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    Just get started (and you will feel better), New Gear, Arnie Video

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I loved my training last week.  Whilst there were a couple of hiccups (try doing pushups in a class soon after completing the pushup challenge!) I found the variety great and intensity right up.  Kudos from me to all of the other trainers who seemed to be really pushing everyone along last week – there certainly weren’t too many places to hide during the sessions I was part of!

    This week?  Well, I can’t wait for the Thursday/Saturday Tanks sessions with all of the cool new sledgehammer exercises Jason Totten has introduced us too in the last week or so – lots of fun and a real challenge.  With the Boxing sessions, I have set the classes up so that the barbells are out the front for the next few days – expect lots of combination heavy bag/barbell work and perhaps even a bit of bench press.  Body Work?  A bit of a different class structure consisting of combination kettlebells/abs, barbells/abs and sledgehammers/abs…Can’t wait to get into it.

    My story this week could have been written any time one of the ‘class’ challenges was on – isn’t it amazing what you can do when you are compelled to do it.  So far at Round 1 we have run three (3) class based challenges – four (4) if you count the Life Challenge we are doing right now.  In each of those challenges I have pretty comfortably managed to get through 25 classes in a month, plus getting in some extra cardio, TANKS sessions etc.  This time, I am somehow finding extra time to complete the stretching component of the challenge as well as the food elements…no problem.  So – why can’t I do all of this stuff when there isn’t a challenge on??

    Well, I don’t think it is a matter of ‘TIME’.  I am obviously at the gym a lot and there is a lot of work that needs to get done.  But if I am in the gym from around 5:40am in the morning until 9:30pm at night and somehow can’t find ‘time’ to do a class – well, I think I am kidding myself.  In fact, I know I am kidding myself because those kind of circumstances – in the gym for 15 hours but no ‘time’ to train – just NEVER occur during a challenge.  NEVER.  During the challenges, I look at my schedule – carefully – and if I have one chance in the day to do a class then I make sure I do it.  After all – I HAVE to…who would want to miss out on something as important as a ‘point’ – I mean, imagine what would happen if I missed out on that!  The rest of the time, I go about my day and whilst I always ‘want’ to train, I don’t always plan things out and then – too late – I realise that the one chance I had to train has gone and I missed it!

    Further, during the challenges sometimes I just don’t ‘feel like it’ – but I train anyway because I ‘HAVE’ to.  And to be honest, some of my best sessions ever have come in those circumstances…those days when I was feeling a bit tired and flat (and maybe a bit sore) and just HAD to train because of some challenge or another, somehow after I get started I just start feeling better and ten-minutes into the class all of those negative feelings have been pushed aside.  Equally, those days when I am feeling a bit tired (or whatever) and decide to just give it a miss?  Firstly, I end up regretting not training and feel disappointed in myself (and negative about myself).  Secondly, I don’t feel any better the next day either and the whole ‘cycle’ of “I should”/”I’m tired”/”Just get started – you’ll feel better”/”Rest – You will feel better tomorrow” starts again.  It is so much easier to skip to the part where I am doing a session and feel good about my efforts.

    If you have a chance to train – just take it.  Don’t procrastinate and overthink it – just go to the gym and get started…you will feel better once you get going and better about yourself when you have finished.

    Life Challenge – Week 5 Challenge

    The challenge for week 5 is a little bit painful and the first one in a few weeks where you really need to be ‘in the gym’ to have a go at it:

    1/.Complete 1 x Bin Run

    2/.Complete 1 x Chin-up Bar è Speedball (and back) sled run.

    3/.Complete the number of wall balls you finished during the mid-challenge tests.

    4/.Do it all again.

    5/.Do it all again.

    Each day you COMPLETE the challenge you will receive 1 x Challenge point (up to a maximum of 3).

    Gym Update #1 – Summit Trainer back in action

    The long dormant Summit Climber was finally fixed this week and is now back and available for use.  For anyone who has not had a go on this machine in the past, it provides a great cardio/leg workout in a really short time-frame.  The long stride mechanism really is a challenge and you will find 20 mins on the summit trainer pre/post class will be 20 minutes well spent.

    Gym Update #2 – New Gear#1

    Well, some money has been spent this week.  First in our list of new gear are some new barbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 25kg bars and 4 x 30kg bars (plus a rack to hold them in) on the way.

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear#2

    Next in the list of new gear are some new dumbbells for the Boxing for Fitness and BodyWork sessions.  There are 4 x 8kg dumbbell pairs  and 4 x 10kg dumbbell pairs (plus a rack to hold them – and all of the other existing hand weights in) on the way.  Hello Lat Raises with 10kg weights…

    Gym Update #4 – New Gear#3

    There are some new singlets on the way.  These are slightly different to the wik-away material ‘Body Work’ and ‘Tanks’ designs – and will instead be available in a simple stretch cotton fabric.  They are getting printed up with the ‘Get it Done/Run’ design as well as a new ‘Boxing for Fitness’ logo.  Depending on final customs charges, I expect these to retail for approximately $20.

    Why the change in fabric?  Well – it isn’t really a change and we will still have the other designs available in the wick-away material…it is just to provide an alternative product and price point.

    Gym Update #5 – New Gear#4

    There is even more new gear heading our way – some new vinyl wrapped power-ropes, some foam rollers and new power bands have all been shipped…

    There will certainly be a lot of new stuff rolling up at Round 1 in the next few weeks.

    Hands On India Ball

    As mentioned in the last few blogs, the 2012 Hands on India Ball is on Saturday October 20th at the Hyatt Regency Perth.  The ball is a fundraiser to help the Chiropractic students at Murdoch University travel to India to provide free chiropractic and medical care to the Siriguri community – find more details HERE.

    Tickets to the ball – which features a three course meal, four hour beer and wine package and entertainment including music, Bollywood dancers and Henna tattooing – are $175 each.  So far, we haven’t gotten enough interest to put a table together…and it really is D-Day.  If you want to come along to what should be a great night, please let me know ASAP!!!

    Facebook Highlights

    Lots of activity this week on Facebook – where we now have more than 600 members!

    Fran in a suit:

    Perfect Eggs 3 ways – now there are clearly some illegal ingredients (when it comes to the challenge) but a good vid:

    Venice Beach Bar work –

    Too much sugar:

    Sprint your way towards single digit body fat:

    AFL Draft:

    Train like a man, look like a godess:

    Nerd Fitness Blog:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    Great video this week – 12 minutes long but well worth the effort:

    See you in the gym!



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