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    Like everyone else? March Special, Wellness Lecture, New Gear and more

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Special thanks to Sean O’Neill for pummelling me (us??) in last Friday nights ‘No RULES’ Body Work class.  For anyone who isn’t aware of the ‘SECRET’ session at Round 1, we treat the 7pm class on Friday as the one session each week where no rules apply – where we can do things we wouldn’t normally do as anyone who is willing to train at 7pm Friday night must have a little bit of CRAZY in them.  Whilst the session is always ‘based’ on the weekly Body Work class, the session plan is largely ignored to ensure that everyone in the class is strongly challenged.  Three rounds of walking gekkos?  Two rounds of chest dips on the rings?  That is Friday night, 7pm.

    There was a post on Facebook this week showing a whole heap of people in a gym running on treadmills and riding on cross-trainers with the caption ‘If you TRAIN like everyone else, you will BE like everyone else’.  Now, I have probably spent far too much time thinking about this quote and the picture since it went up, but much of that is ‘business related’ thought rather than ‘training or results’ related thought.

    You see – I agree with the quote.  And I personally cannot see how individuals can ‘work themselves’ hard enough on a treadmill or cross-trainer to achieve real results – though I will admit to being really proud of those people who I see slogging through one of the tabata treadmill or rowing programs we happily provide by themselves at Round 1 – but it IS interesting to note that most people who go to a gym do exactly that (walk/jog on a treadmill, do some random weights).  And the majority of feedback I get from people who come to Round 1 once never to return is that ‘the session was just too hard for me’ and ‘you guys are just too hard core’.  Back to the quote – the associated picture also shows a LOT of people using treadmills and cross-trainers and of course from a business perspective I do (apparently!) need to have clients.  So I wonder if we take it too far at times because I do – despite how it might sometimes appear – really want people to enjoy coming to the gym.

    But then I realised what the problem is – or at least what it might be.  If you are training hard (like we do) then you will quite rightly EXPECT results – just like the players on a football team with a new coach and new plan will need success (wins) in order to completely buy into the coach’s plan.  And whilst we have had some tremendous success stories – in terms of both weight loss, strength gains and general fitness – there are other people who trained at the gym for three months and didn’t feel that they benefited much at all – and I often hear ‘I am not losing any weight’ – …so I can see their point of view when they ask themselves the question ‘why should I continue to train so hard if nothing is changing? – I may as well go back to doing nothing at all!’  And unfortunately for me, this means that they will be lost to the gym, probably never to return.

    Well, to me the answer is actually what the quote *SHOULD* have been.  If you want to be like everyone else, LIVE like everyone else.  You see, what you do at the gym is a key part – but still only a part – of your life.  If you are eating fast food – you are dragging yourself down.  If you are drinking too much alcohol – you are dragging yourself down.  If you aren’t getting enough water, or sleep, or good clean food – you are compromising everything you are working so hard to achieve.  Whilst training ‘HARD’ can overcome a lot of things, if you are not correctly fuelled or rested (or whatever it might be) then you cannot train as hard as you otherwise might…so how hard are you really training??  HARD?  Or just hard given the constraints you have applied to your own life?  If you want to be like everyone else, LIVE like everyone else.  If you want to achieve extraordinary things – well, you have to be a bit better than that.

    March Special – Join/Renew and WIN a new BIKE from Apollo

    Just a quick reminder about our ‘MARCH SPECIAL’ –  Join/Re-join/renew your membership in March and go into a draw to win a brand new bike from Apollo.  At the time of writing there have been 30 new contracts signed in March – so if it closed today you would have a 1 in 30 chance of winning…pretty darn good odds for such a fantastic prize!

    Now, it doesn’t matter if you choose to join for 3-months, 6-months or 12-months – you will go in the draw to win a fantastic new bike.  Remember that being a Round 1 member brings a whole range of benefits – unlimited classes, no need to ‘book’, full access to the weights, cardio and Olympic lifting equipment, access to TANKS, access to PT, access to personalised weights programs…it goes on and on.

    So join up in March – get your fitness campaign on track and maybe win yourself a bike as well!

    Gym Update #1 – Health and Wellness Lecture

    Another reminder that we have a fantastic ‘one off’ health and wellness lecture in the gym at 5:45pm tomorrow night (Monday 12th March).  Kacey and Kerry from Leeming Chiropractic will be there to talk about (and answer all your questions) about diet, supplementation and spinal care.

    Remember, our regular 6pm class will be pushed to 6:15pm to enable everyone to take part in the session…of course, if question time needs to be extended we will roll the lecture into the office area and ‘get on’ with the boxing for fitness session out in the gym.

    Gym Update #2 – New Range of Gloves / Wraps etc

    As noted last week, the new MMA gloves and hand-wraps have been available in the gym for a week or so…the MMA-gloves are really perfect for the Thursday 1-minute rounds because you can do every exercise in the gym without taking them off…less messing about = more training = better results.

    Our 1-week special on the hand wraps is coming to an end though.  From tomorrow (Monday 12th March) the wraps will cost $10 per pair or $15 for two pairs.  Still pretty great value if you ask me!

    Gym Update #3 – New Gear, New Gear

    Some new gear has recently arrived and there is some more ‘on the way’:

    New steel Barbell collars for the TANKS area.  If you are doing deadlifts or any kind of Olympic lifting, please use these to avoid damage to the red plastic ones.

    More kettlebells are on the way in the 8kg and 12kg sizes to enable us to do more 2-hand kettlebell exercises.

    Sandbags are on the way.  Look out!

    Following the success of using the PowerBands to perform ‘Chest Press’ in the one-minute round class a week or so back, some new bands with handles are on the way to add even more variety to our circuits.

    Additional plyometric boxes will be here soon.

    Gym Update #4 – Sunday Morning Running Club

    Thanks to everyone who has been attending the running club – we are now 3 weeks in and the promised escalation in intensity is starting to happen.  For everyone who gutted it out through the 12-minutes of interval work today – well done.  You are well on your way to successfully completing the 14km run in May.  For those of you who didn’t quite make it – or who KNOW that their own sprint efforts were more like an exaggerated ‘jog’ – please don’t despair.  You are in MUCH better shape than you were 3 weeks ago – make sure you squeeze in the extra running sessions per week (2 x 20min) – and keep rolling up on Sunday mornings.

    You will get to the finish line on May 26th if you are prepared to show a little bit of persistence – it WILL be WORTH IT.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    Just a reminder that as per last week’s blog we are up and running in our tipping competition as well as AFL Dream Team for the 2012 season…and I promise to do a better job of publishing the weekly results etc than I did last year!

    To join the Footy Tipping competition, please select the following link:

    To join the AFL Dream Team competition, try this link:

    First, go to  You will need to set yourself up a team, get a team name etc.

    Once you have done that, select the ‘Create/Join a League’ button and enter code ‘399285’.

    Last year we ended up with a couple of leagues running so don’t worry too much if you miss out on this one – just let me know and I will create another Round 1 Fitness league.

    Facebook Highlights

    Crossfit workout 12.3 is out.  Have you had a go yet?

    New members profile:  Check out Ross!

    Calypso Tumblers:

    Add to that all the stories about the classes, Cross fit WOD’s, TANKS, running club and what seems like 100 different photo uploads…The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link(s) of the week

    Two links this week.  The first one is a tribute to Jason and Tania who were married yesterday – both members at Round 1, Barnesy was clever enough to contact Bruce Buffer to pre-record the entry of himself, his lovely bride and the bridal party into the wedding reception.  Whilst we wait for Barnesy to upload the video of his entrance to YouTube, here is a little bit of Bruce in action to give everyone an idea of what the wedding guests enjoyed  (IIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTS  TIME!!!):

    We have been doing a few more complicated kettlebell moves lately (Deadlifts + high pull last week in Body Work, One-hand overhead squats, SOTS press – single and double etc etc) and if you are really prepared to focus on the aerobic components of these exercises you will benefit tremendously…In this weeks video, Steve Cotter shows us how it is done:

    Now, you might notice in the swings demo that both Steve and his pupil go above shoulder height to around head height – now, whilst I don’t like to see this in the classes I will accept that it is OK as long as the ‘lift’ is coming from your hip drive and not from your shoulders.

    See you in the gym!



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