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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Last week was messed UP!  The Australia Day holiday Thursday – combined with the heatwave – threw a lot of people ‘off course’ for most of the week…between the Wednesday night ‘early start on celebrations’ to Thursday’s fireworks and bbq’s and Friday’s ‘day of hangover recuperation’, it really did seem like we all had 3 days off rather than just 1!  Remember though, don’t let one messed up week become a messed up month – get back into your routine NOW and get your training done.  I have written a lot this year about ‘being resolute about your resolutions’ – as we move into February it is time to recommit to your goals, not let them slide by the wayside.

    The session plans for this week look very challenging.  For those people who have been asking for a few more Tabata squats, well your wish is about to come true (and in a BIG way!).  The ab wheels are returning with a vengeance and both Gekko pushups and Floor-wipers are making the transition from the Body Work classes to Boxing for Fitness.  And speaking of Body Work – well, if you thought last week’s session was a challenge, wait until you see what is waiting for you this week!

    I have spent much of this weekend up at ECU Mt Lawley watching some of the states best u18 footballers go through their fitness testing – a process roundly despised by most of them – after all, who would like to be poked, prodded and measured whilst completing a series of tasks that may or may not relate to how well you can actually kick, mark or handball?  The highlight of each testing session for me though was watching the players complete the ‘Multi-stage fitness test’ (or the ‘Beep’ Test) – a series of 20m runs, each one triggered by a ‘beep’…the longer you run for, the shorter the time between each ‘Beep’, meaning you have to run faster and faster as time goes by.

    Why do I like watching the beep test?  Well, I am sure there are many Round 1 members and quite a few footballers about the place who would say it is because I enjoy seeing people in extreme pain.  But that isn’t quite true – what I do like seeing is those people who are able to put aside what they are ‘feeling’ in order to achieve a goal or target…or in the case of the beep test, to get ‘one more’.  I noticed something else during the testing as well.  In each of the groups I observed, there was always one guy left – running up and down as quickly as he could, whilst his mates – already beaten by the test – sat and watched.  In one team though, his mates didn’t sit and watch – they ignored their own exhaustion and got up on their feet.  They formed a corridor for him to run through.  They clapped and cheered and called his name…and I bet you can guess right now which of those ‘solo’ runners was able to keep going for the longest without giving up.

    Think about this next time you are in the gym and feeling like everything is a struggle.  Don’t sit (or stand) and lament your fate.  Have a quiet word to the person next to you – tell them how well they are going, tell them to ‘just keep it going’ – and you might just find they do the same thing for you.  If we are all in it together, we can all encourage one another to greater things!

    January Challenge:  IT’S ON!

    Only a couple of days left in the January challenge and there was not much movement on the leader-board this week.  If your name isn’t up there as having ‘had a go’ – WHY NOT?  The challenge only takes 15 minutes or so and there really is no excuse for not finding the time ‘sometime’ in January to get it done.  You have till close of business Tuesday – give it a go – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in terms of a workout in such a short period of time.

    Unsure of the rules – check the blog from a couple of weeks back:

    Feedback wanted (please)

    I have had some great suggestions so far in the ‘Feedback Contest’.  Some of the highlights from this week include:

    • Kettlebell (and other) technique classes.
    • Stock JuicePlus.
    • Run a fitball or rehab class.
    • Any number of suggestions about heat management – many of which could be equated to prayers.

    Remember, best idea this month – your choice of a free pair of gloves/1kg bag of Boomers protein!  Put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and help us improve the place!  You have until Tuesday to get involved.

    Gym Update #1

    The end of January (Tuesday) will also signal the end of our January special – free bag mitts (valued at $25) with every 3-month or 6-month membership.  Now, never fear, there will be a February special, but it wont be free gloves!  If you want the free bag mitts, you need to join / renew your membership at Round 1 before close on Tuesday.

    For those of you thinking 12-month memberships, the free members-packs (Bag, Mitts, wraps, towel, skipping ropes) will still apply…I thought about this when watching the advert another gym in the area was running during the tennis – the gist of it was to ‘Join before the end of January and pay no joining fee’…although it seemed a $59 admin fee would still apply!  Well, I can happily say there has NEVER been a joining fee at Round 1 – instead we give you $70 worth of product to help with your training!

    Gym Update #2

    The next order of gloves, wraps and towels will be shipped this coming Friday (Feb 3rd).  Due to popular demand, I have ordered a shorter style of handwrap this time in a poly-cotton blend rather than 100% cotton.

    To answer the question I figure is coming, yes, the MMA-style gloves are part of this shipment.

    Gym Update #3

    We have had a couple of incidents in the last week of cars being broken into in the car-park.  Please make sure you keep any valuables ‘out of sight’ of anyone who might be looking through your car windows – it doesn’t take a criminal genius to figure out that after someone parks their car, it will be left unattended for approximately 1hour.  Please make sure your cars are locked, alarms are ON and any/all valuables are kept out of sight.  And if you do see someone wandering around looking like they are up to know good, please let someone in the gym know.

    Facebook Highlights

    Really active Facebook group last week (thanks everyone) with numerous inspirational pics/slogans being posted as well as a couple of cool videos and other web-links:

    • Bulking up?  Trimming down?

    All of this in addition to the usual banter about classes, Tanks sessions and who managed to achieve what during the week – the daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    Some boxing basics in this week’s link.  Why post this?  Well, primarily for those people who are getting into the habit of simply throwing ‘hooks’ whenever the ‘Knock-out’ call comes on the Heavy Bag.  Mix your hands up, move your feet and – YES – punch as hard as you can!  As he says, put the power in your punches by rotating your shoulders (well, I would say hips) and letting the combination flow:

    See you in the gym!



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