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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    It is a bit of a funny feeling writing the blog this week – due to a combination of my injured back and holiday away, I completed only one Boxing for Fitness session last week, no Body Work, no Tanks, no weights, no extra cardio…and today I feel really, really, really….good.  I guess if you don’t have the strength to rest every now and again, sometimes your body will make the decision for you!  That said, I am thinking about what I need to do this week with more than a little trepidation – a couple of these sessions are going to HURT!

    The good thing about this?  About the pain that I just KNOW is coming?  I just have this feeling of nervous excitement as I think about the week ahead.  As a kid I remember the great Australian 400m runner Darren Clarke saying ‘I am always nervous before a 400m race – I know how much it is going to hurt’ and wondering exactly what that meant…as time went on, I found out exactly what he meant (I think the TANKS crew now know what he meant!) but lately, during my boxing sessions especially – I haven’t been getting that feeling.

    I guess the problem is that rather than thinking about what I can do during the session, I have been letting myself think about all the ‘stuff’ I have to do when I have finished – That isn’t right.  It isn’t the way to train and it isn’t the way to get results.  I know in my life there are a lot of boxes I need to tick and a lot of things on my daily to-do list – for me (and for all of you I am guessing!) if I am going to train, I should be having a real go at it.  Maybe the break is what I needed to get back on track?  I guess I could go the other way and fall away completely, but then where would I be?  Where would all the changes I have worked so hard for since finishing up my IT career back in 2010 be?  Would I have wasted it all because my back hurt for a few days?  Stuff that!

    I remember the Round 1 Fitness New Years Resolution – that we are going to push you guys as hard as we can in order to help you achieve your goals – and that we need you all to be RESOLUTE in your efforts to achieve.  I want  everyone to start getting that nervous feeling before the first bell goes – that nervous feeling where you know the pain is coming and you can’t wait to find out how you will respond.  That nervous feeling where you have decided up front that you are going to hit EVERY target – that rather than ‘hiding’ when the trainers focus is elsewhere you are going to go HARDER than ever – and that you are going to achieve some results  – and soon.

    January Challenge:  IT’S ON!

    No new challengers emerged this week and Aaron Taylor remains at the head of the field with a score of 19.  We are half-way through the month so if you want to ‘have a go’, there really is no time like the present.  To get the full benefit of this challenge, you really do need to plan on doing it at least three times – once to set the base, again to implement what you ‘learned’ and then again to really roll the dice and give it your all.

    I had my first ‘proper’ attempt today (hadn’t tried since Jan 1st which was before the contest opened) and found that splitting each minute up into 3 x 20 second periods and doing my burpees ‘steadily’ rather than in long bursts it really did help.  I didn’t beat Aaron – I only finished 18 burpees in the 19th minute! – but I think I have a little bit more in me ‘somewhere’.

    Unsure of the rules – check the blog from a couple of weeks back:

    Feedback wanted (please)

    I have had some great suggestions so far in the ‘Feedback Contest’:

    • Refrigerated water fountain
    • Dead balls
    • Dietician on-site for a talk
    • Partnership with local physios/chiros etc

    Have you got anything you would like to add?  Remember, best idea this month – your choice of a free pair of gloves/1kg bag of Boomers protein!  Put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and help us improve the place!  Whilst I might not be able to do everything that is suggested, pushing ideas forward is a good way to initiate change.

    Round 1 Fun Runners

    It is early days (very early days!) but there are a couple of popular Perth Fun Runs that you might want to diarise for 2012:

    HBF Run for a Reason on May 27th

    City to Surf on August 26th

    Now, last year Round 1 supported competitors in these events with training plans and race shirts – I am looking to do something similar this year.  Please let me know if you are interested in these events within the next few weeks so that I can initiate some product orders and make sure everything is ready to go!  I would like to make a ‘bigger’ day of both events this year – a few more entries, bbq at the gym after the races etc etc – but before I plan too much need to know who might be interested.

    Please don’t dismiss the ideas of doing the fun runs as ‘too hard’ – I promise you, if you are completing 3 Boxing for Fitness sessions per week at Round 1 Fitness you will comfortably get through both of the ‘base’ distances (I think it is 14km for the Run for a Reason, 12km City to Surf) by adding two (2) 20-minute runs each week to your training regime – and the feeling of accomplishment you will get at the end of the race will far surpass any pain you might go through during training…if you need help with any of this stuff, be sure to ask.

    Gentle Reminder

    Just a quick reminder that if you are late to a session – and we understand that happens from time-to-time – the priority of the trainers is to manage the class that is already running…they will find the time to slot you in when they find the time to slot you in.  By all means, let them know you are late, you are sorry and you need a spot – but please don’t create a fuss and please don’t just ‘jump in’ – the groups are usually arranged to ensure that the circuit can run properly given the equipment we have available to us…

    Gym Update #1

    As mentioned last week, the new lifting platform will be arriving this week and there is a selection of other new equipment ‘on the way’:

    • Foam rollers to help with peoples stretching regimes
    • Couple of new CD’s.
    • Some ‘Dead Balls’ (see Idea of the month) to add some more variety and another challenge to the sessions.
    • Some new barbells to help with the TANKS sessions (and some new collars to go with them all).
    • Some new floor-to-ceiling balls.

    Gym Update #2

    Another reminder of our special membership offer this month – a free pair of bag mitts with any new 3 or 6 month membership (or renewal for that matter).  These mitts are perfect for our classes – easy to get off and on and provide good hand protection…$25 value just for committing to achieving your goals these next few months.

    Gym Update #3

    Thanks to the people who offered members profiles during the week – a couple of new ones will be popping up on the site in the next few days…I am still chasing a couple more though (maybe a couple of BOYS!) – so please email me ( and I will send you through a template.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some great Facebook links last week:

    Beach training in Santa Monica:

    Barbell training is big medicine:

    My favourite video for a while – the Moustache Man training for the ‘Tough Mudder’:

    All of this in addition to the usual banter about classes, Tanks sessions and who managed to achieve what during the week – the daily activity on the Facebook site will help keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    Several ‘Links of the Week’ – a few ‘food and diet’ related articles for anyone (everyone) looking for a bit of help with their resolutions!

    Healthy eating 101:

    Fish oil for Fat Loss:

    The link between exercise and brain function:

    See you in the gym!



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