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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Apologies for the later than usual post this week – I have spent the day up at the State Athletics stadium supporting my two eldest kids at the relay championships.  It really is a great day – for me the highlight is watching the participants in what is such an individual sport really try and pull together to achieve something as a team.  For me – as I think most people would understand – working alongside others to strive for a common goal really is about as good as it gets.

    What became clear as the day went on though was that everyone’s reaction to the results they achieved was more dependent on their expectation going in than the actual performance.  Believe or not I saw as much disappointment on the face of gold medal winners as I did on those who missed a medal or missed the final.  And it was all about expectation.  Go in with a plan of breaking the record and win the race but miss out?  You are going to be disappointed.  Go in hoping just to make the final and somehow sneaking up to grab a medal?  Ecstasy!

    How does this tie back into your training and the effort you are putting in at Round 1?  Does it mean that deciding just to ‘lower’ your expectations will actually increase your level of enjoyment?  Well – it isn’t quite that simple.  But certainly coming to the gym 3-weeks before your school reunion and ‘expecting’ to achieve the ‘body of a fighter’ before the big night will leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated when the big night rolls around.

    As with the kids who ‘hoped’ to make the final but managed to push themselves a bit harder and grab a medal – you have to have realistic expectations of yourself, and then you have to bust your butt in order to exceed them.  And rather than focussing on the outcome, you need to focus on the moment (for the kids today – the race they were running, the track immediately in front of them, for you at the gym – the class you are doing, the exercise you are doing right NOW) because if you can do each little thing to the best of your ability then the result (outcomes) will take care of themselves.

    So – how did my kids go?  Clancy (13yo) and her team finally broke through to win a gold medal in the 4x400m event after winning silver medals in each of the last two years…a very rewarding day for all of those girls.  Marshall (9yo) and his team made the final of the 4x200m race but unfortunately dropped the baton in the heat of their preferred 4x100m event and missed the final.  I am pleased to say that despite the ‘accident’ they picked the baton up and finished the race in 3rd place – a good effort and a good lesson learned.  Dempsey (5yo)?  He did a great job of sliding on a piece of cardboard down the grass embankments at the stadium.

    Holiday Tips / Boomers Giveaway

    Congratulations again to Viv for winning the Boomers giveaway.  On the back of the tips she provided last week, here are a few of mine:

    –         Eat whatever you like on Christmas day – make it a real ‘OFF’ day – but plan to make amends with a Boxing day workout (and stick to those plans!).

    –         Drink water – a lot of water.  And eat your vegies.  If the dip tray features carrot sticks – eat them (sans dip!).  And dig into any salad based on produce rather than mayonnaise.

    –         Watch the alcohol consumption.  Watch the cool drink consumption.   Liquid calories are a sure way to negate your 2011 improvements in a couple of weeks.

    –         Don’t stress about your training and enjoy time with your friends and family.  But before you break from work, record which days (AND sessions) you are going to complete and stick to it.  Don’t let the litany of excuses that will pop up (it is hot, I am tired, we are going out later today etc) get in the way – write it down and get it done.

    Gym Update #1

    Not much to update this week:

    –         This Monday and Wednesday will see the last Kids Classes of 2011 – these sessions will resume again when school goes back in 2012.

    –         Watch the website for the new ‘The Shop’ page detailing ALL of the products we offer for sale at Round 1 and providing some detail about them.

    –         Watch the website for the new ‘Corporate Training’ page detailing the bootcamp services we offer to companies and sporting clubs.  If you would like the Round 1 experience ‘brought to you’ and your work colleagues, let us know and we put together a plan for you – both ‘one-off’ sessions and regular activities can be supported.

    Gym Update #2

    Pleased to see so many member referrals coming through.  One member has been quite open in saying she is going to refer her way to a 12-month membership…good for her!  Save yourself money and bring your friends all the benefits of training at Round 1 Fitness.  If you refer a 12-month member, you will receive a 1-month bonus, you will also receive a 2-week bonus for referring a 6-month member and a 1-week bonus for referring a 3-month member.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week:

    –         Sean O’Neill jumping on an ‘elevated’ plyometric step.

    –         Some more comments about the ‘no-rules’ Body Work class that is becoming a tradition at 7pm on Friday nights.

    –         5 ways to stick to your resolutions:

    –         Some amazing body-weight exercises:

    –         How to combine Inch-worms and the Ab Wheel:


    There is daily activity on the Facebook site that will keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    Prove it to yourself:

    See you in the gym!



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