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    Toss of the coin, August Challenge is ‘GO’, Gym Nazi

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great to be back in the gym last week – though by the state of my voice on Friday I was probably a little bit TOO enthusiastic early in the week…I guess that’s what happens when I am limited in the number of penalty burpees I can hand out for a few weeks.  I really enjoyed the classes although Monday and Tuesday sure were tough – all those pushups!  Personal highlights – the Thursday 1pm class and the Saturday Tanks sessions where I was able to have a lot of fun by including all of the ‘toss of the coin’ craziness.

    What is the ‘Toss of a Coin’?  Exactly as it sounds – you do an exercise (or set), and upon completion, you toss a coin in the air.  If it lands on heads – you repeat the set then toss the coin again.  If it is tails, well you get to move on to the next task….when time is up, you need the coin to come up ‘tails’ before you can finally finish.

    These type of sessions – and I would throw a ‘Deck of Cards’ workout into the same category – really are a great way to train yourself to not only be physically strong, but also to develop that mental capacity to just keep going when everything seems to be running against you.  When what happens next really is – to quote a Saturday morning TANKER ‘up to fate’ – it creates an environment where you simply must focus on the moment rather than thinking or worrying about what might or might not be coming ‘next’.  Doing your 6th set of 500m rows when only one was on the schedule?  So what!  Thrown back on the bikes when you weren’t expecting it?  So what!  Suck it up and get on with it – and go as hard as you can.

    Now, none of this is to say that sessions shouldn’t be planned or that ‘randomised’ work-outs are the only ones that work – that is far from the truth.  Planning things out and trying to balance your effort/muscle groups and systems is important – but you shouldn’t allow yourself to become a slave to it.  Adding some unplanned elements to your training – or even allowing one session every week or so to be decided by ‘fate’ (particularly when such a session includes some things you really dont like!) – will strengthen your mental resolve which will – in turn – enable your training effort on other days to increase.

    When you read about the August Challenge further on in the blog – think about all of this.  There are elements of the challenge that I am sure many people will read through it and immediately think ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I am not doing that exercise’ – but I assure you that if you are/have been doing 2-3 boxing classes per week for a couple of months (or more) then you absolutely CAN do it – and because it is different and will really challenge you, you should have a fair old go at doing it.  Mix your training up – set yourself a challenge – and whether it is heads or tails, give it your best shot.

    August Challenge – It’s ON!

    After a few challenge free months, the August Challenge is ON – and it is a little bit complicated.  Here is what you need to do:

    –         25 classes – at least 3 of these MUST be Body Work.

    –         5 ‘Pure Cardio’ sessions.  One (1) is to include a component of the City to Surf (at least 12kms) or completion of the ‘Western Mud Rush’ (you can do both if you like!), the others can be your choice of 7.5km runs (treadmill is fine, I will also pay Bibra Lake even though it isn’t quite that far!), 10 x 1km bike efforts (1 minute rest in between sets) and 10 x 500m rows (1 minute rest in between sets).

    –         5 conditioning sessions – which can be made up of your choice of the following workouts:  300, Angie, Barbara, Chelsea, Fran, Jackie, Annie, Murph, Daniel and Lumberjack 20.  (See the board in the TANKS for the details).

    Usual system will apply – complete the session, get a trainer to sign it off…that’s it.  With the conditioning stuff, if you need to use a band for the pull-ups etc, then that is fine.  Remember, our challenges are all about the effort and intent…and the only person you are cheating if you don’t do it properly is yourself.

    That is 30 sessions all up for the month…which is going to be TOUGH!!!  As always, a Get it Done shirt is available to anyone who successfully completes the challenge.

    Gym Nazi

    OK – the following are a few ‘rants’ that I need to get through…the general message is to treat the gym and your fellow gym users with courtesy and respect:

    Bookings – 5pm and 6pm are always going to be the most popular time to train – those are the times when people have finished work and have time to get to the gym to do a session.  As such, they are the most popular time for our members – and to protect the commitment they have made to Round 1 we restrict casual numbers (including 10-pass holders) to 10 people on Mondays and 15 people on all other days.  Bookings are not required for ANY other timeslot.

    If you are a casual person – you are welcome to train at Round 1 during peak times – but you must book.  And we usually book out by around 11am – especially on Monday.  Please call the gym – don’t use email or Facebook – to ensure your booking is processed.  If the phone isn’t answered, it WILL go to the answering machine – leave a message (name, number and how many people you want to book for) and we will call you back to confirm the booking.  Further, due to the number of no-shows we have had in the past for advance bookings, we restrict bookings to the classes scheduled for that day ONLY.

    Please just follow the system guys – it has worked well for 12-months now – and if you don’t book, please don’t be surprised if you are not allowed to train at your preferred time…and if you book and then don’t show up, please don’t be surprised when you are put on the ‘blacklist’ for bookings for the following week…other people trying to book later in the afternoon have missed out on a spot that you decided not to use…which in turn costs the gym money!

    Share Gloves – With the SHARE gloves, please show some respect when you are using them.  You MUST wear inners or wraps under them – this protects the gloves from sweat (making them last longer and minimising the smell) as well as providing the user some protection from dipping their hands straight into a pool of someone else’s sweat.  And when you have finished with them, please put them back in their pair (use the elastic on the gloves to tie them together) and return them to reception.

    Towels – It is compulsory to bring a towel with you when you are training at Round 1 – further, it is compulsory to actually USE it.  Whenever I see people on the bikes with their towels laying on the floor at their feet, I wonder why that would be?  Keep it with you – and keep it RIGHT with you where you can use it!

    Wipe over the bikes (handlebars AND seat) when you jump off, lay on it when doing your abs, wipe over the bags if you have been ‘hugging it’ instead of hitting it…please just show some courtesy to other gym users and help make the training experience a positive one for everyone.

    Gym Update #1 – Don’t Forget – 4pm Class

    At Round 1 we do a LOT of classes – we run 59 sessions at 59 different times every week (compared to just 44 at Good Life, 57 at Next Generation (though at only 44 different timeslots) and 42 at South Lakes Leisure Centre) and we change our class plan every single day…we have NEVER, EVER, EVER repeated a daily session.

    Our newest initiative – the 4pm classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are GO.  As mentioned last week, class numbers are approx 30% of those at 5pm and 6pm – so if you can make it and are looking for a quieter session then maybe 4pm is the one for you.  We are keen to maintain all of our existing class time and will even add more times if demand is there…

    Gym Update #2 – More new gear

    New red-handle skipping ropes are in – please help us make them last a bit longer by:

    –         Not ‘whacking’ them into the surrounding equipment when skipping…pick your spot, skip in your spot.

    –         Jump OVER the ropes…continually stepping on them doesn’t help – and whilst I know you aren’t doing it on purpose it does come down to concentration.  Be focussed and attentive to your technique during the skipping round (and the other rounds for that matter) and you will get great results.

    As mentioned last week, we also have brand new *SHARE* gloves in the gym – you MUST wear inners or wraps if you are using them though – and a second prowler sled to punish you with.

    Gym Update #3 – Ab Wheels and Protein back in stock

    The shelves are again fully stocked with Ab Rollers ($25) and Boomers Protein – ($45 for 1kg, $115 for 3kg).  If you are out of protein (or looking for a way to minimise your muscle soreness/improve recovery times) then Boomers is a great solution.  Check the website at for more information about Boomers.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Another bad loss coming my way in Dream Team.  At least this week I got to edit my team so that I had a few more players – only 15 actually took the field last week – but unfortunately that stupid ‘2 trades per week’ rule means I will only have 17 players…this happens to me every year – my ‘real’ footy gets in the way of fantasy footy and I get into a cycle of losing.  Meanwhile, Booker and Ash are trucking along on top of the ladder – but with Ash about to depart on an extended holiday, the coast might be clear for Booker to cruise to victory!

    On the tipping side of things, I am not going too badly at the mid-point.  Whilst my upsets (Melbourne over Port, Gold Coast over Brissy) were ‘close but not close enough’, I have nailed the rest of them and looking forward to a clean-sweep today.  It has been a funny round – with all of the top sides playing one another, Fox Footy ran a very amusing ‘Christmas in July’ advertising promotion, but every one of those ‘top 8’ games has been a fizzer with one team winning comfortably (Hawks, Adelaide and Geelong).  Meanwhile, all of the bottom 10 teams have had close exciting games…

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great links on Facebook this week:

    –         Tough mudder blog:

    –         Are you as fit as a WWII GI:

    –         Science of the Squat:

    –         Crossfit games – Girls winner:

    –         Crossfit games – Guys winner:

    –         Spartacus workout:

    –         300 workout variation:

    –         HSPU’s!

    All of that, plus loads of comments and banter about the classes, the mountain trail ride last weekend, whether or not my beard makes me look like Captain Caveman, some TRULY awesome gym inspired cupcakes…Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    I love these guys…but I think training on the side of (and on top of) a moving car is taking things TOO far!

    See you in the gym!



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