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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Awesome classes last week.  Somehow I managed to complete both of the ‘No-Rules’ sessions with a particularly bad tempered Sean O’Neill, got through a full-week of weights and completed a Boxing class every day.  Feeling very pleased with myself.  Of course, I followed that up by drinking beer and eating junk food on Saturday which all probably means that no progress was made – and I guess that is what the ‘Life Challenge’ is about…challenging myself not to just ‘train’ (which for me is the easy part) but to ‘train and RECOVER and CONSISTENTLY eat right’.  Should be just the thing I need as we move towards summer.

    I have been asked by quite a few people why are we doing the challenge and why this and why that.  I suppose the simple answer is because a couple of people said that they were interested and what started as a bit of a ‘what do you think about this’ conversation started that got a little out of hand.  Being completely honest though, there is a little more to it than that – I find that challenges (such as the one in August and hopefully this one) bring some real ‘engagement’ to the gym through the shared experience of members…converting a situation where there are a ‘bunch of people exercising together’ into one where a group of people are supporting one another to achieve something ‘MORE’.  And when this happens, people do actually find themselves feeling fitter and stronger and looking better – which encourages them to keep training (and hopefully for me to keep training at Round 1).

    Now, I spend a lot of time planning and programming our sessions – boxing, body work, tanks – to try and provide an environment that is fun and challenging.  But I know the reality is that if I spent 5 minutes coming up with a basic program consisting of – for example – running, burpees, heavy bag work and push-ups – and we did the same circuit every day – but it was being done by a group of truly committed and engaged people, they would get better results than a group following the more detailed plans we do in the gym if those people were not interested, not concentrating on what they were doing and generally lacked focus.

    Don’t get me wrong – something is always better than nothing – but it is engagement that will drive results.  And for those of you who are doing the life challenge, remember that your measurements and testing results are just a set of numbers unless you are focussed on improving them.  Let’s be engaged in our training and really achieve some results.

    Life Challenge – It’s ON

    The Life Challenge we have been discussing over the last couple of is ON.  The first step for those of you involved is to book a time for your initial measurements etc to be taken.  I have expanded on the original ‘Friday night/Sunday morning’ times to provide you with the following options:

    • Friday – 10am – 12pm
    • Friday – 4pm – 7pm
    • Saturday – 8am – 11am
    • Sunday – 8am – 11am

    Please contact the gym on 9414 1141 to schedule your appointment.  For those of you wondering how/when to pay your registration fee for the challenge – the best time to do this will be when you get your measurements done…you also need to find a time to get your initial fitness testing done – I would suggest you do this at the same time as your measurements and perhaps pairing up with someone who has an adjoining appointment to help ‘count’ your reps?

    Other rules for the challenge?

    1/.Measurements and Skinnies must be recorded prior to starting the challenge, once more during the challenge and again at the end.  This needs to be done by making an appointment with the gym.

    2/.The Challenge sheet MUST be updated prior to 9pm each day.  A print out of the Daily sheet will be performed at 9pm each day and only points entered before then will count towards the final result.

    3/.Initial testing/measurements to be completed on Friday, September 14th between 4pm and 7pm OR on Sunday, September 16th between 8am and 11am

    4/.Mid- challenge testing/measurements to be completed by appointment between October 1st and October 7th.

    5/.Final testing/measurements to be completed on Friday, October 26th between 4pm and 7pm OR on Sunday, October 28th between 8am and 11am

    6/.Training points are awarded as follows:  1 point per day – independent cardio/conditioning session (30mins minimum), 2 points per day – structured group class or PT session.  Maximum 3 points per day, Maximum 15 points per week.  For a session to count for ‘2’ points it must be a Round 1 Fitness session – sessions at other gyms can only count for 1 point (let them do their own challenge!).

    7/.Stretching points:  1 point per day for completing a stretching program.  10 Minutes minimum and this must be in addition to any ‘group warm down’.  Not sure what to do for your stretching – try this 10 minute foam roller workout:

    8/.Weekly challenge points:  Receive 1 point for each day during the week the ‘challenge’ was completed.  Maximum points = 3 per week.

    9/.Diet points:  Maximum of 3 points per day.  Each time one of the ‘RULES’ are broken, you will deduct ‘1’ point.  ‘0’ is the lowest score for any given day.

    Challenge – Diet Rules 

    • No Grains or starches – including wheat, barley, oats, breads, rice (including wild rice), quinoa, pasta, potatoes, etc.  Sweet Potato and Beans ARE permitted.
    • No Sugar or sweeteners of ANY kind.
    • No Dairy.
    • No alcohol, no soft-drink and no fruit juice.  Vegetable juice is allowed.

    Any item with MORE than one violation – Pizza has grain (crust) and dairy (cheese) – counts for only 1 point deduction.

    Gym Update #1 – Rehab Trainer

    As part of trying to continually improve the gym, Leila headed off to attend a 4-day ‘Rehab Trainer’ course over the last month.  The course is focussed on trying to bridge the gap between a physio and a trainer – and enables Lils’ to work with low-risk ‘niggling’ injuries, perform basic trigger point release for tight muscles and do iso-integration drills to switch on muscles that aren’t firing.

    Now, obviously we are thrilled to have these skills available to us in the gym and hopefully you all get to benefit from them.  If you are interested in the skills Leila has acquired, have a chat to her next time you see her in the gym and I am sure she can help you out with a PT session or otherwise to help remediate whatever is causing you grief.

    Gym Update #2 – Class times and Session schedule

    Just a quick note about session times etc.

    1/.We are considering adding in a 7:15am class on Saturday mornings.  Please express your interest in such a session via email (

    2/.Two of our Three busiest sessions last week were the Beginners class on Tuesday at 8pm and the Beginners class on Thursday at 8pm.  Now whilst it is great for us for the gym to be so busy late at night, please remember once you have done 4 or 5 beginners sessions, you really are ‘READY’ to give a ‘normal’ Boxing for Fitness class a try.  So if you would prefer to train at a different time of day and you have done a few ‘Beginners’ sessions, please don’t be scared to make the jump.

    Gym Update #3 – Bags and Towels

    For those of you waiting for bags and towels, I now have a DHL tracking token which means they are ‘on the way’.  Assuming no problems with customs (big assumption), they should all be in the gym by the end of the week.

    Gym Update #4 – Sparring Gloves

    A new product will be available at Round 1 soon – our own sparring gloves.  These gloves will offer more hand protection than the leather gloves we currently stock with the same large wrist strap to help provide wrist protection.  Now – they wont have detached thumbs – which means they are a bit more of a pain in classes as you will need to take them off for almost every ‘non-punching’ exercise, but for those of you who do suffer from occasional hand soreness they will be a good solution.

    The sparring gloves will retail for $65 – a really good price for full leather sparring gloves which are $100 + at most locations.  This is one advantage we have of directly commissioning and importing our own products.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Simple week this week – announce the winners!

    Danielle won the Footy Tipping comp – awesome effort.  $100 credit for anything in Round 1 – shirts, skipping ropes, gloves, memberships etc…whatever she likes.

    Booker won the Dream Team comp – another awesome effort.  Same deal for Booker – $100 credit for the gym.


    I haven’t had any mail worth repeating for a while…but this one drew my attention:

    Message: I have been attending your boxing classes on a casual basis for a little while now. I like that they are intense but I do believe your instructors could be a little more helpful in assisting new starters. People dont like to feel stupid. The quick 1 minute briefing is often hard to hear or understand from the other side of the gym so it is easy to get confused with so many intervals and stations – especially if you are not familiar with boxing type terms.

    OK.  First things, please always leave contact details with your emails (it is optional through the website), that way I can reply to you.

    Of course we don’t want people to feel stupid – and we know that our continuously changing circuits are hard to understand at first…that is why we run Beginners sessions.  In Beginners we demo EVERYTHING – in Boxing we generally only demo new exercises or any we haven’t done for quite some time.  Further on the demo’s at the start, I know that ALL of the trainers get frustrated because when they are trying to demonstrate something, it often feels like no-one is paying attention – the people down the far end of the gym rarely move to see what the exercise is or are chatting away when the demos are happening…take a bit of responsibility for this please guys.

    Further, if you are new to Round 1 it really is worth doing a couple of Beginners sessions first – that way you will know how to stand, what each type of punch is and generally get a feel for the layout of the gym in a more relaxed setting.

    Hands On India Ball

    The 2012 Hands on India Ball is on Saturday October 20th at the Hyatt Regency Perth.  The ball is a fundraiser to help the Chiropractic students at Murdoch University travel to India to provide free chiropractic and medical care to the Siriguri community – find more details HERE.

    Tickets to the ball – which features a three course meal, four hour beer and wine package and entertainment including music, Bollywood dancers and Henna tattooing – are $175 each.  If anyone would like to be part of a table and help the students out, please let me know via email and I will look after the admin side of things.

    Friends of Round One

    We revive an old segment this week with a special offer from Melville Mitsubishi.  Long-time Round 1’er Chloe Kang has just started a new job over there and wants to get off to a flying start with her new boss!

    Hey it’s Chloe from Melville Mitsubishi, just wanted to let you guys know about the HUGE Finance offer for month of September available @ Melville Mitsubishi – 0.9% COMPARISON RATE ON NEW TRITON 4X4 OR SELECTED LANCER MODELS.

    What better time than now to buy a new Mitsubishi. Right now you can get a stylish Lancer ES, ACTiV, VR, VRX or a hard working Triton 4×4 ute at an unbelievably low 0.9% p.a. comparison rate.

    Now – as with all of these sorts of offers there are terms and conditions and all of that sort of stuff – for more details on the offer and the specifics please send a note to ‘’ and make sure you say you need to talk to Chloe.  As I mentioned at the top, she has just started a new gig over at Melville Mitsubishi…or of course, you could always talk to her in the gym!

    If you want to feature your business in this little blog segment, I am always happy to cross-promote members businesses…if you have a product or service you would like mentioned, I am always happy to support you.

    Facebook Highlights

    A great week on Facebook which also saw a separate group set up for the ‘Life Challenge’.  Some highlights:

    Extended cross-fit workout (which was the model for a TANKS session):

    Gym and diet motivation:


    360 degree Muscle up.

    Bacon and Vege Fritata:

    Make sure you join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    A new video version (for me anyway) of one of my favourite little speeches:  ‘How Great I Am’.

    See you in the gym!



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