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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    First off, a big congratulations to all of the Round One Mudd Rushers and a particular mention to Ian Board.  He was on the ‘Mudd Rush’ bandwagon (don’t ask me why they spell it that way) from the outset – he set up and managed the dedicated Facebook group, answered questions, chased organisers, arranged the bus etc…it was an epic effort.  Whilst it was nominally the Round One team the reality is that neither myself, nor Vanessa or any of the trainers had much to do with it at all – the entire thing was conceived by Ian and supported by what seemed like everyone else who comes to Round 1.  I was so pleased to see that everyone in the team reached their goal of getting to the end – and the stories of how everyone helped one another over/through each of the obstacles did make me smile.  Great job to everyone and so pleased you had such a good day.

    Secondly, the classes last week were pretty darn tough.  As it always is when we play ‘everyone to a bag’, Friday was a particularly tough, and that was before Lloyd decided those of us in the 5pm class should do an extra 20 tuck-jumps each bell.  The class I remember the most though was Wednesday with sledgehammers, kettlebells and bench press – and punching the rest of the class.  Not a single thing in the class I didn’t like and despite the three laps around the class seemed to be finished in an instant.  Looking back through the sessions, we didn’t actually use the spin bikes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Might have to remedy that this week!

    On to this weeks ‘stuff’ or thoughts or whatever this section of the blog is about.  For a long time now I have been trying to record ‘things’ that I do or that happen during the day – both at the gym and in life.  Not necessarily the minutia of life, but more things that I just *might* need to be able to refer to at a later time.  For example, if a new order of gear or products arrives – I record it.  I pay a bill – I add it to the list.  For home stuff, if I place an order on Eastbay or complete the kids athletics registrations or- well, anything.  Basically all the stuff that I might need to be able to recall or refer to at a later time.  I guess it is kind of a journal but it is pretty much ‘bullet form’ – really, an anti-diary…not what I am ‘gonna’ do – but a collection of what I have actually done and other things that have happened that impact either me or the business.

    Now – I was going through all of this with my business coach during the week and he was looking through it and making comments about the sort of stuff that has been going on when he asked a simple question.  What would happen if – as part of my daily task tracking – I had to do one thing every month that made the gym a better place.  What if it was one thing per week?  Per day?  Where would the gym be now?  And what if we could alI apply the same principle to our non-business lives – doing something every single day to make life ‘better’ for both ourselves and our families.

    It is interesting and you pretty quickly think that it isn’t possible.  But it kind of depends on what criteria you use for making life ‘better’.  I have read through all of the Facebook stuff about the Mudd Rush today and all of those guys seem to have had an experience that has made their life ‘better’.  So that counts.  And last weekend I moved some old furniture that had been clogging up our lounge room for two years – so that counts…doing something to make your life better is pretty wide ranging.  So given that, maybe it IS possible to do something every single day?

    Anyway – I am having a go at it.  Every day, something will be done to make the gym better or my life better…let’s see how long I can keep it going for.

    August Membership Special

    The August special is well underway – just 12 days left to take advantage of these great offers!

    1/.Scoopon Buy-back

    We will ‘buy-back’ your Scoopon with a membership bonus if you upgrade to a Round 1 Fitness membership:

    –         3 month membership?  We will buy back 50% of the cost of your Scoopon – This translates to a one-week extra membership at no cost.

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    This offer is only valid until the end of August – an extra week on your membership for a 3-month contract, and extra two-weeks on your membership for a 6 month contract and an extra MONTH on your membership for a 12-month contract.  A few people have asked me ‘what if I have already used my Scoopon?’ – well, great!  That was the idea – and yes, we will still ‘buy’ it back!

    2/.10-round pass just $99

    Special for the month of August – a 10-round pass is just $99.  This is a saving of more than 20% on the usual price ($120) and means you can train as a casual at Round 1 for less than $10 per session.

    August Challenge – It’s ON!

    Alright.  I feel like I have broken the back of it – all of my ‘cardio’ is done (except the City to Surf next Sunday) and after rolling through ‘Barbara’ yesterday lunchtime I only have to do one more conditioning session…so that is well under control.  And I still need to do 8 classes.  Unfortunately, I am not sure how many classes I will be up to doing after the marathon next week…so I might have to have a big training week this week…but this week I am supposed to be taking it easy ahead of the marathon….d’oh.  Not good.  Not good.  Stupid challenge.  Stupid, stupid, stupid challenge.

    All of the rules of the challenge have been listed in the last couple of blogs – roll back through them if you are unsure of any of the details.

    Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear

    The new rower has arrived – and was thrown into service in a big way this morning.  And will be back in action tomorrow morning.  And Tuesday.  Expect to do a LOT more rowing in the future guys.  A LOT more.

    Gym Update #2 – New gear, new gear

    Those with eagle eyes might have noticed there are a few new products on the counter from Endura Sports Nutrition – some energy gel, a low-carb bar and a protein bar.  We have gone with the Endura stuff for a few reasons – they are Australian owned and made, the products taste good and the product composition actually seems to honor the goals of the product.  For example, the protein bar tastes REALLY good – but it isn’t overflowing with sugar like so many of them are.

    Anyway – if you give them a try, please let me know what you think.  I know I need to offer some kind of snacks in the gym and want to try and get it right.

    Want to know more about Endura?  Have a look here:

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    When will the misery end.  For the fifth week in a row I forgot my tips…and I honestly wonder why I even bothered to enter.  On the leaderboard, Dayle has been joined by Dani on 136 points – tight at the top with just two weeks to go.

    Dreamteam?  Lloyd and Ash are now OUT!  The final 4 are confirmed, with that imposter Dr Dream Team sneaking through together with Roly, Joe and Booker.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great links on Facebook this week:

    Hatchet Workout:

    Seven tips for training (and life):

    Sparta Upper Body:

    Barbara WOD:

    All of that, plus loads of comments and banter about the classes – Please join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    Does eating fruit make you fat?

    See you in the gym!



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