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    Creating a habit? The vision comes FIRST!

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Big day today – between the 20 people at the ANZAC day run and the 90+ people who finished boxing sessions, there sure was a lot of people getting it done on a Sunday morning.  For me at least it is a very rewarding part of being involved at Round 1 Fitness – for that many people to be getting up early on a Sunday morning to exercise – and HARD – it really does feel like we are making a difference in peoples lives.  Thanks to everyone for the support.

    Just finishing off ‘The Talent Code’ at the moment (I mentioned this a couple of weeks back) and I thought I would share something else I found interesting.  In talking about skill acquisition, the author referred to a study (Gary McPherson – 1997) which focussed on progress made by musical students.  He found that the kids who made the ‘most’ rapid progress, are often those who practice the most.  Pretty simple.  But interestingly, those who make the most practice and those who practice the most are also those most likely to answer the following simple question with a ‘YES’ BEFORE they have even chosen their instrument:  ‘When you think about the future, can you picture yourself as a someone who plays a musical instrument’?

    Interesting isn’t it.  People who work hard (practice), make progress.  And people who have been able to create a vision of themselves as ‘capable’ prior to even STARTING are those most likely to want to practice.  Which means the whole thing becomes self-perpetuating – you have a vision, therefore you work to fulfil it.  You work hard, therefore you get results – which reinforces the vision.  And what exactly has all of this got to do with Round 1?

    Well for me it is simple.  In order to achieve the results you are after at the gym, you need to work hard – both at the gym, and when you are at home or work (think diet, taking opportunities for incidental exercise etc).  And it seems that if you can create a vision of yourself as a fit, healthy, active person then you are more likely to do those things.  In effect, if you can develop this vision you are establishing a ‘long-term commitment’ to your training before you have even finished your first session.  And long-term commitment will lead you to train often, and watch your diet.  Which will bring results…so – what can you use to trigger the ‘vision’?

    The answer really is – ‘Well, what have you got’?  The success achieved by a friend or family member – or someone you can relate to – is a great way to do it.  A picture in a magazine could trigger it, or a tv show, or a conversation with a trainer, or a doctor, or anything really.  But creating the vision – the future focus – within yourself is critical to your success.

    So what is the message – focus on your vision, not just on your training.  Think of yourself as the person you want to be – think of the positive ideas that you want to adapt (training early on a Sunday morning then getting stuck into the day) – and then go and do them.  Once you do them, you will reinforce the model within your own mind, making repetition all the easier…

    April Challenge:  IT IS ON!

    Three weeks in?  I am up to 20.  Which sounds good, but it still means 5 more classes in just 7 more days…still a pretty tough road – particularly when you consider commitments with work, kids sport, coaching etc.  I can see the finish line but still have quite a bit to do in order to get there.

    Not sure about everyone else, but I really love the day-to-day rhythm of the challenge, I love the feeling of fighting through a bit of hurt and finishing a session strongly when I was really ‘feeling it’ at the start and I just love the shared experience of going through the same thing as a whole heap of others right throughout the month – dealing with the aches, the pains and the mental challenge.

    Just a quick reminder of the rules as the end of the challenge draws closer:

    1/.25 sessions must be completed within the calendar month.  Double sessions (more than 1 per day) can only be used twice in determining the final total.

    2/.Tanks counts.  Running club counts.  PT does NOT count.

    3/.Each person must nominate one additional personal ‘challenge’ that must be completed to the satisfaction of the trainers each WEEK during the month.  The challenge must be determined by the participant, but can be modified by the trainers if they consider it to be too easy or too hard.

    Get thinking.  Plan out your sessions.  Get a contingency plan together.  Get it done.

    Runners Club Next Week:  April 29th

    Fantastic effort by everyone who made it up to Kings Park for the ANZAC Day run today – but 8kms (even 8 HILLY kms) is not quite 14kms and we all still have quite a bit of hard work to do.

    For the first time in 3 weeks we will be back at Anning Park next Sunday morning…get along and get it done.  If you want to run the 14km Run for a Reason, you really do need to start upping your running during the week as well – 2 x 30 minute sessions + 1 x 45 minute session.

    Round 1 Social Day – April 21st

    Thanks to everyone who made it along to the greyhounds for an enjoyable evening of beer and skinny dogs most of whom didn’t run quite as fast as advertised in the so-called ‘form’ guide.  My message to the form-guide authors is that making it sound like every single dog has a strong chance of victory is not particularly helpful advice – equally, when you say ‘unlikely’ I am not sure that actually means what you think it means…unless of course you meant ‘Run away winner, put all your money AND your house on this mutt – especially at these outrageous odds’.

    Not that I am bitter.

    Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear…

    Very pleased to take delivery of a few new bars and a heap of additional weights out the front of the gym in the Olympic Lifting/TANKS area.  Just provides a bit more support when there are seven barbells on the go at the same time in TANKS – stops all the changing of plates and messing about.

    I am equally pleased to have finally taken delivery of the new seats for the spinning bikes – they are proper racing saddles and will be a lot more comfortable and supportive than the previous style.  I know everyone who got through the 3 x 1km loops in last Friday’s ‘No Rules’ Body Work class (7pm every Friday) would have appreciated them.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Hah – VICTORY.  8 right for me this week…so all you hecklers out there can quieten down (for a moment or two, anyway).  The only winner I got wrong was Essendon – so thanks for that all you Carlton supporters.  On the overall ladder, bmac (aka Ben McManus) continues to lead the way!

    Another DreamTeam disaster for me on the weekend – what in goodness name was Chris Yarren DOING…and now Ablett is injured?  Awesome!  Anyway, high score of the week went to Booker with 2130 points – Nice Work!

    Facebook Highlights

    A busy week on the Facebook site with lots of photos of the fun run as well a few taken during the classes – and of course the usual comments and questions.  A few of the more notable links include:

    Nike Fuelband:

    Tough Mudder obstacles:

    Crossfit Regionals:

    Core of Sports:

    Boxing power:

    The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Links of the week

    Uncomfortable or Exhausted???  A year from now – or 5 years from now – what are you going to wish you had done TODAY???

    See you in the gym!



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