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    Run for a Reason, New Gear, Only the strong survive

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Start off with a big congratulations to everyone who finished the Run for a Reason today – whether you slogged it out at running club or simply trained by yourself, the fact that you got through the 14kms is a great achievement.  I am of course really proud of the running club crew – some of you have come such a long way over the past 3-months…it is amazing what you can do when you are prepared to work hard AND you have a supportive network of people around you.

    I have been reading a new book lately called ‘Mind/Set’ by a John Kim.  The first line of the book is ‘A book for people who would rather be doing muscle-ups’ and whilst I am not very good at muscle-ups, because I aspire to be someone who would rather be doing muscle-ups (does that even make sense??) I figured it would be a good book for me.

    There is a lot in the book that makes a lot of sense to me.  The author talks a great deal about the psychology of training – and more specifically, the psychology of overcoming the little voice in your head that keeps telling you it is time to stop running, time to put the bar down, time to slow the bike down, time to relax the rowing, time to hit a little bit softer…generally telling you that it is time to rest.

    He gives a really specific example that resonated with me – when attempting to complete a set of 50 (sound familiar, Tanks folks from last week?) he immediately discards the number 50.  It is too many for him to think about.  He focuses on 30.  And then – when the 30 are done, he does another 10…for extra credit of course.  And then the final 10 are a countdown from 10 to 1 after which a promised ‘reward’ (a rest) can be enjoyed.  I like the book a lot because it is written from the perspective of ‘there are some exercises I don’t like doing but I know they are good for me so I have to do them anyway’ but, as with Russian Twists for me, you simply know that they are something that will never be enjoyed – only endured.

    A lot of training is like this at times – we do the work now (back to the running club, those guys experienced this at Bold Park a month or so back) for a non-specific pay-off ‘sometime’ in the future.  What exactly is the payoff?  For the runners, the feeling they got crossing the finish line (or perhaps drinking their first post-race beer!) today.  For the rest of us, the pay-offs are smaller and the successes more private – the number on the scales, the time spent doing a bridge, the pushups on your toes (or with a clap), the comments from friends at a summer barbeque this Christmas – but the feeling is the same.

    Pride.  Pure and simple.

    Get it done.

    New Round 1 Video 

    Thanks to everyone who got involved in filming our new video last Wednesday night.  The final article is a few weeks away yet, but I am assured that the raw footage looks great and we are going to have a great new promotional tool.

    Once again, if you want to check out our ‘old’ video, please have a look at this link on YouTube:

    Gym Update #1 – Coffee!

    Those amongst you with eagle eyes will have noticed we have installed an awesome new coffee machine.  It is a pod based system and really is an excellent product – each cup will be $2.50 (though we hope to have a ‘multi-use’ card available which will give you 10-cups for $20 pretty soon).

    I am still a bit ‘sugar and spoon’ challenged at the moment but should have that resolved by tomorrow afternoon.

    Gym Update #2 – More new stuff

    Still waiting on the arrival of some new gear – a torsonator, some new kettlebells, ab wheels, a barbell jack, and some foam rollers – some of these for general use in the gym and some for sale in the shop.  As mentioned last week, we are still waiting on the GHD and the hoodies… can’t wait.


    OK.  I have enough numbers now that I am convinced on the bootcamp.  All that’s left now is to pick a weekend and put up the sign-up sheet.

    The session will be limited to 32 people (4 teams of 8 each) and will last for 90minutes…I will update on the Facebook group when the dates are selected.

    Because you have given me your name does not mean you are ‘IN’ – I just wanted to collect 20 names before going ahead so I could ensure the event is a success – and yes, I learned a couple of cool new Boot Camp drills at the SAS last weekend!


    To all Scoopon users – your passes have now EXPIRED.  We hope you had a great time at the gym and hope even more we will get to see you again.  If you like training at Round 1 – great – we would love to have you…and all of our membership options are detailed on the website at

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    The last game of the weekend has been played and won and this weeks tipping winner is none other than Clancy Pratt…I am sure I will be copping heaps around the kitchen table for that one.  With the Dream-Team competition, I experienced the strangest game I have ever been involved in – yesterday afternoon I was more than 700 points ahead…but kicking with the aid of a strong breeze, Symon Brown’s “Brownie’s Boys” came home with a wet sail and pipped me at the post.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Facebook Highlights

    A great week on Facebook – dominated by talk of the Run for a Reason and the highly amusing “Signs you are a Round 1 Addict” thread.  For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it started with a comment about dropping to do a burpee when looking for something that has dropped under the couch and covering other items including smelly hand wraps, having bridge competitions with your kids and practising gym exercises at home.

    Some other highlights include:

    –         Why weight loss makes you fat:

    –         Suggested Tough Mudder training:

    –         Kettlebell workouts:

    –         Rocky:

    Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Links of the week

    Here’s the thing that makes life so interesting. The theory of evolution claims that “only the strong shall survive”. Maybe so, maybe so. But the theory of competition says, “just because they’re the strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked”. That’s right.

    Nike make AWESOME ads.

    See you in the gym!



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