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    (Boot) Camp, New Round 1 Video, GSP

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am back from camp with the football boys and feeling very, very, very tired.  It is amazing – personally I didn’t get up any earlier than usual (later in fact) and I didn’t really do any more exercise than usual (quite a bit less) OR go to bed any later…but whenever you are taken out of your environment and placed into unfamiliar (which also means stressful) situations your rest just becomes more and more valuable.

    It is a bit difficult for me to share too much about what happens at the SAS Base at Campbell, but I can share a few things.  The main gym area is a basketball court covered in fall mats – obviously for use in grappling and other fight training.  Around the edge of the ‘court’ are treadmills, spin bikes (yep, Keiser M3’s) and rowing machines to look after the cardio work – from there you will see kettlebells, some power racks (coupled with lifting platforms), a leg press, some tyres and sledge hammers, a couple of back extensions devices and several different modes of chin-up bars.  Sound familiar?  The one thing you will find in the gym at Campbell that is not available at Round 1 are climbing ropes and there are certainly a lot of them!

    What were the SAS guys who were in the gym doing whilst we were there?  Well, being a Sunday it wasn’t over-run (in fact, it was close to deserted) but the guys we did come across seemed to be split equally between doing some running and spending some time using the chin-up bars / lifting platforms.  In fact, one was running through the ‘Chelsea’ workout, another doing a TANKS style session with weighted chin-ups, military press and kettlebell swings.  Small sample I agree, but the guys were training like we do and that cannot be a bad sign!

    With the players over the weekend, our plan really was to push them to a place beyond their comfort zone – not only were they expected to play a trial game, they were then asked to carry (heavy) stuff up and down sand dunes for the rest of the afternoon, followed by a game review and a series of mental exercises right through until 1am.  It was then up at 6am and straight into a bootcamp style session incorporating boxing, running, pushups, power-ropes, dragging a huge tyre around the running track and a bit of a mini-obstacle course…fail to achieve a target?  Run a 400m.  Fail to meet the time restriction on the 400m?  Run it again.  It didn’t look like a lot of fun but the players stuck at it really well and (I think) learned a fair bit about themselves and their team-mates.

    The theme for the weekend?  Don’t just meet expectations by ‘completing’ the task – become the person who does ‘more than expected’.  Challenge yourself not just to finish but to set a new standard, not just to do it but to do it better than you ever have before…to basically go 100% flat out and really find out how good you might be able to be.  I think we all just go through the motions on occasion – and it is habit forming behaviour.  We focus just on doing the exercise/task we have been set – with no implications for not doing it ‘100%’ we know that cruising to the end is the easiest way to finish and as long as you ‘pretend’ to try that no-one will ever call you to account.

    This week, let’s all make a pledge not to ‘meet expectations’ – let’s collectively tear down the walls and do more than anyone could expect…hit as hard as you can, lift heavy, run fast, squat low.  Get it Done.

    New Round 1 Video – This Wednesday night

    We will be filming a new video for Round 1 Fitness this coming Wednesday night (between 3:30pm and 7:30pm).  This will allow us to make sure we film elements of TANKS, Boxing for Fitness and Body Work – and hope we can get a good cross-section of exercises on tape.

    If you don’t want to be in the video, please DONT COME to the gym during those times.  The 8pm Boxing for Fitness class will NOT be taped (nor will those before 3:30pm) so video free sessions will still be available for you on Wednesday.  We only shoot a video every 18-months or so and do apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced.

    If you want to check out our ‘old’ video, please have a look at this link on YouTube:

    Free Shirts are Ready to Go

    OK – one final reminder – if you completed the April Challenge, you have earned yourself a ‘Get it Done’ Shirt.  I know that a lot more people completed the challenge than have collected their shirts – so please come in and collect it (and soon).  The reality is that they will still be there waiting for you…but I do want to pack them away in the storeroom for the ‘next one’.

    If you are doing the Run for a Reason, you are entitled to a ‘Get it Done Run’ Singlet (as long as you promise to wear it in the race!).  The designs by Mark at Razoreye are (as always) awesome and you are guaranteed to look super cool in your Round 1 gear.  Now – these singlets seem to be a size and a half smaller than they should – particularly with the large and xl sizes…I have contacted the supplier, but no matter the outcome new shirts will not be here in time for the run this weekend.

    One final reminder – Just bring in your completed April Challenge sheet to pick up your shirt, and your fun run entry form to grab a singlet.

    Runners Club Next Week:  May 27th

    The Run for a Reason is NEXT WEEK!  To everyone who has attended the Runners Club and slogged their way up and down Anning Park – congratulations.  I hope you enjoyed it and learned a little bit about running technique, preparation and using speed interval training as part of a distance running program.

    Good luck in the R4AR and I wish I could be there with you.

    Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear…

    New skipping ropes (50 of them!) arrived last week and are available for use in the classes.  As per my note on Facebook, please:

    –         Don’t tie knots in them.  If they aren’t quite the perfect size for you, well, that is just the way it is!  The ropes are for the use of everyone in the gym and by knotting them you are both impacting on others and increasing the likelihood that the ropes will break.

    –         Put them away nicely.  If we keep the greens with the greens, reds with the reds and blues with the blues, then it will be far easier to find the size rope that best suits you.

    We are still waiting on the GHD, Ab Wheels for the shop should arrive this week and the Round 1 Fitness Hoodies are also on the way…can’t wait.


    Having just spent a couple of days on base with the SAS, strangely enough I have a couple of new bootcamp exercise ideas…once again, if you are interested in doing one, let me know.  When I get a couple more names I will put the nomination sheet up and we can all start getting ‘ready to go’.

    On a similar note, the ‘Western Mud Rush’ is on soon and as anyone who is a member of the Round 1 Fitness Facebook group will tell you it has generated a fair bit of interest and comment – to the point where there is now a separate page for Round 1 Western Mud Rushers…the link is here if you are interested:


    To all Scoopon users – your passes have now EXPIRED.  We hope you had a great time at the gym and hope even more we will get to see you again.  If you like training at Round 1 – great – we would love to have you…and all of our membership options are detailed on the website at

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    I am writing this just as the last game of the weekend concludes and can happily say that I won my dream team and finished 2nd overall in the tipping competition.  Awesome for me…

    Matthew’s “STALLIONS” were the top scoring Dream Team of the week, whilst ‘JulesandEm’ won the tipping week with Round 1’s only perfect score of 9.

    Facebook Highlights

    A very interesting week of links and comments on the Facebook site last week.  Some of the highlights were:

    –         The maths of obesity?

    –         Is less more?  Really?

    –         Crossfit failures:

    –         How to avoid ‘sucking’ when you get older:

    –         (In praise of) gyms – well, sort of!:

    Please join us on the site and get involved with the daily conversations – it really does help keep you focused on your training and diet.

    Links of the week

    GSP having a real go:

    See you in the gym!



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