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    Progress on 2012 Goals, February Special (10 sessions for $99!!)

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great sessions last week.  I loved the Gekko pushups (we hadn’t done those for a while) and I also enjoyed the Floor Wipers on Friday.  For those who weren’t aware, they are a core exercise in the famous ‘The 300’ workout plan (though using a lot more weight than we used Friday!).  I am looking forward to seeing everyone do some one-legged deadlifts in this weeks sessions – as I have mentioned to a few people lately, I have a policy of introducing two new exercises every month to keep things ‘fresh’ and challenging!

    Five weeks into the new year, it is time to ask yourself how you are going with your goals and targets…after all, 2012 is already 10% gone!  For me, I have a series of goals I am trying to hit this year and what I did last Thursday morning was the following:

    Alongside each goal, I wrote down how I thought I was going with it – and then alongside that I wrote down the ‘name’ of someone I know who could ‘judge’ the progress of that goal and what I thought they would say.  I figured that by doing this I could identify the ‘gap’ between who I am and who I am trying to be.  For example, for a couple of business related targets, I nominated my business coach as the ‘assessor’, for a footy goal I listed one of my mentors, for my training goals I wrote down the name of an old coach of mine and for my family goals I wrote ‘Vanessa’.

    How am I going?  OK.  I am not quite being the person I would like too, but in most parts of my life I have definitely been trying to be ‘better’.  Except for my family stuff.  Nothing had changed there – nothing at all.  Which is not good really – if I can’t meet my goals after I have just written them, then how will I go in September when I have an established pattern of behaviour and if I am thinking about goals it is probably about what I might achieve in 2013?  So some adjustment has occurred since then – and after rearranging my Friday night schedule so my beloved could go out to dinner (which somehow caused an argument – chicks!), doing some washing yesterday and cleaning up the back yard ‘first thing’ this morning I feel like I am kind-of getting on the right track.  I do have a long way to go – but I am going to be better.  I am.

    Be resolute in following your path – for me clearly identifying the gap between the person I want to be and the person I am right now is the best way to remain on track – continually measure yourself and challenge yourself to meet your goals is the only way forward.

    Now for the sales pitch.  If you have health and fitness goals that you are struggling with, Round 1 Fitness is here to help!  And this month (February) we have a great special – 10 sessions for $99 – which is more than $20 off the usual price.  There are 3-weeks left in February, and one of these passes would enable you to up your training to 3-sessions per week…and 3-sessions really is that ‘progress point’ where you can start making a dent in rectifying whatever damage the Christmas/New Year period (or the last 5 years?  10 years?  Etc) has done to you.  If you can add a couple of light runs to your 3 boxing circuits, you will quickly find you are feeling better and – like me with doing the washing – become just a little bit closer to the person you want to be.

    January Challenge:  IT’S ON!

    The challenge is now done and dusted – Aaron Taylor has topped the table with an outstanding result of 19.  For those who missed the update on Facebook, Aaron and myself did the challenge again on Friday at 11:30am – then followed it up with the 12pm ‘Body Work’ class (for those who missed it, it consisted of 12-minutes of the Burpee challenge!) – and it was a particularly tough little 60minute session.

    Great work Aaron – 19 is an amazing result.

    Feedback wanted (please)

    I have had some great suggestions so far in the ‘Feedback Contest’.  Some of the highlights from this week include:

    • Brag board/record board which shows the top performances in all of the challenges as well as other things such as max pushups, chin-ups, punches in a minute, 1km row, etc.
    • Coffee machine
    • Reprise of the October Challenge – but with a ‘Teams’ option.
    • Periodically conduct some ‘en mass’ fitness testing in the gym – beep test, height/weight measures, skin-folds etc.

    My plan was to announce the winner today – winners choice of a free pair of gloves/1kg bag of Boomers protein – but it is going to take me a few more days to sort through them all and come up with the winning entry.

    Gym Update #1

    Our February special – $99 for a 10-Round Pass – is underway (as mentioned earlier in the blog).  If you have been wavering on the whole ‘casual vs membership’ thing then a 10-round pass is a good way to find out what being a member at Round 1 is like.  Sure – you still have to book for peak hour sessions – but you can roll-through 4 or 5 sessions a week without having to get your wallet (purse) out and experience the benefits that upping your training load and effort will bring.

    Gym Update #2

    I have mentioned here a couple of times about our ability to take ‘Round 1 Fitness’ on the road.  So if you would like to do some off-site training – maybe with some colleagues from work – then please check out our ‘Corporate Training’ page (which is complete with pricing information).

    On another note, if your workplace is interested in hearing about strategies to ‘Build a Team’ or motivate ‘Gen Y’ employees, then let me know.  I have done a lot of work on this through my coaching and can help you make progress in these (and other) areas.

    TANKS Update

    The TANKS sessions are going really well – and I am pretty certain those people who have ‘got it done’ will tell you stories of the hard work and mental persistence required to finish the session.

    If you are already doing 3 or 4 boxing sessions and a bit of extra cardio/weights, doing a TANKS session might be one way to find a new challenge for your body.  The sessions are at 6:30pm (Tues and Thurs), 4pm Wednesday and 7am Saturday – bookings are essential as only 7-people can attend each class.

    Facebook Highlights

    Thanks for all the Facebook links last week:

    All of this in addition to the usual banter about classes, Tanks sessions and who managed to achieve what during the week – the daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    I get a few questions every week about supplements and pre-workouts and other such substances and I think by now my feelings about pre-workouts are well known – DONT DO IT.  If you want to train, TRAIN.  Don’t depend on artificial stimulation to get you there because it will become a crutch that you simply cannot live without.  It turns out there are a couple of other reasons to ‘stay away’:

    Please everyone, if you need a bit of energy before a session just grab a banana or if you are feeling that you need a bit more, grab an off-the-shelf energy drink like the Powerade Fuels in the gym.  Are these great for you?  Not really, but at least they are basically just caffeine and sugar!

    See you in the gym!



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