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    Olympic Inspiration==> Local Application, August Specials

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week’s sessions have left a real mark – between no-rules Body-Work last Friday night and what seems to have become ‘No Rules 1-minute Rounds’ on Thursday at 1pm, I am sore, sore, sore.  Wall-balls with the 23kg deadball anyone?  Goblet Squats – negatives and eccentrics – with the 32kg kettlebell anyone?  I am certainly hurting today.  It is that great feeling you get though – muscle soreness and tightness that you just know you have earned the hard way!

    It has been great to see so many new faces in the gym lately and to see how well everyone is attacking the sessions.  Remember – if you don’t want to be like everyone else, then you can’t train like everyone else.  Hit the bags HARD – pedal the bikes FAST – skip with your KNEES UP – lift HEAVY.  Train with some real passion and the results will follow – and persistence is absolutely the key.  And remember, you have only a limited time in the gym each day – so rather than try to find opportunities to hide and rest and get through the session with the least possible amount of energy expended, go the other way.  Before you start, set yourself targets as each of the days exercises are being explained and don’t give yourself an out – meet those challenges.

    Like a lot of you, I have spent too much time over the last fortnight watching the Olympics.  And far, far too much time watching the Track and Field which I have to admit I absolutely love.  And some of the back stories about the effort and sacrifice made by the athletes have been amazing – the story of Mo Farah who won gold in both the 5000 and 10000 has probably been my favourite (check this link: but there is one story I have found a little more incredible.

    First time Olympian – Manteo Mitchell – finished the heats of the mens 4 x 400m relay with a broken leg.  He sprinted 200m of the track with a broken leg.  I simply cannot get over the absolute mental strength of some athletes – how they are able to ignore what must have been excruciating pain in order to get to the finish line.  Check this link for a more in-depth description of the story.

    How do these sort of things (the stories of athletes like Mitchell and Farah) relate to all of us ‘regular’ people?  Well – they probably don’t!  But it is hard dragging yourself off the couch/away from work/getting to the gym between dropping the kids at dancing and netball – and for me at least reading about the efforts of others and just soaking up the inspiration definitely helps.  I simply cannot conceive running 200m with a broken leg.  I have no idea how Farah has overcome the difficulties of his upbringing to achieve what he now has.  But I do find these things incredible.  And I know that having watched them over the last couple of days I was more than ready to train this morning (just ask the Sunday morning 9:15am crew)…and I will be ready to go again tomorrow.  Let’s get it done.

    August Membership Special

    The August special is well underway – 2 weeks to go!

    1/.Scoopon Buy-back

    We will ‘buy-back’ your Scoopon with a membership bonus if you upgrade to a Round 1 Fitness membership:

    –         3 month membership?  We will buy back 50% of the cost of your Scoopon – This translates to a one-week extra membership at no cost.

    –         6 month membership?  We will buy back 100% of the cost of your Scoopon – this will translate to two extra weeks extra membership at no cost.

    –         12-month membership?  We will buy back 200% of the cost of your Scoopon – this will translate to an extra one month membership at no extra cost.

    This offer is only valid until the end of August – an extra week on your membership for a 3-month contract, and extra two-weeks on your membership for a 6 month contract and an extra MONTH on your membership for a 12-month contract.  A few people have asked me ‘what if I have already used my Scoopon?’ – well, great!  That was the idea – and yes, we will still ‘buy’ it back!

    2/.10-round pass just $99

    Special for the month of August – a 10-round pass is just $99.  This is a saving of more than 20% on the usual price ($120) and means you can train as a casual at Round 1 for less than $10 per session.

    August Challenge – It’s ON!

    The challenge is WELL underway and whilst I cannot speak for everyone, I know I am starting to feel just a tad sore – in pretty much every part of my body.  Adding the conditioning and cardio sessions to this challenge was certainly a good idea, and whilst I know the conditioning stuff can be a bit intimidating that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a go.  Don’t be outcome focussed – be effort focussed – do the best you can and move on.

    That said, don’t ‘cheat’.  I would rather you did it properly and called it quits after 1 hour (that still counts) than take shortcuts and finish in world record time.  As for those of you who have started the challenge but haven’t started on your extras yet…well, it is time!

    All of the rules of the challenge have been listed in the last couple of blogs – roll back through them if you are unsure of any of the details.

    Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear

    A new order of backpacks has been placed – yes, we still have a number of the red ones left but I just want to make sure no-one joining for 12-months misses out.  These bags are ONLY available with your 12-month membership…and yes, you are entitled to one when you renew.  I know I am called crazy for this, but I figure that those people who commit to us for the long term deserve the freebies MORE, not less, than those starting up for the first time.

    Gym Update #2 – New gear, new gear

    As mentioned last week, a new fluid rower is on the way and delivery is expected this week.  I am really looking forward to being able to use it in the classes more regularly – with 4 cross-trainers and 4-rowers we can do some more ‘split group’ sessions using this equipment…great for variety and challenging your body.

    Gym Update #3 – Round 1 Hoodies, Weight-lifting gloves, wraps etc

    The new hoodies are in and I think everyone would agree look great.  I am pretty sure all of the black ones are sold, but there are still pink and grey available in all sizes.

    Our weightlifting gloves arrived as well – the modified wrist-strap is a little easier to use and make them just a little better than the last shipment.  For all you people out there trying to push through conditioning sessions as part of the challenge, they will certainly help protect your hands from blisters and calluses.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    When will the misery end.  Yet again, no footy tips for me (well, to be fair I entered them this morning) and again I neglected to change my dreamteam.  Stupid season, stupid games.

    The tipping ladder continues to be led by Dayle with Leila representing the honour of the trainers in second place.  With the DreamTeam stuff, finals are underway this week and at this stage it looks like Lloyd will avoid elimination but the match between Matt and Roly is too close to call.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great links on Facebook this week:

    Transformation story:

    Benefit of Burpees:

    Lady Spartacus:

    Barbell complex:

    Shoes built for tuck-jumps:


    MMA Chicken:

    Snatch = diving under a really heavy bar:

    All of that, plus loads of comments and banter about the classes – Please join us on the site (click HERE) and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    Fittest man alive:

    I don’t really like the whole ‘fittest on earth’ claims and all of that sort of stuff, but there is no doubt the CrossFit guys are pretty good at what they do!

    See you in the gym!



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