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    Challenge results = Benefit of food Discipline, Pushup video

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Some very tough sessions last week with Tuesday and Body Work being particularly tough.  I know my legs appreciated what seemed to be a ‘de-emphasis’ on leg work in the sessions…but my arms, back and shoulders didn’t share in the sense of relief.  I know that I really loved Friday’s circuit – particularly all the new sledgehammer exercises – and am looking forward to seeing a few more classes featuring the hammers.

    All the new stuff we throw in really does set a challenge to each of you guys – I read with interest on Facebook during the week where one long-time member who had been away from the gym for a couple of months listed 6-new exercises she had done in her first week back at the gym…and made the point she felt like a first timer all over again.  Now, whilst I admit I probably shouldn’t have taken QUITE so much pleasure in the pain all these new exercises left her in, her story really did summarise what I want the gym to provide – an ever changing, ever challenging training environment that pushes even long-term members outside of their comfort zone.

    Now – does that make things hard for newcomers?  It sure does and we will be announcing some changes in the next two weeks that hopefully makes the ‘entry’ into Round 1 a little more welcoming…that said, training at Round 1 will always require a little more resilience than spinning your legs on a cross-trainer at a ‘regular’ gym and even the Beginners sessions are designed to be a challenge rather than a walk in the park.

    There is one other thing I wanted to talk about this week and it is related to the results of the Whole Life Challenge.  To this point (and there are a few people pending final measurements who I have not included here) 25 people have had their full assessments done and the results are:

    –         Total weight loss:  110Kgs

    –         Total Change in WAIST measurements:  207cms

    Now, those results are pretty impressive – and when you consider that most of the participants were R1 long-termers, there really is a lesson there for all of us – you can train as hard and as often as you like and your level of fitness (both strength and cardio) will continue to improve and increase.  But if your focus is to lose weight or clothing sizes, it simply MUST be accompanied by some discipline when it comes to food AND drink.  All of us who completed the challenge were amazed by the number of foods we traditionally ate that included sugar and processed carbs…and by eliminating them we all saw significant levels of weight loss.

    Do you have to be as ‘strict’ as we were on the challenge?  Well, no – you don’t.  But you do have to show a fair bit of restraint when it comes to both your ‘meals’ and your ‘snacks’.  Basically, if you aren’t getting the results you are after – training more often or training ‘harder’ isn’t the only answer.  Look long and hard at your diet – record EVERYTHING you put in your mouth for one week (food and drink) and you will quickly discover where the ‘problem’ lies.

    And if you need help – bring in your eating diary and ask one of the trainers to go through it with you.

    See you in the gym.

    Gym Update #1 – November Specials are GO

    We have a two-part promotion for November which makes it a great time to join (or recommit) to Round 1 for another 12 months:

    Part 1 – For new members (or rejoining members who have been absent for MORE than 3-months) only:

    –         Join for 12-months, get an additional month added to your membership for FREE.  You still get the Round 1 pack, you still get access to unlimited classes plus the gym plus the cardio gear…you still get all of that.  But for 13 months rather than 12.  Simple as that – same price, extra month.

    Part 2 – For everyone else!

    –         If you renew or re-join for 12-months, you will go into the draw to receive an upgrade to the very first Round 1 Fitness ‘SUPER Membership’.  The Super membership will include:

    – 12 months membership including members pack (as normal).
    – 3 additional pairs of wraps.
    – TANKS Upgrade allowing you access to 1 x TANKS session every week.
    – 10-round PT pass providing 10 x 30 minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.
    – MMA gloves (ideal for 1-minute rounds)
    – Leather gloves (for improved hand support and protection).
    – Foam Roller (rehab is important).
    – Ab Wheel (so is your core).
    – Your choice of two (2) Round 1 Fitness T-shirts or Singlets.
    – 3kg Bag of ‘Boomers’ Protein.
    – Round 1 Fitness Key Ring

    All up, the ‘SUPER’ Membership is valued at nearly $2000 and you will only pay your ‘normal’ 12-month membership fees to access all elements of the package.  I have to note here that the ‘SUPER’ membership package is not transferable, though obviously once you have the gear you could quite happily give it to someone else if that is what you wanted…

    The new ‘Super Membership’ will also be available (excluding the bonus ‘non-R1F items I have included for the promotion – Boomers Protein, Ab Wheel and Foam Roller) for $1350 (one time payment) or $120 (monthly payment for those who prefer a DD) from December 1st.

    Gym Update #2 – The Fridge

    Another week has passed and the new fridge has still not arrived.  As per my comments last week, I continue to be assured by the supplier that it will arrive ‘tomorrow’ but I am settling for soon…

    Gym Update #3 – New Share Gloves

    As mentioned last week, new Share Gloves are on the way for summer.  Now – when these arrive there will be a change of policy relating to these gloves…using them will cost you $2.  I want to move the replacement of the share gloves from 3 times per year to 4 times per year and simply cannot justify the expense without charging a nominal fee for them…more frequent replaced gloves will be nicer for everyone to use (particularly over summer) and reduce the smell in the gym.

    Gym Update #4 – Gateways Shopping Centre

    We will be at Gateways from tomorrow (Monday, November 5th) for a week – based just outside Miss Mauds.  Please drop by and say hello if you are over there!

    Gym Update #6 – New Gear still on the way!

    Just a quick reminder about all of the new gear that is on the way.  The new spinning bikes and vinyl wrapped (who knew vinyl was so HEAVY!) power ropes are already here, the 25kg and 30kg barbells arrived last which and that all means we are still waiting on:

    – A rack for the new 25kg and 30kg barbells.
    – New dumbbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 8kg dumbbell pairs  and 4 x 10kg dumbbell pairs (plus a rack to hold them – and all of the other existing hand weights in) on the way.
    – New wooden box-jumps (one has already been put together) – see it up in the TANKS area.
    – New Foam Rollers in the shop – arrived and available.
    – New stretch cotton ‘Boxing for Fitness’ singlets are on the way for summer.

    Facebook Highlights

    Lots of activity this week on Facebook – where we now have more than 600 members!  I really enjoyed the Floyd Mayweather link and you will find that and a couple of other cool links from the past week here:

    Post workout arm stretches:

    Floyd being Floyd:


    Terry Crews:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    32 different types of pushups???  Yeah!

    See you in the gym!



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