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    Lasting changes from the April Challenge? Links Galore

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Challenge completed…and now, back to our regular program.  Not sure how everyone else is feeling, but finishing the April Challenge was very satisfying, whilst at the same time being a complete relief.  I know myself over the past couple of weeks I have neglected several elements of my training – notably some lifting and running – in order to ‘GET IT DONE’.  And now it is done, there is no time to rest because I have some serious ‘making up’ to do.  I have put my plan together – on with the next challenge…

    It is kind of like that with training – you don’t get a lot of time to bask in success because there is always more work to be done.  I would ask everyone who set themselves some mini-goals during April (I saw a lot of ‘Hold a 2-min bridge’ and ‘Maintain 100rpm on the bike in Gear 16 for 1 minute’ on peoples forms) to imagine where they might be now had they set those targets for themselves three months ago?  Or six months ago?  Or twelve?  And where might you be in three/six/twelve months time if you are as strong in your pursuit of your targets for individual improvement in May, and in June and in July etc as you have been in April?

    Not much else to say this week.  Like everything, your training is all about making small, incremental progress.  Despite all of our hopes, none of us can effect lasting changes in our fitness, weight or wellbeing overnight – or even in the space of a few months.  It is a matter of targeting small, incremental improvements throughout the long-term that leads to success.  I have my new targets set for May – what are you thinking about doing??

    April Challenge:  IT IS ON!

    Well, there is just ONE day to go – have you managed to ‘GET IT DONE’??  I know that when I finally finished on Friday night, it was a massive relief.  Strangely enough, when I checked my training logs for both March and February I also achieved 25 classes – but there is just something about having the target, having to get the paper signed and the ongoing tracking of ‘how many’ that seem to make what I have done in April sooooo much harder.  I have dropped a couple of weights sessions, started eating more food…yet I did the same amount of sessions in each of the last two months without making those concessions!  The mind is a strange thing, isn’t it.

    For those of you with a session (or two) to complete tomorrow, good luck.  For those of you who have already completed your 25, I would hope you look at it as an opportunity to really make some progress…as I was told on Friday morning by one client – ‘I finished my 25 yesterday – I should be able to get 28 or 29 if I just keep pushing through’.  Great attitude and I am certain results will follow.

    Just a quick reminder of the rules as the end of the challenge draws closer:

    1/.25 sessions must be completed within the calendar month.  Double sessions (more than 1 per day) can only be used twice in determining the final total.

    2/.Tanks counts.  Running club counts.  PT does NOT count.

    3/.Each person must nominate one additional personal ‘challenge’ that must be completed to the satisfaction of the trainers each WEEK during the month.  The challenge must be determined by the participant, but can be modified by the trainers if they consider it to be too easy or too hard.

    Get thinking.  Plan out your sessions.  Get a contingency plan together.  Get it done.

    Runners Club Next Week:  May 6th

    We will be at Anning Park again next Saturday and as we get closer to the big day you can expect a pretty challenging course.

    This morning (April 29th) was all-out sprint day – with high repetitions over both 50m and 100m featuring.  Next week we will be alternating between short sprints (all-out) and some ‘speed endurance’ type activities to really set ourselves up for the 14km course at the end of May.

    Get it done!

     Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear…

    I am pleased to say that I am getting slightly better at inventory management and expect to see some new bag mitts (blue/black/pink) arrive this week, together with a whole heap of black handwraps.  If black is your colour, please dont despair at the low numbers on the shelf at the moment – more are on the way!

    I am also very pleased to announce that another piece of equipment – ordered way back in January – is finally due to be delivered at Round 1 Fitness.  It is a Hammer Strength Glute-Ham Developer and if you are curious how to use one, check out this link:

    Get EXCITED!!!

    Member Profiles

    Yep – it is that time again.  I would love to get another member profile (or two) up on the website, so if you have a training story to share please let me know.

    The profiles are in the form of a simple ‘question and answer’ word document and really don’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.  Enjoying your training?  Want to help encourage and inspire others?  Fill out a members profile and we will feature it on the site!


    Just another reminder to all of our Scoopon clients – the passes you have are only valid until May 17th.  From that point forward we cannot honor the passes…

    I have been asked if we will do another similar promotion?  The short answer is yes – the longer answer will be of the ‘Yes, but…’ category.  In other words, I will consider doing another similar promotion to boost gym numbers over the winter months (when it is quieter) but will not run the same promotion again.  Things I am considering as T’s and C’s for any new offer include:

    –         Only available to new clients of Round 1 Fitness.

    –         Only valid for 3-months (rather than 12).

    –         Must supply own gloves etc to take part in the sessions.

    I would appreciate any feedback people might have about these sorts of conditions or any other suggestions you might have.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    It is early days in this weeks round (about 10:30am as I type) but with 3 games still to be played I have managed 4 out of 6 – and despite the Giants best efforts (it is as if some coaches and players dont even CARE about my dreamteam!) I am hanging in there in this weeks round – currently projected to DRAW the game by the stupid ‘Assistant Coach’ tool that gets it wrong every single week.

    Best of luck to everyone who is having a go in these contests.

    Facebook Highlights

    What an incredibly busy week on the Facebook site.  I really must do a better job of tracking these updates day by day to save myself 20 minutes of searching on ‘blog writing day’!   A few of the more notable links include:

    Thousands of photos and comments about the ‘Woodmans Point Bootcamp’.  A great success and a lot of fun!

    Interactive Lunchbox:

    I see burpees:

    Why we MUST squat low:

    Stories of Jason and Lloyd’s adventures with Burpees during the Thursday night sessions.

    1000 Rep Kettlebell circuit:

    I got soul but I’m not a soldier:

    The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Links of the week

    Carrying on from last week’s ‘Uncomfortable or Exhausted’ story, I read an article this week about the importance of mental toughness in endurance events:

    If you prefer ‘video’ to articles, have a look at this fun crossfit compilation vid where you will see (heavily) pregnant girls doing muscle ups, guys with their arms in a sling managing a barbell clean and press and how to turn a simple ‘thruster’ into a dynamic movement that includes a partner!  Crazy stuff!

    Just to finish it off, here is a simple link – a 30-second Nike Ad entitled ‘Only the strong will survive’:

    See you in the gym!



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