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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I have heard a few people say that last week’s collection of classes were the hardest they could remember…whilst I am not completely sure about that (ever is a LONG time!) I will admit that between the composition of the classes and our recent (May) trainers pledge to up the intensity of the classes and continually challenge people to push themselves and improve, they were pretty tough (Wednesday in particular).

    In addition to all of that, there is no doubt that the last couple of ‘No-Rules Body Work’ sessions (Friday night, 7pm) have seen a collective raising of the bar in terms of what is being asked (by us) and delivered (by you guys).  This week’s baseline Body Work class is an absolute ripper and I cannot wait to see what kind of tweaking Sean has in store for us all next Friday night.  If you are up for a challenge, Round 1 Fitness, Friday nights, 7pm is definitely the place to be.  This week, my training plans include (attempting) to get through the Friday ‘No-Rules’ session!

    I have been doing (too much) reading lately about various forms of motivation – and more specifically motivational triggers or events in your life that engender a strong and positive response.  Now, examples of this that pertain to your health and fitness might be a visit to a doctor resulting in some less than ideal news, a friend or relative suffering an illness that could have been avoided given different lifestyle choices or maybe just seeing a photo of yourself in an unflattering light…all of those things (and many others) can – given your state of mind – be enough to trigger a lifestyle change.  Of more interest to me lately have been those triggers associated with ‘hard work’ – or ways in which just putting your head down will inspire you to put your head down….if that makes sense.  Why have I been thinking about/looking for triggers based on effort and hard work?  Because waiting around for a bolt of lightning to strike is a pretty inefficient method of getting change underway!

    What have I personally found?  When I train hard, I tend to want to eat more…which doesn’t necessarily help my overall well-being.  Training hard can overcome a slightly mediocre diet to a degree, but unless you have some discipline about what you put in your mouth, you don’t really get any results that can be seen.  When I start with a holistic focus on both my eating AND my training – and STICK to my eating plan – I become very diligent in terms of sticking to my training plans.  I am not sure what it is for me – maybe because I find training ‘fun’ (well, mostly!) yet watching my food (portion size in particular) difficult that it is when I do the ‘hard’ stuff (food) I have a feeling of sacrifice and commit doubly to my training.  Maybe it is something completely different for you, but I know for me that when I focus on ‘food first’ my training patterns follow.

    Why is this good to know?  Well, from time to time we all get knocked off course – some a little, others a lot.  And oftentimes it doesn’t take much to get knocked of kilter – maybe a illness, a weekend away, an overseas holiday or even a single missed session can throw you off balance.  So knowing your own personal ‘trigger’ is critical when you KNOW you have slipped and want to find your way back on the horse.  For me – it is easy – a few days ‘counting calories’ and I am quickly back on track.  For you…well, only you can answer that!  Or – I guess you could just sit back and wait for a bolt of lightning.

    Gym Update #1

    There is a bit of stuff going on at the moment.  First off, the big sign out on the verge is about to undergo some significant repair work – it looks like towball was put right through it!  This brings something else to mind – if something in the gym breaks when you are using it, or you notice something is not right – please just let me (or one of the other trainers) know so we can remedy it.

    The office refurb is moving ever closer as well.  All of the equipment – gloves, wraps, towels, ropes, bags etc – that sits at the top end of the office will be getting organised and stacked on shelves whilst the quantities on display will be reduced and stored on the light-box cabinets.  This has been a long time coming and I hope makes the gym a more welcoming place to visit.

    Gym Update #2 – Kids Class / New Boxing classes

    As per last week’s note, the Kids Class will be cancelled in favour of an additional ‘Boxing for Fitness’ class at the conclusion of the current school term.

    Apologies to everyone impacted by this decision…I guess the positive is that their will now be a 4pm Boxing for Fitness class 3 days per week so for those of you who finish work early – you have another couple of chances each week to Get it Done.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    A good footy tipping week for me – 5 out of 6 with only the near upset of North by the Gold Coast boys keeping me from perfection!  Hey – when you are as far down the ladder as me you need to go for a ‘roughy’ or two!

    My DreamTeam season from hell continues though with a narrow, 17 point loss to Dale who strengthened his hold on a finals birth.  Special mention to Clint who somehow managed to score 2000 points in this week with so many teams having a bye…terrific result.

    Facebook Highlights

    Another busy Facebook week:

    A couple of threads about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and the various ways gym members manage it.

    The Spartan Race is coming:

    Why women should lift weights:

    Take control of your body – of your life!

    Arnold’s Six Rules:

    After all that, don’t forget to check out the new Round 1 Fitness video:

    Add to all that, much debate over power outages, Sean’s biceps and a myriad of comments about the daily sessions and Tanks sessions.  Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Links of the week

    Cardio on the heavy bag + some pre-contest training information?  If I could have cut out some of the ‘girly giggling artistic cutaways’ I would have enjoyed it more but it is a pretty good resource with some good advice.

    Here is another in the same vein – simple eating advice that will work:

    See you in the gym!



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