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    Making Choices, April Challenge, New Backpacks

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Before I start the usual spiel about classes and my training week, please make sure you check out the video of the week this week.  I really got a lot out of it and am sure you will (if you have 5 minutes to spare).  I can’t help but think I have posted it before, but I couldn’t find it in the archive…so maybe not!

    I really enjoyed the sessions last week.  They were just really challenging – and for me at least I found Friday’s class (with all those squats) the hardest of all.  For me, Friday’s session followed on a pretty big legs workout (completed on Wednesday) that I still wasn’t completely over, and it was a real effort just to put my wraps on and walk out into the gym…and therefore all the more rewarding when we got to the part where Seany said ‘DONE’.

    Between that session and this morning’s Running Club session at Bold Park, it really has had me thinking about the choices we make in our life.  The Bold Park run this morning – I am sure everyone who was there will agree – was a really rewarding experience.  It was a great day, it is a beautiful spot that too few people in Perth know about, and the group of people who laced up their shoes are really positive and encouraging to be around.  But man oh man – those hills.  Those HILLS!  And that 6am alarm clock on a Sunday morning.  And the drive all the way up to Claremont (no easy way to get there from Cockburn).  And my bed is warm.  And I am tired.  And I worked hard during the week and deserve to relax.  And.  And.  And.

    But if you want to live in a nice house, with a nice car…then when the alarm goes off in the morning, you need to make the choice to get out of bed and go to work.  And the same principle applies to your diet and training.  If you want to be fit and healthy, to me thinking about ‘sacrifice’ is the wrong way to look at it – it is just too negative.  Think about it as a positive DECISION you are making – a choice to achieve rather than concede.  You are choosing to miss Friday drinks at work to hit the gym, you are choosing to get up early and hit the gym, choosing to cut back on your ‘relaxing time’ on Sunday morning to hit the gym…choosing, choosing, choosing.

    That’s it.  We are making choices every moment – Make your choices positive,   make sure that they benefit you and make sure they are decisions that you can be (and will be) proud of.

    April Challenge:  IT IS ON!

    After two weeks, I have hit 12-sessions.  On TRACK!  This is good – after missing out on 1-minute rounds on Thursday, I managed to squeeze in a session at 5pm on Friday, 9:15am (after running the two TANKS sessions and helping Jason with the chaos that is 8:15am on Saturday morning) and Running club.  All good!  How are you travelling?  Don’t be shy – write your name on the white board so everyone can see where you are up too…

    Rules for the April Challenge???  We got rules!

    1/.25 sessions must be completed within the calendar month.  Double sessions (more than 1 per day) can only be used twice in determining the final total.

    2/.Tanks counts.  Running club counts.  PT does NOT count.

    3/.Each person must nominate one additional personal ‘challenge’ that must be completed to the satisfaction of the trainers each WEEK during the month.  The challenge must be determined by the participant, but can be modified by the trainers if they consider it to be too easy or too hard.

    Get thinking.  Plan out your sessions.  Get a contingency plan together.  Get it done.

    March Special:  Win a Bike from Apollo

    One of our long-term members – Vesna Fuller – was successful in the Raffle draw last Tuesday night.  Great work Vesna…when you let me know what bike you are after (I know – you are getting one for hubby!) then I will tee it up with the guys from Apollo!

    Runners Club Next Week:  April 22nd

    Runners Club next week will be another ‘off-site’ event – the 8km ANZAC Day run.  We had a fantastic morning up at Bold Park this morning – just a few gentle hills – and for everyone who got through it you really can approach the ANZAC Day run with a lot of confidence.

    For more details and entry information, please visit the Athletics WA webpage at or go directly to the entry link at

    Round 1 Social Day – April 21st

    We will be heading out to Cannington Greyhounds on April 21st to enjoy a beer or two and watch skinny dogs run around an oval shaped track.  If you are interested in heading along, no need to let me know – just get there on the night!  The plan is to get there around 6:30pm…according to the website, gates open at 6pm and the first race is at 7:05pm.  The costs involved are $6 for adults and $3:50 for kids.

    Gym Update #1 – New gear, new gear…

    The new members bags are in – these are back-pack style and have a specially designed compartment for your gloves, a mesh section on the front for your (probably smelly) wraps and all sorts of other stuff.  If you want to buy one of these separately, you can – the cost for the bags is $40.

    In addition to the backpacks, we should have a full range of bag mitts in the gym tomorrow – we have been waiting for medium and large size gloves for a few weeks now…I am told they cleared customs on Friday last week so here’s hoping we see them in the gym!

    And don’t forget about our latest product – leather weightlifting gloves – are now also in stock and available for $25.  For those of you who have been spending some time lifting / doing some kettlebells outside of class time, these might be the perfect solution for calloused, blistering hands.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Well, bmac (I really wish everyone just used their names!) has taken a 1-point lead at the top of the tipping ladder with 23 points.  Last week the best people were coming 64th.  I must sadly report that this week the best people are 73rd…and falling fast.

    Despite the Facebook trash-talk, my Dream Team side actually WON this week – despite all the injuries to my now former players – and whilst some would say I am lucky to have played another cellar dweller (sorry Ian), I prefer to look at it as being dragged down to the level of my competition – but still emerging victorious!

    Facebook Highlights

    Our Facebook site is going great-guns – up over 500 members and lot’s of posts, inspiration and motivation.

    Super bridge:

    Believe it or not…no other links – just an incredibly busy site.  Runners club (including photos), discussions of TANKS, what seemed to be every single class plan from Monday è Friday, diet questions, bookings, Kids Club, post-workout running, injuries and illness and tonnes more stuff.  This site has become more than I could have ever hoped for…if you aren’t on it – WHY NOT???

    The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Links of the week

    How bad do you want it?

    See you in the gym!



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