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    Resolutions, Off-site Training, Vouchers and Ray Lewis

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I really enjoyed the sessions last week.  There were a couple of challenging circuits, but they really were great fun as well – I know a few people who found the Wednesday ‘tabata’ based program very challenging, but because it was such a high-energy class the exhaustion really didn’t hit me until the final bell.  The weather was kind to us (not too hot) and I really feel like I achieved quite a bit.  A special congratulations to the Tanks groups this week – it might be that I am getting a little more realistic in my session plans, but everyone who started a session this week fully completed it…and that is the first time that has happened.  On the other hand, maybe I have gone soft?  Let’s see how they go with the ‘Plyometric 300’ + Kettlebell circuit this week shall we??

    It is a couple of weeks out from new year, and I have been starting to hear people talking about ‘next year’ and what they are ‘going to do’.  And I think that is great that so many people are already thinking about what they might be able to achieve during 2012.  But I also wanted to remind everyone what the word ‘resolution’ means.  It means to make a ‘FIRM’ decision or commitment, and brings to my mind the imagery of the movie ‘The 300’ (which I am sure everyone has seen, and if you haven’t you just have too!) where 300 men stand firm to fight against 10000 attackers.  I also think a lot about football (strangely enough) and to me the Geelong side in 2011 epitomised resolve – ‘we missed out last year, we lost our best player, everyone is saying we can’t do it – well, we are going to show you!’.  They were truly committed to deliver what they promised.

    So when you make your resolutions and commitments and promises to yourself – make sure you stand behind them 100% – make sure you commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal.  To achieve, you need to act with a sense of both discipline and urgency – disciplined enough to stick to the plan (get to the gym) and urgent in that you absolutely maximise the time you have there, really focussing on making every rep count.

    At Round 1, we realise that you cannot do it alone – we understand that for you to achieve your targets, it really is a partnership between you as clients and us as trainers.  We understand as a team that from good technique and strong effort come results – and we are determined to push you to work hard and work ‘right’ in order to maximise the results you achieve from your time spent training at the gym.  You will have noticed the ‘technique nazis’ have been in full swing lately – demanding not only that you DO – but that you do things right.  This is all part of our renewed focus on ‘getting MORE involved’ to help everyone achieve their targets – we have been good, we can be better.  And in 2012 we will be.

    Christmas time

    The Christmas break is ahead for many people – and with the holidays coming it is very hard to stick to your diet and training regime.  Last week (click here for the blog) I gave my holiday training tips.  Today, I have included a running circuit and 3 x body-weight only training circuits that you can run through anytime/anywhere and in limited time…nothing beats getting down to Round 1 – but these circuits are a good way to keep the body moving when you simply cannot get there:

    Running Circuit.

    1/.Mark out a 20m by 20m Square.
    2/.You will complete 3 laps at ‘jogging’ pace.
    3/.Lap 4 – ‘Sprint’ the first ‘length’ – jog the remaining 3.
    4/.Lap 5 – ‘Sprint’ lengths 1 and 2 – jog the remaining 2
    5/.Lap 6 – ‘Sprint’ lengths 1, 2 and 3 – jog the remaining 1.
    6/.Lap 7 – Sprint the entire square. 7/.Repeat 3 times.
    8/.Jog 3 laps to finish.   Completing the running circuit in soft beach sand is a great way to really ‘up’ the stakes

    BodyWeight Circuits

    Day 1:  Complete 3 rounds of:

    –         10 Burpees, 20 Box-jumps, 30 Pushups, 40 Squats, 50 Walking Lunges.

    Day 2:  Complete 21 reps, then 15, then 9 of:

    –         Pushups, Dips, Burpees

    Day 3:  Rotate between walking lunges and pushups as follows:

    –         50 Walking lunges, 25 Pushups – 50 Walking lunges, 25 Fingertip pushups – 50 Walking lunges, 25 Tricep Pushups – 50 Walking lunges, 25 HL Pushups.

    From the Day 3 program, roll straight back to Day 1 and do it all again.  Of course, if you are going away for an extended period, or you have access to a barbell or other equipment, remember – we can help put together a program for you to use whilst you are away from the gym – it really is NO trouble!  When I said in the opening section that we are committed and RESOLUTE in our efforts to help you meet your goals – I meant it.  Email me about a program and I will make sure you have something to take away with you before you leave on holiday.

    Gym Update #1

    More resolutions from Round 1?  For sure!  Until the end of January, if you sign up for a 3-month or 6-month membership, I will include a free set of bag mitts (valued at $25).  So for those of you wavering about a membership – and remember, a membership entitles you to unlimited classes and full gym access for the term of the contract…and the more you attend, the lower the ‘cost per session’ works out – you now have another reason to jump on board.

    When you sign-up for 12-months, you will still (of course) receive a Round 1 Fitness ‘Members Pack’ consisting of a gym bag, bag mitts, hand wraps, skipping rope and towel – and at $59/month it is still our best value package! – but now signing up for one of our shorter terms between now (December 18th) and January 31st will entitle you to a pair of our black bag mitts.

    These gloves are fantastic for our classes – they are relatively easy to slip off and on – and will give you pretty good service for around about 6-months if you are completing 2-3 sessions each week.

    Gym Update #2

    One other thing about Christmas and Round 1 – if you are stuck for a gift (or want something from the gym), remember that Gift Vouchers are available.  I had someone tell me yesterday that they had asked their partner for a 10-Round ‘TANKS’ pass for Christmas – sounds like ‘the gift of pain’ to me – but if you know someone who enjoys training at the gym, a voucher for them to spend as they like (Tanks, gloves, Personal Training, protein, ab wheel, skipping rope etc) might be a good idea.

    Gym Update #3

    As noted on Facebook this week, I recently subscribed to both UltraFit and Oxygen magazines and you will find the latest copies of each in the office area.  Don’t take them home (obviously), but there is a heap of good info in each of them and reading an article or two before a class is a good way to get your mind switched on to the task.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week:

    –         Fitness myths?  You be the judge:

    –         Details of the new magazines in the gym:  Oxygen and Ultrafit.

    –         Tanks bookings and comments, class comments and complaining.

    –         A video of Jason making the ‘leap’ – equalling Sean’s box-jump from last week.  They are discussing ways to ‘up’ the challenge!

    There is daily activity on the Facebook site that will keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    Ray Lewis:  “That isn’t talent – that’s Effort’:

    See you in the gym!



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