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    Shopping Centre experience, Food and Diet Lecture

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week – and the kettlebell walking lunges certainly seemed to leave a mark on a lot of people.  My own training was really compromised last week – between running the early morning and evening sessions along with spending all day in the stall over at Gateways Shopping Centre, I found it really difficult to get a boxing class done and my usual 6 sessions was reduced to 3.  Does it mean that I couldn’t train?  Not at all – just that I had to substitute my boxing for some running and cross-fit WOD’s  – things I could do by myself – in order to get it done.  Is it hard to get motivated?  Absolutely – but as with most things, getting started is more than half the battle and once I had worked out what I was going to do and taken that first step, everything flowed from there.

    Spending the week at Gateways has certainly been interesting and I was lucky enough to get to speak to a few hundred people about their training, their goals and how they are going about things.  I admit to being surprised by people whose trolleys were filled with snacks who wanted to talk about losing weight – “food isn’t my problem though because I eat pretty healthy”.  Yet others talked about doing some sessions at the gym, and wanted to know if 1 or 2 sessions per week would be enough to develop some muscle tone before ‘beach season’.  I think all of the recent “Life Challenge” crew who had to REALLY watch their food and find a way to train 5 times per week would tell them that losing 10kgs by Christmas and gaining muscle tone by Christmas is possible…but it isn’t going to happen without making a significant effort and some real sacrifice.

    I am clearly preaching to the choir in my blog, but if you want results you have to understand that there is going to be some sacrifice involved.  You have to eat (and drink) ‘VERY healthy’, not ‘Pretty healthy’.  And it is going to be hard and there are times when you will feel like you are missing out.  If you want to see physical changes in yourself, then you need to forget about 1-2 sessions per week and instead train 3-4 times per week (and even then, you might need to add some extra cardio and maybe a weights session or two on the side).  And it is going to be hard.  There aren’t shortcuts.  There aren’t magic potions.  You don’t need lots of equipment or to pay a fortune for your gym membership.  But you do need a  bit of discipline to do your training even if you are pressed for time and even if you don’t really feel up to it  – you also have to be able to say ‘NO’ to things you know aren’t good for you, even if the person asking the question is one who lives inside your head.

    Round 1 Fitness – November Specials

    We have a two-part promotion for November which makes it a great time to join (or recommit) to Round 1 for another 12 months:

    Part 1 – For new members (or rejoining members who have been absent for MORE than 3-months) only:

    –         Join for 12-months, get an additional month added to your membership for FREE.  You still get the Round 1 pack, you still get access to unlimited classes plus the gym plus the cardio gear…you still get all of that.  But for 13 months rather than 12.  Simple as that – same price, extra month.

    Part 2 – For everyone else!

    – If you renew or re-join for 12-months, you will go into the draw to receive an upgrade to the very first Round 1 Fitness ‘SUPER Membership’.  The Super membership will include:

    – 12 months membership including members pack (as normal).

    – 3 additional pairs of wraps.

    – TANKS Upgrade allowing you access to 1 x TANKS session every week.

    – 10-round PT pass providing 10 x 30 minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.

    – MMA gloves (ideal for 1-minute rounds)

    – Leather gloves (for improved hand support and protection).

    – Foam Roller (rehab is important).

    – Ab Wheel (so is your core).

    – Your choice of two (2) Round 1 Fitness T-shirts or Singlets.

    – 3kg Bag of ‘Boomers’ Protein.

    – Round 1 Fitness Key Ring

    All up, the ‘SUPER’ Membership is valued at nearly $2000 and you will only pay your ‘normal’ 12-month membership fees to access all elements of the package.  I have to note here that the ‘SUPER’ membership package is not transferable, though obviously once you have the gear you could quite happily give it to someone else if that is what you wanted…

    The new ‘Super Membership’ will also be available (excluding the bonus ‘non-R1F items I have included for the promotion – Boomers Protein, Ab Wheel and Foam Roller) for $1350 (one time payment) or $120 (monthly payment for those who prefer a DD) from December 1st.

    Gym Update #1 – Diet and Nutrition Lecture

    Save the date – Sunday November 25th – Save the date.

    On Sunday November 25th we will be conducting a health and nutrition talk at Round 1 from 1:30pm until 3:30pm.  The discussion will be led by Helen Frost (check her out at and focussed on living a fit, healthy lifestyle, what food to eat (and when!) and providing strategies to avoid common eating traps such as late night snacking, missing breakfast and the right time to eat with regards your exercise program.

    What else do you need to know?

    – Bring your own chair!

    – Bring a friend – we will be raffling off a free 10-round pass for any non-R1 members who you can convince to come along and have a listen to what promises to be an entertaining and informative session.

    Gym Update #2 – December Challenge on the WAY

    Our next Challenge is scheduled to kick off in December – it will be a combination of classes and some other stuff that will need to be completed between the 1st and 24th of December…It will be known as the ’12-Days of Christmas’ challenge, and whilst I know I am allowing you 24 days to ‘Get it Done’ the number 12 will feature heavily throughout the challenge.

    For those of you who want to start working out your training calendar, you will need to allow time for 11 Boxing classes, 1 Body Work class and an extra 12 sessions each of which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.  There will be NO double classes allowed (one boxing/body work per day) however no limit to the number of times you double up a class with a ‘workout’.

    Gym Update #3 – The Fridge

    The new fridge is in!  Despite the wait it seems to be a really good product and the drinks/protein etc are all colder than ever.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gloves, Share Gloves and Singlets

    As I have mentioned in the last couple of blogs, there are more gloves on the way, new Share Gloves on the way and some cool new singlets – featuring a great ‘Boxing for Fitness’ design – all on the way for summer.

    A further reminder that when the share gloves do arrive, there will be a $2 charge every time you borrow them…these gloves are really getting into a ‘poor’ state by the time the 4-month replacement time comes around and to increase the ‘replacement’ interval I need to add a nominal cost to the glove hire.

    Gym Update #5 – New Gear still on the way!

    Just a quick reminder about all of the new gear that is on the way.  The new spinning bikes and vinyl wrapped (who knew vinyl was so HEAVY!) power ropes are already here, the 25kg and 30kg barbells arrived last which and that all means we are still waiting on:

    A rack for the new 25kg and 30kg barbells.

    New dumbbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 8kg dumbbell pairs  and 4 x 10kg dumbbell pairs (plus a rack to hold them – and all of the other existing hand weights in) on the way.

    New wooden box-jumps (one has already been put together) – see it up in the TANKS area.

    Facebook Highlights

    Being at the shopping centre – and away from my laptop – meant that whilst there was lots of Facebook activity, there were not too many links being added.  Because of that, here are a couple of ‘bonus’ links that weren’t on Facebook (but would have been!) for you to check out:

    Mens Health 5k Plan:

    Food for thought:

    10 Things we have learned about squats:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    Great video from Gym Jones:

    See you in the gym!



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