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    Feedback (Please!), New Bikes, How to do Chinups!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Very tough week of sessions last week.  Now, I continue to struggle somewhat with my shoulder which isn’t helping, but that session last Tuesday with the Hand-stand Pushups, Pike Pushups, Bench Press, Deadball slams and whatever else was in there was an absolute all-timer.  It was pretty close to Body Work in the guise of Boxing for Fitness and reminded me why I commit to do Body Work once – but ONLY Once – every week.

    This week?  Really, really looking forward to the Monday session – all tabata right the way through with a big cardio focus – just looks like a high energy session and a great way to start the week.  Apart from that, I can see one new exercise (rolling burpees or ‘GI Joes’ as Sean has christened them) and a nice mix between two, three and four minute rounds.  Can’t wait.

    I have quite a few ideas I am looking to implement in the gym at the moment and want to use this week’s blog as a way of seeking your feedback on these proposals.  Please do take the chance to respond – either positive or negative – so that we can move forward with some real certainty that what we think everyone wants really IS what everyone wants.  Simply reply to this email or write me directly at

    Body Work/Boxing (modified) combined at 7pm).

    7pm really is a little bit of ‘lost’ time at the gym these days – last Wednesday night at what should be a ‘peak’ time we had just 5 people in the gym (followed by 27 people at 8pm for Boxing).  Obviously our Body Work class has less appeal than Boxing for Fitness…but I do want to keep the class on the schedule to enable those people who really do want to focus on weights, kettlebells and pure cardio work to have the opportunity to do so.  The plan therefore is to run Body Work and Boxing simultaneously at 7pm each night.  Now, the daily Boxing class might need some modifications to allow this to happen, but from a trainers perspective we think we can manage it IF a 7pm Boxing for Fitness class has some appeal for people.

    Add a ‘Beginners’ group to the ‘Boxing for Fitness’ sessions scheduled for 5pm and 6pm each day.

    This would work in a similar way to the TANKS group during the beginners sessions, except rather than being given ‘EXTRAS’ the beginners group would be modified…normal pushups rather than ring pushups, 5 jump squats rather than 10 etc etc.  Just trying to make an easier intro to the classes for newbies.

    Move Tuesday night TANKS to 5:30pm.

    TANKS on Tuesday nights has seen numbers drop away lately with feedback from previous attendees being that the scheduled 6:30pm start time is ‘to late’.  As such, we would like to move it forward 1hour to see if we can entice a few more people to make TANKS part of their weekly training plan.

    That’s it.  Again – please send your feedback directly to

    Life Challenge – Week 6 (and final!) Challenge

    The challenge for the last week is another compound work-out focussed on giving us all improved results in our final testing:

    –         500m bike (gear 14), 10 ring pushups, 10 wall balls.

    –         1km bike (gear 18), 20 ring pushups, 20 wall balls.

    –         1.5km bike (gear 22), 30 ring pushups, 30 wall balls.

    –         2km bike (gear 14) to finish.

    Now – if the number of ring pushups exceeds your maximum from the last lot of testing you must still ‘DO’ the 10/20/30 but can break them up into sets of ring pushups/’normal’ pushups as required.  Eg.  5 ring pushups, 5 normal, 5 ring pushups, 5 normal etc etc.

    Each day you COMPLETE the challenge you will receive 1 x Challenge point (up to a maximum of 3).

    Gym Update #1 – New Spin Bikes are GO

    Two (2) additional Keiser M3 spin bikes arrived this week.  This means that for those of you who are trying to get in a few k’s on the bikes when classes are going, there will now be a couple of extra bikes available for you to use.


    Gym Update #2 – New Share Gloves

    A new order of Share Gloves is on the way.  Now – when these arrive there will be a change of policy relating to these gloves…using them will cost you $2.  I want to move the replacement of the share gloves from 3 times per year to 4 times per year and simply cannot justify the expense without charging a nominal fee for them…more frequent replaced gloves will be nicer for everyone to use (particularly over summer) and reduce the smell in the gym.

    Gym Update #3 – Fridge

    As most people have noticed the fridge has been out of action for a week now.  The repair cost ($1650) is simply not worth it and I have been arranging a replacement solution.  I expect the new fridge to be in the gym by Tuesday.

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear

    Just a quick reminder about all of the new gear that is on the way – I mentioned this last week but am excited about it so thought a little reminder wouldn’t go astray:

    – New barbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 25kg bars and 4 x 30kg bars (plus a rack to hold them in) on the way.
    – New dumbbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 8kg dumbbell pairs  and 4 x 10kg dumbbell pairs (plus a rack to hold them – and all of the other existing hand weights in) on the way.
    – New Vinyl wrapped Power-ropes (just two whilst I trial them).
    – New wooden box-jumps (one has already been put together) – see it up in the TANKS area.
    – New Foam Rollers in the shop – arrived and available.
    – New stretch cotton ‘Boxing for Fitness’ singlets are on the way for summer.

    Facebook Highlights

    Lots of activity this week on Facebook – where we now have more than 600 members!  Last week was full of banter but a few less links than normal – I will get back onto that this week! J

    –         Rolling Burpees:

    –         Exercise can lead to day long calorie burn:

    –         Fun Run – ‘The Cool Night Classic’:$file/index.html

    –         First Aid:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    For all you people out there who keep telling me ‘But I can’t DO chinups’, have a look at this one:

    See you in the gym!



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