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    Feedback (please)! Wellbeing lecture, Running Club, New T-shirt range

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Wow – last weeks sessions just seemed to be cardio, cardio, cardio.  Since getting my heart rate monitor (courtesy of my awesome employees) for Christmas, 3 of my top 5 ‘calories burned’ results (in Boxing for Fitness sessions, not TANKS) were last Friday, Tuesday and Thursday…Not sure what you guys all think, but I am continually amazed that despite training at Round 1 Fitness every day since it opened (funny that) I am still hitting new highs in my results and still completely stuffed at the end of pretty much EVERY session.  When does it get easier??

    Today has been an interesting day – I was up early and off to Anning Park for the first ‘Running Club’ session.  That was just a fantastic way to start the morning – just so good to see so many people up and at ‘em early on a Sunday morning and having a real go at some drills that were a bit out of their comfort zone.  From there I headed up to Supreme Court Gardens to do a bit of reconnaissance for a Corporate Training session we have scheduled for Wednesday morning.  It is amazing how time seems to disappear when you are doing these things – and more amazing the 10000 thoughts that spin through your mind in terms of all the new things we want to do at the gym in the future…well – I actually want to do them NOW but apparently Rome wasn’t built in a day and a few dollars were required!

    I have been asked a few times lately where the new ideas come from?  What led to TANKS, why have we created a Running Club?  Why did we get the dead balls?  Why the Power Ropes?  Why the new kettlebell exercises…why, why, why?  Well, the answer to me is pretty simple – it is because all of the trainers and staff at Round 1 Fitness really do ‘Walk-the-Walk’.  You will regularly find one of us in the class alongside you – sweating it out – trying to meet our own goals and ambitions.  So when you ask where the ideas come from, or why we get new gear or do new things it is because we are training alongside you and improving alongside you that enables us to identify the new and different things that might make a difference to the effectiveness of our own training and by extension YOUR training.

    Do we know everything and do we get everything right every time?  Of course not.  But we do eat our own dog food  – no mindless treadmill running from this team! – and we are determined that the gym will continue to grow and improve as time moves on.  Where is all this going?  Well I am screaming out for feedback and specifically for criticism.  Please, if there is anything you would like to share with us – particularly if they are opportunities for us to improve our performance and service – please let one of us know.  We truly want to become ‘better’ and we want to build on what we hope is a welcoming and supportive gym environment.

    February Special – 10 Sessions just $99

    There is still a few days left on our super February Special – 10-classes for just $99.  This special will DEFINITELY end this Wednesday – if you want to save $20 on your next block of sessions, be sure to do so before then.

    Will there be a March Special I hear you ask?  Well – YES.  Be sure to check your email/check the website come Thursday this week.

    Wellbeing Lecture

    There is going to be a bit of an interuption to ‘normal’ programming at Round 1 Fitness in a couple of weeks – on Monday March 13th we will be pushing the 6pm class back to 6:15pm in order to facilitate a free lecture on health, diet and spinal care from the team at Leeming Chiropractic.  The timing has been set to enable the attendees at both the 5pm session and 6pm session to take advantage of this opportunity…I visited the clinic myself a couple of weeks back for a Wellness and Chiropractic screening – it was a great experience and getting details of your body fat %, cellular quality, muscle volume and % and ‘genetic’ age was just fascinating.  I certainly left the clinic a lot wiser than I was when I arrived and have made a couple of life changes (probably not as many as I should have) based on the information provided by Kacey and Kerry.

    Anyway – all of this was driven by your feedback – that you wanted some additional help with diet and elements of your wellbeing unrelated to your fitness – and I hope that any inconvenience caused by pushing a session back by 15-minutes will be over-ridden by the benefits provided by the session.

    TANKS Update – New Saturday morning session

    Our 6am TANKS class kicked off yesterday – enabling 12 people to complete a TANKS session on Saturday rather than the previous restriction to 7 members…I must be crazy – between TANKS and now the Running Club somehow I have turned 5 early morning starts per week into every day of the week…shouldn’t I be doing less of this stuff by now?  (Well, that is what the ‘start your own business, be your own boss, set your own hours’ brochure said anyway!).

    For those people wondering about TANKS, I still find it all a bit hard to describe.  TANKS started as something that was ‘a bit extra’ for Round 1 regulars who were attending a Beginners session.  The ‘something extra’ concept has been taken to a new level with the addition of the Power Racks and lifting platforms – each TANKS session (usually) has a focus on a single lift (eg.  Squats, bench press, clean and press, deadlifts) surrounded by some other ‘stuff’ – maybe cardio, maybe lifting.  In any case, the sessions are extremely challenging and really do add quite a bit too your weekly training regime.  And whilst the costs of each class are not included in your membership (unless you have the premium option) if you check the price/session at one of the nearby Cross-Fit gyms (not that TANKS is Cross-Fit exactly) then you will quickly find that we are offering awesome value for money for these classes.

    Gym Update #1 – Sunday Morning Running Club

    OK – the first session has been run and done and I really hope everyone who ‘got along’ got a bit of an understanding about what it is about (extended warm-up and preparation, interval running with limited recovery) that will be interspersed with a longer run every 4th week in order to prepare everyone for the 14km event in the HBF ‘Run for a Reason’.

    For those who attended and found it a ‘bit easy’ – don’t worry – the program will escalate.  For everyone else, if you can find time for a 20-minute run or two before next Sunday’s run, you will find yourself able to keep pace with the next program escalation planned for next Sunday.

    Gym Update #2 – New Range of Gloves / Wraps etc

    For anyone who has been glancing at our nearly empty shelves of bag mitts and limited range of hand-wraps and towels, never fear – the gear all cleared customs last Friday (24th Feb) and will be available in the gym early this week.

    The bag mitts will now be available in pink as well as black – and the much spoken about MMA-style gloves will also be available.  All pricing will remain ‘as is’ – $5 for a towl, $10 for hand-wraps, $25 for bag-mitts and the new MMA gloves will be $30 per pair.

    For those people after  a new pair of leather gloves (the ones with a wrist strap) or our new weightlifting gloves (leather, with a wrist-strap) unfortunately they wont be ready for a few weeks yet.

    Gym Update #3 – New range of T-Shirts and Singlets

    As if the new gloves and wraps and towels weren’t enough, our latest range of T-Shirts and Singlets will soon be arriving at Round 1.  We have tried a little bit harder with the design this time – getting Mark from Razoreye (who looks after all of our Round 1 imaging) to come up with a couple of cool designs based around the ‘TANKS’ and ‘Body Work’ names.

    These will be in-store in the next couple of weeks in a range of colors (black, white, red, navy, pink etc) and sizes…all of them have been produced in ‘wick away’ material from the team at Power Play (who produced our latest trainers shirts) and I am really excited about both the style and quality of them.

    Footy Tipping and Dream Team

    We are up and running in our tipping competition as well as AFL Dream Team for the 2012 season…and I promise to do a better job of publishing the weekly results etc!

    To join the Footy Tipping competition, please select the following link:

    To join the AFL Dream Team competition, try this link:

    First, go to  You will need to set yourself up a team, get a team name etc.

    Once you have done that, select the ‘Create/Join a League’ button and enter code ‘399285’.

    Last year we ended up with a couple of leagues running so don’t worry too much if you miss out on this one – just let me know and I will create another Round 1 Fitness league.

    Facebook Highlights

    Our little group is up to 488 people – that is 487 others to prod, poke, remind and encourage you to do a little bit more as well as ask the questions you had been thinking but hadn’t thought to raise.  If you aren’t a member, that is 488 people who are benefitting from some shared knowledge/experience that you aren’t tapping into…do yourself a favour – join the Facebook group!

    Inspirational story:

    When you don’t give up you cannot fail:

    Paleo  summit:

    Early bird exercise:

    Add to that all the stories about the classes, Cross fit WOD’s, TANKS, running club and what seems like 100 different photo uploads…The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    I have been hanging onto this one for a few weeks – it sums up what I know is the philosophy of all the Round 1 training team:

    See you in the gym!



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