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    What the challenge reinforced for me, Lots (and lots) of news

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Loved my training last week (with the exception of that Thursday lunchtime stupidity – thanks Jason!) – the variety was great, and for some reason finishing with one of those  ‘everyone to a bag’ classes on Friday always puts a nice full-stop on a week of sessions…if only I hadn’t been so sore from Thursday I could have hit it a little bit harder.  I know – excuses…I am just getting SOFT (I am already old!).

    Thanks to everyone who sent through feedback to the questions I posed in last weeks blog.  Having taken everything into account, I am working on putting together some changes to our group class timetable to support some of the initiatives proposed.  Nothing will change in the short-term (next few weeks) and I will give everyone heaps of notice before making any changes.  I am certainly trying to make sure that the general tenor of the gym remains largely unchanged whilst hoping to make things a little easier for newbies to get involved…At the same time, the Beginners classes will remain and they will remain the best way for people to get into the swing of Round 1 (for the first few visits in any case).

    On with the blog and as the Life Challenge finishes today, I just wanted to make a few quick points about what I have learned about myself during the 6-weeks…as well as sharing a little bit of ‘self-knowledge’ I had going in that I put to use in getting through some of the ‘tougher’ moments.  Word of warning though – there is nothing new under the sun here and I am sure you have all read this stuff from me in the past.

    –         Consistency is the key to success.  Making sure you stick religiously to the plan – and follow it every day, rain or shine – is the way to make progress.  Going ‘ALL OUT’ for 3 days then having the next 4 off just doesn’t work – starting is the hardest part and when you are inconsistent it is like having to start again every week (or two weeks, or month, or whenever).  Establish good habits and follow them – don’t ‘try’ to follow them.  The workouts you MISS are the ones you regret (and from the challenge, those mouthfuls of food or drink you swallow without thinking are the mouthfuls you regret!)

    –         If you have a target to meet – don’t stop before you hit it.  I often use running as an example – if I go out for a run and stop even once for what I justify to myself is just a  ‘stretch’, I can guarantee you I will stop an additional 3, 4 or more times before I reach the finish line.  If I resist the urge to stop the first time, with every step I take after making the decision to ‘push on’ it becomes harder for me to go back on ‘my word’ – and by this I mean those unspoken words rattling around in my head.  With the challenge, I didn’t break the diet rules not because I didn’t want too – but because I knew that if I ‘gave in’ even once I would do so again and again (and again).

    –         Talk to people who will support and encourage you in your efforts to achieve your goals.  If you are trying to do something but are constantly being ‘tempted’ by your friends to head down a different track, you will not be able to stay focussed on what you are trying to achieve.  At R1 we are all lucky because there are so many friendly people in the gym who willingly offer support and our Facebook site is a great source of like minded people who are often facing the same going through the same challenges as you are.

    That is really what got me through the challenge.  Being consistent.  Refusing to  stop short.  Using the people around me as a crutch/motivator when things got tough.

    See you in the gym.

    Life Challenge – It’s OVER!!!

    For all of you Life Challenge people, today (Sunday) is the last full day all of the rules are in place.  I have finalised the results of quite a few people now and can happily report that a bit of focus and hard work can see you lose 10kg+ in six weeks – whilst at the same time improving both your strength (more ring pushups) and endurance (improved 2minute bike distance) significantly.  The challenge has been an experience that I don’t think any of us who have finished will be forgetting anytime soon – and further one that leads to what will hopefully be a lifetime of improved food awareness and healthier eating choices.  Personally I am very proud of myself going without dairy, grains, sugar (and any other sweeteners) and alcohol for 6-weeks and I hope the rest of you have similar feelings.

    Gym Update #1 – Coming promotion for November

    Well – timing is not exactly perfect given there are still a couple of days left in October, but I do need to announce the newest gym promotion sometime…so here it is (and it is in two parts).

    Part 1 – For new members (or rejoining members who have been absent for MORE than 3-months) only:

    Join for 12-months, get an additional month added to your membership for FREE.  You still get the Round 1 pack, you still get access to unlimited classes plus the gym plus the cardio gear…you still get all of that.  But for 13 months rather than 12.  Simple as that – same price, extra month.

    Part 2 – For everyone else!

    If you renew or re-join for 12-months, you will go into the draw to receive an upgrade to the very first Round 1 Fitness ‘SUPER Membership’.  The Super membership will include:

    12 months membership including members pack (as normal).

    3 additional pairs of wraps.

    TANKS Upgrade allowing you access to 1 x TANKS session every week.

    10-round PT pass providing 10 x 30 minute PT sessions with the trainer of your choice.

    MMA gloves (ideal for 1-minute rounds)

    Leather gloves (for improved hand support and protection).

    Foam Roller (rehab is important).

    Ab Wheel (so is your core).

    Your choice of two (2) Round 1 Fitness T-shirts or Singlets.

    3kg Bag of ‘Boomers’ Protein.

    Round 1 Fitness Key Ring

    All up, the ‘SUPER’ Membership is valued at nearly $2000 and you will only pay your ‘normal’ 12-month membership fees to access all elements of the package.  I have to note here that the ‘SUPER’ membership package is not transferable, though obviously once you have the gear you could quite happily give it to someone else if that is what you wanted…

    The new ‘Super Membership’ will also be available (excluding the bonus ‘non-R1F items I have included for the promotion – Boomers Protein, Ab Wheel and Foam Roller) for $1350 (one time payment) or $120 (monthly payment for those who prefer a DD) from December 1st.

    Gym Update #2 – That darned fridge.

    The fridge has been out of action for nearly two weeks now and I appreciate everyone’s patience with the situation.  The problem isn’t getting it fixed – I am not worrying about that – it is about trying to get a new fridge delivered and installed.

    I think I said in last weeks blog it would be there ‘early in the week’ (meaning last week)…right at the moment I am settling for it will arrive soon.

    Gym Update #3 – New Share Gloves

    As mentioned last week, new Share Gloves are on the way for summer.  Now – when these arrive there will be a change of policy relating to these gloves…using them will cost you $2.  I want to move the replacement of the share gloves from 3 times per year to 4 times per year and simply cannot justify the expense without charging a nominal fee for them…more frequent replaced gloves will be nicer for everyone to use (particularly over summer) and reduce the smell in the gym.

    Gym Update #4 – Gateways Shopping Centre

    Just to let everyone know that we will be operating a stall up at Gateways Shopping Centre for a week commencing on Monday November 5th (Melbourne Cup Week).  We haven’t run a promotion like this since before the gym opened…way back in March 2010 – but last time we were there manning the stall was a pretty dull job – so if you see us up there (we will be just outside the front of Miss Mauds) please stop in and say hello.

    Gym Update #5 – Keyrings

    In case you haven’t seen them yet, we now have Round 1 Fitness keyrings available (in the form of mini-boxing gloves).  These are available in black, red, white and pink and cost just $3.

    Gym Update #6 – New Gear here and on the way!

    Just a quick reminder about all of the new gear that is on the way.  The new spinning bikes and vinyl wrapped (who knew vinyl was so HEAVY!) power ropes are already here, and the following equipment is still on the way:

    New barbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 25kg bars and 4 x 30kg bars (plus a rack to hold them in) on the way.

    New dumbbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 8kg dumbbell pairs  and 4 x 10kg dumbbell pairs (plus a rack to hold them – and all of the other existing hand weights in) on the way.

    New wooden box-jumps (one has already been put together) – see it up in the TANKS area.

    New Foam Rollers in the shop – arrived and available.

    New stretch cotton ‘Boxing for Fitness’ singlets are on the way for summer.

    Facebook Highlights

    Lots of activity this week on Facebook – where we now have more than 600 members!  Some cool links from the past week:

    Tabata circuit:

    Floor to Ceiling Ball part 1:

    Why girls can’t do pull-ups:

    Iron cross + squat:

    Floor to ceiling ball (yep – a different one):

    Wayne Jackson ‘Go Hard Training’:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    I have decided to go with two links this week – the first one to reinforce the story at the top of the blog about being consistent and ‘refusing to stop’ – it is a bit old now I suppose but I love the story of Jerry Rice still setting records into his late 30’s and 40’s competing against people half his age:

    The second link is a bit more quirky and features the Ohio State Marching Band – who have been all over the news lately – showing that commitment and work ethic pay off no matter what endeavour you are involved in:

    See you in the gym!



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