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    Warrior diet, 4pm classes, 7am classes? and holiday training

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I’m back in the gym and it is nice to be back.  Certainly spending a few days away makes you realise what you have (and what you don’t) and whilst being away was good for my running it certainly wasn’t too good for my overall fitness or my mental health.  The 1-minute round session (admittedly a sleep deprived version) I completed upon my return on Thursday night was a real battle just to get to the end – and doubling up on that Friday insanity probably wasn’t my smartest ever move (as my aching shoulders and bloody knuckles will attest).

    How was the trip?  Well, it was long, busy and there was almost zero downtime – I found myself looking at film well into the night each evening then up early for a run…and the days were just filled with football from top to bottom.  We visited a number of AFL clubs (and their gym facilities all look like Round 1 – lifting platforms, spinning bikes, power racks, chinup bars, kettlebells and punching bags) – which was interesting and obviously getting to play at Etihad was a highlight…just a pity about the results.

    I did get some reading done on the plane and I have really been enjoying ‘The Warrior Diet’ by Ori Hofmekler .  Whilst some of the theories in the book are probably a bit much for most people to cope with (check this link for some of the more controversial points: ), his comments about the difference between ‘scavengers’ and ‘hunters’ really resonated with me and provided me some good mental imagery for the next time I decided the only option was to eat ‘on the go’ and made a food choice based on the ‘it is there’ principle.

    Ori points out that a scavenger (and to me this brings images of crows, vultures and hyenas – not really positive role models) will eat without thinking.  It will find some ‘food’ and – without thinking about the value of the meal, will stop where it is – gorge itself – then scurry away before any predators arrive.  A hunter on the other hand (positive images – lions, grizzly bears, leopards) will work to get their food.  Carefully choosing their prey, executing the ‘hunt’, then – rather than eating on the spot – taking what they can back to a ‘safe place’ (think of a leopard taking its kill up into a tree) where it can eat in a relaxed environment.  He points out that scavengers will eat ‘cold, dead’ food, whereas hunters eat ‘warm, fresh, live food’.

    He goes on to point out that the main difference in modern times between a hunter and a scavenger – when most of us are ‘forced scavengers’ in many ways – is that a hunter will carefully choose and prepare their food based on taste and nutritional value before eating in a relaxed manner – whereas a scavenger will rush, choosing their meal based on convenience rather than on nutritional value.  He talks about people who display a ‘hunter’ instinct carefully choosing their food in advance – and taking the time and effort to prepare it themselves.

    Simple stuff really.  I know that the image of a crow picking at the carcass of a kangaroo on the side of the road is really helping me when I think about ‘just grabbing something’ from the shops at the moment.

    Gym Update #1 – Kids Class / New Boxing classes / 7am session

    The new 4pm Boxing for Fitness classes start tomorrow – Monday July 9th…the online timetable will be updated to reflect this in the next couple of days.  As noted over the past few weeks, this change marks the end of the Kids Club session – once again, apologies to those people impacted by this decision.

    Whilst on the subject of session times, the 7am class has been VERY quiet lately (biggest class in the last 2 weeks – 3 people!) and if we cannot get some more people along to this session it will be cancelled.  So – if 7am is the time you want to train, please vote with your feet and get along to the class.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Good news for me.  Out of the groove with my tipping after a week away, I neglected to put my entry in this week which has resulted in a few correct entries (Carlton) that I wouldn’t have got and only missed on one (Sydney) that I would.  Happy days.

    Ben Mac maintains his lead at the top of the board…all we need now is for that big slacker to get back into the gym.

    Dreamteam?  Well…once again, I haven’t edited my team for what feels like months  – but unlike in the tipping that is not doing me any favors.  There is a definite ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ split in our dream team ladder at the moment (with Booker showing the way) and it is interesting to note our league is in the top 10% of leagues Australia wide…well done to everyone.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another busy Facebook week:

    Some trails to run/ride on:

    Lost lifts:

    Kettlebell juggling.  Too easy says Lloyd.

    More spots in the mud-rush now available:

    How to ‘Wall Ball’:

    Who is looking at who (at the gym):

    How to squat:

    All of that, plus loads of comments and banter about the classes – particularly that mad body work session and the skippity skip of Tanks on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

    Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    A couple of links this week:

    –         Because I blogged about food, here is a cool recipe for one of my favourite meals:

    –         Because of a couple of comments on Facebook about a members holiday program (always available from us at the gym), here is a video of another ‘holiday’ program I (no equipment needed):  This video is another reminder that if you forget to ask us at Round 1 for help, you can always get training plans and ideas when you are away by spending 5-minutes on google!  Or you could make an excuse or three instead.

    See you in the gym!



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