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    Be resolute, not realistic (+ January Challenge)

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Seems like ages since the last blog – Christmas and New Year are over in a week but somehow it always seems to ‘FEEL’ like much longer than that.  The sessions at the gym last week were terrific – great to see so many people ‘Getting it Done’ early in the day (though I am sure the 7am regulars must have resented the invasion just a little bit!) and I am sure having those extra training credits in the bank helped everyone get through the party season guilt free.

    In the last update, I spoke a lot about being ‘resolute about your resolutions’ and making sure you really commit to what you say you will do.  Having spoken to a few people about the sentiment since writing the blog, a number of people are saying ‘I want to achieve x y and z in 2012, but I know I have to be realistic.’  Now, that maybe true – you probably can’t do EVERYTHING – but don’t allow ‘being realistic’ to be the excuse that stops you from giving your all.  (Yes, I have paraphrased John Eliot – no, not the ex- Fosters boss!–here).

    Yes – you need to be firm and determined to deliver on those promises you made to yourself under the guise of a New Year’s Resolution.  But don’t sell yourself short based on ‘realism’.  Dream big – aim high – and with determination you will get there.  I was watching the Round 1 Fitness video – filmed in November 2010 – a couple of weeks back and saw some people who have achieved amazing things in terms of weight loss and fitness in a very short time frame…I can barely imagine what they might achieve after another 12-months of commitment and hard work.

    So be firm.  Be RESOLUTE.  But please don’t be realistic.  Let’s all dream big and swing for the fences in 2012 – and then work our absolute butts off to get there.

    January Challenge:  IT’S ON!

    After a couple of ‘challenge-free’ months, the new year brings a new-challenge: the ‘Burpee Beep Test’.  It is pretty simple – grab a stopwatch and some floor and press ‘start’.  In the first minute, you do one burpee.  In the second minute, you must do two.  In the third minute, you must do three.  And so on.  Your ‘score’ is the last minute you successfully completed the required number of burpees – so if you finished ten (10) burpees in minute 10 but could not finish 11 in minute 11, then ‘10’ is your score.  Write it up on the challenge board.

    Rules?  Burpees must include a full pushup (chest touch to the ground) and your feet must leave the ground in the ‘jump’ part of the burpee.  That’s it.  Good luck – have a go this week and see how much you can improve as the month goes along.

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick reminder (from the last blog post) that Round 1 Fitness has its own New Year’s resolution – to make it as EASY as possible for everyone to get fit and healthy at Round 1 Fitness.  To help with this, until the end of January 2012 anyone who signs up for a 3-month or 6-month membership will also receive a FREE set of bag mitts (valued at $25).  So for those of you wavering about a membership – and remember, a membership entitles you to unlimited classes and full gym access for the term of the contract…and the more you attend, the lower the ‘cost per session’ works out – you now have another reason to jump on board.

    When you sign-up for 12-months, you will still (of course) receive a Round 1 Fitness ‘Members Pack’ consisting of a gym bag, bag mitts, hand wraps, skipping rope and towel – and at $59/month it is still our best value package! – but now signing up for one of our shorter terms between now (December 18th) and January 31st will entitle you to a pair of our black bag mitts.

    These gloves are fantastic for our classes – they are relatively easy to slip off and on – and will give you pretty good service for around about 6-months if you are completing 2-3 sessions each week.

    Gym Update #2

    Being ‘resolute’ about our resolutions?  That’s US!!!  We are also trying to make Round 1 Fitness even more fun to come along too – by allowing you to bring your mates.  If you have a friend who has NEVER been to the gym before, you think they would like it (and would love a new training buddy) but can’t seem to quite convince them to have a go, tell them they can have a ‘Free 3-day Pass’ and bring them along with you.

    There are a few conditions with this offer – not valid for u18’s, must BOOK for peak session times etc – but the main one to remember is that they cannot have trained at Round 1 before…this is us trying to enable a try before you buy feature for friends and family of our members, not a try, try and try again facility.

    Ask at reception for details next time you are in.

    Gym Update #3

    Remember to make the most of your membership at Round 1.  If you really want to up your training, ask about a weights program – or a cardio plan – or try a PT session – or give TANKS a go.  There really are a number of ways to up your training and therefore up your results – if you aren’t getting what you need, just ask one of the trainers for some help and they will be only too pleased to provide you with it.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week – but no-one was online to read it!  I hope you can spare a few minutes now to check out the Facebook archives and the links below – they are well worth the click!

    –         The “Fat trap”:

    –         Inadequate modern male:

    –         5-day recharge plan:

    –         Should we set resolutions:

    –         My Story:

    –         Jumpity jump:

    –         Ab workout:

    –         Loads of photos of the tanks sessions…

    There is daily activity on the Facebook site that will keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    If you think back to the last blog ( I spoke about being ‘resolute’ when it comes to your New Years Resolutions.  Well, for all of you iPhone users out there, a new app called ‘GymPact’ will help keep you accountable to your commitments!  Have a look at the following site to check it out:

    See you in the gym!



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