work session! – really varied and motivating.  Personally I had a great week of training and for the first time in a while found myself slogging through the 1-minute rounds class ‘solo’ at around 3:45pm…it was the only free time I had all day and the class just looked like too much fun to miss!  I do love overhead squats though.

    As we head towards summer and the Christmas holiday season (and of course towards the December Challenge!) I thought I would put a few questions to each of you this week that might encourage you to get out your diaries NOW and write in the sessions you plan to ‘GET DONE’ over the very busy Christmas period.  I have written about this time of year before – and how you need to have a plan and a backup plan and a backup plan to the backup plan – if you are hoping to exit December at the same level of health and fitness that you entered the month with.  The time to get your plan done is NOW – by the time December 1st rolls around you will have a calendar that is quickly filling up with social engagements and if you dont have a plan to train then it will all become to hard for you.  Don’t let it happen this year!

    Question 1:  How badly do you want results?

    If you want to change your body shape or your fitness levels, you can’t just pay it lip service.  You will need to show dedication to your training and diet over the holidays – remember there is a lot of difference between sampling a ‘little bit’ of everything on Christmas day or at the work Christmas party smorgasboard and gorging yourself on the mountain of food available.  If you want results – and you want them as badly as you SAY you want them, you need to be prepared to make some real sacrifices to achieve them.

    Question 2:  Do you have the courage to say no?

    During the holiday period a lot of us will hear this from our friends:  “Don’t go to the gym tonight, you went on Monday”.  Remember though, if you want results and you are committed to getting them, you need to be prepared to answer with courage:  “No, I am GOING to the gym.  I will be at your place by 6:30pm though – the session only takes an hour”.  Say ‘NO’ a few times, get there an hour or so late a few times…you will still get to spend time with your friends but will be able to do it guilt free! 

    One other point on working out before a night out – I don’t know about you but I am much less likely to over-indulge after a work-out – no way am I training hard only to throw the results away on some French onion dip!

    Question 3:  Are you truly dedicated to making change?

    The holiday period is a SHORT period of time.  But your commitment over this period of time – your insistence on sticking to your training and maintaining your diet – will mean an awful lot come January.  I really believe that those people who push themselves to live a little bit better and train a little bit harder at this time of year – those who are prepared, not to deprive themselves as such, but to make a few sacrifices – really will reap the benefits with regards achieving their goals in the new year.

    Let’s all really ‘Get It Done’ this Christmas season.  Maintain the good habits you have developed over the past year and enter 2013 in great shape – better shape than you are in right now.

    Round 1 Fitness – November Specials

    The November specials are going strong.  We have had quite a few current members renew their memberships early to go into the draw for the SUPER membership…I have even allowed people who pay from month to month to do this so if you would like to go into the draw, let us know of your intention to renew THIS MONTH and we will add you to the list:

    Part 1 – For new members (or rejoining members who have been absent for MORE than 3-months) only:

    Join for 12-months, get an additional month added to your membership for FREE.  You still get the Round 1 pack, you still get access to unlimited classes plus the gym plus the cardio gear…you still get all of that.  But for 13 months rather than 12.  Simple as that – same price, extra month.

    Part 2 – For everyone else!

    If you renew or re-join for 12-months, you will go into the draw to receive an upgrade to the very first Round 1 Fitness ‘SUPER Membership’.  The Super membership will include:

    – 12 months membership including members pack (as normal).
    – 3 additional pairs of wraps.
    – TANKS Upgrade allowing you access to 1 x TANKS session every week.
    – 10-round PT pass providing 10 x 30 minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.
    – MMA gloves (ideal for 1-minute rounds)
    – Leather gloves (for improved hand support and protection).
    – Foam Roller (rehab is important).
    – Ab Wheel (so is your core).
    – Your choice of two (2) Round 1 Fitness T-shirts or Singlets.
    – 3kg Bag of ‘Boomers’ Protein.
    – Round 1 Fitness Key Ring

    All up, the ‘SUPER’ Membership is valued at nearly $2000 and you will only pay your ‘normal’ 12-month membership fees to access all elements of the package.  I have to note here that the ‘SUPER’ membership package is not transferable, though obviously once you have the gear you could quite happily give it to someone else if that is what you wanted…

    The new ‘Super Membership’ will also be available (excluding the bonus ‘non-R1F items I have included for the promotion – Boomers Protein, Ab Wheel and Foam Roller) for $1350 (one time payment) or $120 (monthly payment for those who prefer a DD) from December 1st.

    Gym Update #2 – Diet and Nutrition Lecture – NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

    Save the date – Sunday November 25th – Save the date.

    On Sunday November 25th we will be conducting a health and nutrition talk at Round 1 from 1:30pm until 3:30pm.  The discussion will be led by Helen Frost (check her out at and focussed on living a fit, healthy lifestyle, what food to eat (and when!) and providing strategies to avoid common eating traps such as late night snacking, missing breakfast and the right time to eat with regards your exercise program.

    What else do you need to know?

    –         Bring your own chair!

    –         Bring a friend – we will be raffling off a free 10-round pass for any non-R1 members who you can convince to come along and have a listen to what promises to be an entertaining and informative session.

    Gym Update #3– New Share Gloves

    Yet another quick reminder that when the new share gloves arrive, there will be a $2 charge every time you borrow them…these gloves are really getting into a ‘poor’ state by the time the 4-month replacement time comes around and to increase the ‘replacement’ interval I need to add a nominal cost to the glove hire.

    Facebook Highlights

    An awesome week on Facebook  – be sure to check out these links:

    How to perform a proper push up:

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    Fittest men ever:

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    Evil Wheels:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    As a few people about the place know, I am a little bit of a pod-cast addict.  I really enjoyed this story of Tom O’Toole – who started the Beechworth Bakery – and his rise from growing up in abject poverty on the Murray River and I hope you will too.  Ignore the title of the podcast etc – it is more a personal story about Tom than any great insight about how he markets his business:

    See you in the gym!



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