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    Dealing with CRAP, Olympic Rowing preparation

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great training week last week – I enjoyed all the Gekkos, loved getting to do some more Halos and the one-legged deadlifts are such a great exercise for your core strength (but, for what feels like the 11 millionth time, you MUST keep your back straight!!!)…I like the challenge of doing new things – they always leave my body with an extra sore spot (or two) reminding me that I have worked out and worked hard!

    A few people might have noticed I haven’t been in the gym much on Monday nights lately – I have been off at footy training – and last week the players were especially lucky in that they didn’t have to listen to me drone on too much…we had a visiting psychologist come down to commence what could be called a goal-setting, mental resilience, team-building, you name it program.

    Now the presentation itself only went for 30 minutes or so (it will be an ongoing process for the boys) and quite a bit of ground was covered.  But one thing in particular struck me.  We were told that according to Richard St. John that in order to achieve things – no matter what – you had to be prepared to persist through all the CRAP – Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure – that will be in your way.  Since the session I have tried to think of situations in my own life where I have managed to ‘Get it Done’ and didn’t need to overcome those four (4) things…and I just couldn’t.  Breaking it down a little bit more:

    • Criticism: There is certainly no shortage of this in all aspects of our lives.  No matter what it is that you are trying to do there will be someone prepared to take the time out to knock down your efforts, or tell you that what you are trying to achieve is a waste of time so why bother etc.  Proving people wrong can be a great motivator!
    • Rejection:  Well, this can come from many levels.  If you think about it from a life perspective, it is that job you applied for but missed, promotion you wanted but were overlooked…in your training, the friend who ‘promised’ to train with you but wouldn’t stick at it or even the scales that refuse to acknowledge the work you have been putting in.
    • Assholes:  Well, we all have our perspectives on this category.  Without going into detail, there are people out there who will try to stand in your way or make your life difficult ‘because’.
    • Pressure:  Lots of different kinds here as well.  It might be as simple as having to complete an assignment at work AND make your training session…there might be something else you are pushing hard to finish or finalise that is placing your goals in jeopardy.  It could be emotional, it could be financial, there is pressure everywhere in everyone’s life that seems to stand in the way of achieving your goal.

    Me – I have actually started trying to record some of the things that can go wrong with my goals in terms of ‘CRAP’ and am trying to think through how I will deal with the issues up front…Deal with the CRAP and achieve your goals?  Seems like a pretty simple way to think about things to me.

    Feedback Results

    There have been lots and lots of great suggestions (as documented here over the last month) but the winner is Kylie Stevens’ with her suggestion that we put together a weight loss challenge/support program.  I have commenced working on this, we will be putting up a big board to track progress (with weekly weigh-ins), getting in some health professionals to talk about diet and other elements of physical care and offering up a couple of focussed goal setting sessions.

    There is a lot of work in putting all this together – so please don’t expect to see a result tomorrow – but that is what we are working towards.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and congratulations to Kylie – come and grab your protein or gloves next time you are in!

    Gym Update #1

    Don’t forget our February special – $99 for a 10-round pass (usually $120).  This special will be over at the end of February, and whilst that means you still have a couple of weeks to take advantage, it also means you only have a couple of weeks to take advantage…the offer WILL NOT be extended into March.

    TANKS Update – New Saturday morning session

    Due to demand for the Saturday morning TANKS class, commencing February 26th (2 weeks from now) we will be offering both a 6am and 7am class.  Remember, that bookings are essential for the TANKS classes – only 7 participants per class – and for those people looking to take their training up a level, they are pretty much guaranteed to really provide you with a challenge.

    Facebook Highlights

    I really enjoyed the FaceBook stuff last week – not so much the links (even though there were some good one), but rather the back and forth between people discussing the training, what they found hard/enjoyable etc.  On days when I was struggling to squeeze in time for a session, the comments of others really made me more determined to ‘Get it Done’.

    How Bad do you want it:

    Why exercise won’t make you thin:,9171,1914974,00.html

    Rapid fat loss at ANY age:

    Worlds hardest pushup:

    The daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    With Sally Pearson and Co. in town this weekend for the Athletics Grand Prix, I spent a bit of time hunting around for some details of what these elite athletes did during preparation – particularly given the Olympics are only a few short months away.

    Well, I was a bit disappointed to be honest – I wish that the AIS and even a few athletes would take to YouTube a bit more – but I did find this terrific video from the British Rowing Team:

    See you in the gym!



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