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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Some super tough sessions last week, and given the amount of complaining during the 9 minutes of abs during Friday’s class I clearly need to include a few more extended abs ‘challenges’ within the class plans.  A special congratulations to everyone who pushed their way to the end of last week’s Body Work class – yes, I know it was very ‘TANKS’ like and yes, it took a very long time and all those sorts of things – but it was one hell of a challenge and I am certain everyone who finished experienced a great sense of satisfaction.

    Just wanted to talk this week about what are often termed ‘little things’.  To me the term ‘little things’ can be used to describe all of the things that happen during each session that you might think don’t really matter with regards the ‘big picture’.  I often here the words ‘At least I got to the gym’ used at the end of an explanation of what was clearly a poor effort.  Here’s what I think – there are NO ‘little things’ – and every excuse you make to yourself is in some small way enabling another excuse to be made in the future.

    What am I talking about?  Lot’s of stuff.  Only doing 4 burpees instead of 5.  Only doing 18 clean and press instead of 20.  Stopping to have a drink mid-round (and taking your gloves off to do it) because you know it will enable you to stop for a break.  Cheating on the gears on the bike – or – more frequently, just cruising along in the designated gear rather than pushing as hard as you can to hit the rpm target.  You know – the little stuff.  The little short-cuts most of us take during different times in every session to make things just a little bit easier.

    Well, I think once you let yourself get away with doing 4 burpees instead of 5 once, you will almost certainly do it again.  And if you get away with that, then isn’t it OK to have an extra glass of wine at dinner that night?  And a larger serving of dessert?  And maybe, you were supposed to run for 20mins after the class tomorrow but no-one else is and I guess that means it is OK for you just finish up as well?

    It is hard, but all of the little short-cuts you take add up to something a lot bigger.  And to me this is no such thing as ‘little things’ – there are just the things you do and the things you dont do – and for me, I don’t short count repetitions and I don’t take extra rest breaks.  Is everything I do perfect?  Far, far (far, far, far) from it.  But I do remind myself of these things (I do my reps, I don’t take extra breaks) when I start to find things a bit tough and it really does help remind me what I want to stand for and what I think is important.

    There are no little things – there are only the things that we do and those that we don’t.  And the results we all get are directly related to the discipline of our actions.

    Gym Update #1

    A few new things are now on the way.  Given the demand for the hoodies AND the issues with their zips, a second order has been placed with a bit of colour variety (black, pink) and what I am assured is an upgraded zip mechanism.  So that is good.  Once again, there will not be huge numbers of hoodies available for sale though so you will need to be quick when they arrive.

    A second Prowler sled is on the way along with another order of sandbags.  I know I have promised these (the sandbags) a bit – and no-one has seen them yet – but what I have been doing is slowly accumulating a supply so that they can be used during the classes.  I have worked out that we need 3-different sizes available to us during the classes (much like the barbells) and have been slowly trying to get 24 sandbags in the gym so that we can start using them…we are up to 16 as things stand today.  All of this gear is expensive you know!

    Gym Update #2

    I will be away from this coming Wednesday (June 27th) until the following Thursday (July 5th) inclusive.  Now whilst the session plans are done and I think everyone will agree that you are being left in the more than capable hands of Jason, Lloyd, Leila and Sean – please remember that if you are booking casual sessions, boxing classes etc then you need to do it in person or via the phone.

    Sending an email through the website will find me – and whilst I will do my best to forward everything and make sure all messages sent find the right destination – I will not have continuous access to my blackberry.

    For anyone interested in what I am doing, I am heading to Melbourne for the u18 National Championships ( and the two games we are playing will be broadcast live on Foxtel at 12:30 this Friday (June 29th) and at 3:30pm the following Wednesday (July 4th) if you are interested.

    Wish me luck.

    Gym Update #3 – Kids Class / New Boxing classes

    Just reinforcing the point made over the past couple of weeks that the Kids Class will be cancelled in favour of an additional ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class at the conclusion of the current school term.

    Apologies to everyone impacted by this decision…I guess the positive is that their will now be a 4pm Boxing for Fitness class 3 days per week so for those of you who finish work early – you have another couple of chances each week to Get it Done.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Well, it is the last week of the ‘byes’ so hopefully some kind of normality will return to DreamTeam next week.  With another 10 players (well, 9 if you’re counting) missing the game because of the bye I went into the week with little or no hope of success and it has turned out that way.  With limited trades for the year, I am really not sure how else to manage these three weeks except ‘roll with it’ and hope you get lucky!

    As for Footy Tipping, well, I could use the old excuse that I didn’t put my tips in – which is true – however it wouldn’t really have helped as I would have tipped the Dogs over the Lions, the Dockers over the Bombers anyway…and this way I picked up wins in those two which equalises the ones I missed out on that I would have gotten right (Sydney and Collingwood).

    Good luck next week – it remains tight at the top.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another busy Facebook week:

    The hidden dangers of my favourite food/drink and the one thing I am scared to try and give up!

    North African beef stew:


    Commitment to exercise relies on feeling:

    All of that, plus loads of comments and banter about the classes – particularly that mad body work session and the skippity skip of Tanks on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

    Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Link of the week

    An interesting article about what people are achieving later in life – not that there is anything wrong with playing bowls, but maybe it isn’t for everyone!

    Now – no blog next week….unless I can find a couple of spare hours in Melbourne.  Normal services will be restored on July 8th!

    See you in the gym!



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