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    Planning to train when ‘injured’, Free T-Shirts, Video links

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    My training week last week was a little disrupted by the 15million burpees I completed on Wednesday night…apparently doing that many burpees on your knuckles causes them to bleed – and boxing with scab covered knuckles is a little ‘uncomfortable’.  So running and lifting was it for me in the second half of the week and I can’t wait to get back on the bags.  You forget how much fun the classes are until you are kept out of them for a few days – you just crave that ‘fix’.

    The ‘fix’ aside, it did force me out of my comfort zone a little bit – whilst I will happily own up to running, rowing and lifting weights year round, the reality is that doing the classes at Round 1 Fitness is the basis of my fitness regime – and, for what it is worth – my mental health.  Everyone in my house will tell you that I can get a little bit irritable at times and for me at least, I find having a good ‘blow out’ in the gym is what works best in terms of remaining on a even keel.  I have a lot going on right now – trying to run Round 1 Fitness (and set it up for the future), resolve some personal finance issues as a couple of investments expire, coach the state u18’s footy side (and games are getting closer!) as well as try to be a dad, husband etc (You know – all the other stuff!).  And in the middle of all of this, my daily boxing class was taken away from me!

    So – feeling stressed and irritable I also found myself having to seek out a few ‘new’ routines to try out.  One of my biggest exercise issues is that I really struggle doing the same thing twice – the absolute routine of it causes my mind to ‘wander’ – and whilst I generally still get it done, I don’t do it well.  I need something ‘different’ to do, someone to tell me and a target to hit in order to be truly effective (does that sound much like Round 1!!!)…and to be perfectly honest, I don’t have the time to train ineffectively – I just have to do it once, do it right and get on with the other stuff I have on my plate.

    So – how did I do it?  Well, I realised the issue on Wednesday night and straight away made a note in my diary for the next day – ‘create a 5-day training plan (sore knuckles)’.  Step 1 sorted – issue identified.  The next morning (Thursday), I had a few things to do (write and publish the class plans for the next week and fix our leaking roof at home being first and second!) but I made sure I kept my new commitment – I created the plan.  The only step left is to keep to the plan – walk the walk if you like – do what I said I would do!  And whilst it has been difficult over the last few days training by myself, I know that if I want to feel good about myself (and reflect a positive attitude to others) then I simply had to do it – if I don’t get it done, then I don’t feel good and get grouchy!

    Whilst my injury is pretty minor – the same rules apply no matter what the problem is.

    1/.Identify the issue – this includes clearly noting what you can and cannot do to work around the problem.

    2/.Create the plan.  Now, I can happily do this myself – some of you might need to get some assistance…either way, make sure you have something that you can follow and make it as specific as possible.  For example, you will complete your weights program on Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 8am – not ‘3 times per week’.

    3/.Do it.  Don’t give yourself an easy out.  If the program says ‘Row 1km’, then you row for 1km – not for 987m.

    Free Shirts are Ready to Go

    OK – if you completed the April Challenge, you have earned yourself a ‘Get it Done’ Shirt.  If you are doing the Run for a Reason, you are entitled to a ‘Get it Done Run’ Singlet (as long as you promise to wear it in the race!).  The designs by Mark at Razoreye are (as always) awesome and you are guaranteed to look super cool in your Round 1 gear.

    Just bring in your completed April Challenge sheet to pick up your shirt, and your fun run entry form to grab a singlet.

    Runners Club Next Week:  May 20th

    Next week is – in theory – the last Sunday morning running club (for a few weeks at least).  I will be away on camp at Campbell SAS barraks with the State u18’s however, so wont be on-deck to run the session.  So – what to do???

    I will publish the scheduled session on the whiteboard in the office area during the week and will produce some printouts of what has been planned and I am hoping that the running club regulars can work together to get it done?  Let me know your thoughts.

     Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear…

    OK.  A few people may have noticed a few things:
    – The new shields are finally up and installed.  The delay in getting this resolved has frustrated me more than anyone (I promise!) but it is great to finally have the new shields installed – what a difference they make!

    – That there is now a new trap bar in the tanks area – all the better to deadlift with my dear!

    – The new GHD situp machine will arrive in the next week or so.

    In addition to all of that, the new towels and missing skipping ropes are on the way – as are some new 16oz. sparring  gloves.  I am sorry to report that we are currently a rowing machine, spinning bike and cross-trainer out of action but I am hopeful all three will be fixed and available for use again by the end of this week.

    Gym NAZI

    A plea from me.  Please – please – put the little plastic tops off the pump water bottles in the bin.  When I cleaned the top of the speedball frame during the week, there were more than 70 up there – the previous time I did this (in February), there were more than 100.  Please, just put them in the bin.  Or even hand them to one of the trainers.  The same applies to the foil lids that go with the Powerade bottles – they don’t get thrown on the carpet at the spot you open the bottle, they go in the bin!

    Bootcamp and Western Mud Run???

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my ‘bootcamp’ email last week – remember, if you are keen to be involved, let me know.  Once I get a list of approx 20 together I will select a date and ask for formal team nominations.

    On a similar note, the ‘Western Mud Rush’ is on soon and as anyone who is a member of the Round 1 Fitness Facebook group will tell you it has generated a fair bit of interest and comment – to the point where there is now a separate page for Round 1 Western Mud Rushers…the link is here if you are interested:

    Member Profiles

    After last week’s blog, I have a new members profile ready to go – so keep watch on website and facebook this week…but I would like a couple more.  If you are keen on sharing your story on the web, please let me know and I will send you through a template.

    It really is a the ‘more the merrier’ page and I would love to see as many people as possible sharing their experiences, successes, failures and ‘still to come’ info.


    To all Scoopon users – your passes expire THIS WEEK (Thursday).  Please make sure you have used ALL of your sessions by the end of Thursday as the offer will not be extended…If you like training at Round 1 – great – we would love to have you…and all of our membership options are detailed on the website at

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    With the week of upsets in full swing, I am looking forward to a bit of a shake-up at the top of the tipping ladder this week…with wins by GWS (isn’t Steve Coniglio fantastic??) over GCS, Essendon over the Budgies and Adelaide over the Cats it does give a bit of hope to those of us ‘down the bottom’ if we are prepared to take a few chances.

    With the DreamTeam, I am currently holding a 50 point lead over Clint and looking good for my first win of the year…of course, should things fall apart from here I will not be available for comment.

    Facebook Highlights

    I am pleased to say I put a lot more time into making sure there was some interesting stuff on Facebook last week.  Here is a sample:

    –         Facing the Giants:

    –         A body like THOR:

    –         Little things:

    –         Unstoppable:

    –         MMA Conditioning circuit:

    –         MMA Motivation:

    –         Brian Stann:

    And, as always – lots of comments, complaints and general banter (most of it aimed at Sean O’Neill) about the daily classes and the exercises within – join the group and get involved!

    Links of the week

    A bit of motivation:

    See you in the gym!



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