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    Navy SEAL’s stress management, Introduction of the Running Club

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I am writing this from a (very) cramped seat in the second last row of a Qantas flight from Sydney back to Perth.  It is moments like this that I think back to the days of business class air travel and gold frequent flyer status with a little bit of longing…right until I remember those flights meant 14 hour days in front of a computer screen and dealing with clients who – well, let’s just say I wasn’t helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

    I have been at the AFL Coaches Conference out at Olympic Park in Sydney and whilst there had the opportunity to listen to sessions from:

    • Former Olympic Rower Bo Hanson
    • Former Melbourne Storm five-eighth Scott Hill
    • Former Test Cricketer (and now ICC Umpire) Paul Reiffel.
    • Current AFL coaches Mark Williams, Brendan McCartney and John Longmire.

    There were also several sessions from various leadership and team building consultants, strength and conditioning experts and numerous AFL assistants.

    All in all, it was an excellent conference and one that I found valuable.  But I guess the obvious question that might be asked is ‘What did I learn that could help everyone at Round 1?’  Quite a few things I think, but the thing that immediately comes to mind came from Bo Hanson’s presentation where he spoke about training with the US national rowing team at the Navy SEALS facility on Coronado Island (San Diego).

    Now, according to Bo (and based on the video of the English rowing squad for the 2012 Olympics in last weeks blog) rowers train HARD.  But the SEALS were at another level.  Whilst the rowers would work hard for an hour (or two), the SEALS would still be going strong after six.  Whilst the rowers could deal with 50 or 100 or even 200 situps, the SEALS would think nothing of doing 500!  And accordingly, the SEALS had documented four (4) strategies for keeping on going when they felt exhaustion – physical or mental – was starting to impact them:

    –         Set immediate short-term goals.  Don’t think about how many pushups you have done – or how many you still have to do – simply focus on the ONE you are doing right now.

    –         If you are beginning to struggle or even if you find yourself failing, use POSITIVE SELF TALK.  It is as simple as telling yourself that you will ‘get the next one’ or that you are ‘feeling better now’.  Be positive.

    –         Visualise success – just close your eyes for a moment and watch yourself complete the exercise/round/session.

    –         Manage your stress – drop your shoulders, take FIVE (5) deep breaths through your stomach – relax, reset and START again.

    Give these strategies a go next time you are finding the going a bit ‘tough’ and you might quickly find yourself quickly pushing past your internal perceptions of what your limits are!

    February Special – 10 Sessions just $99

    Don’t forget our February special – $99 for a 10-round pass (usually $120).  This special will be over at the end of February – which means you have a little more that a week to take advantage.  This offer WILL NOT be extended into March.

    TANKS Update – New Saturday morning session

    Due to demand for the Saturday morning TANKS class, commencing February 25th (that is this weekend!) we will be offering both a 6am and 7am class.  Remember, that bookings are essential for the TANKS classes – only 7 participants per class – and for those people looking to take their training up a level, they are pretty much guaranteed to really provide you with a challenge.

    One other TANKS related note – due to a recent software upgrade the TANKS bookings are now able to be electronically managed.  As such, you can see any of the gym staff if you would like to book a session rather than having to depend on me managing it all.

    Gym Update #1 – Sunday Morning Running Club

    Given the number of people interested in doing the various Fun Runs – along with all of those with different fitness and weight loss goals – I would like to try out a Runners  club at 7am on a Sunday.  The plan at the moment is to spend several weeks at Anning Park doing some interval training – just down the road from Round 1.  If interest is strong, we will then expand the club so that every few weeks we visit a ‘venue’ (eg.  Kings Park, Bold Park, Jacobs Ladder etc) and try out a bit of a different challenge.

    Cost to join in the sessions will be just $5 per head – meet at the football changerooms if you are interested.

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    The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

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    A food related clip this week – let’s eat good stuff instead of ‘NOT’ eating bad stuff:

    See you in the gym!



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