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    Hi and welcome to another week,

    I enjoyed the training sessions last week.  A real focus on ABS all week long – and by the time Friday arrived I couldn’t complete one rotation of the 10-second hold/20 second pulse drill (I did the 12pm Body Work session) that I managed to complete five sets of during Monday’s class.  A good sign of overload I am thinking! This week?  Pretty varied sessions with no real ‘focus exercise’, but I can promise that Hand Stand Push-ups and Kettlebell Figure 8’s are making their return.

    I have been reading a book this week (as part of my goals at the moment I am reading a new book every two weeks – not fiction unfortunately!) called ‘Going Mental – Reaching your Goals in Business and Sport’ written by Jakob Lovstad (aka ‘The Striking Viking’) who had a pretty successful MMA-career whilst  studying computer engineering on the side.  The book itself is OK (though it is pretty self indulgent at times and the structure of the book makes it hard to ‘just read’!), but it is the introduction that resonated with me the most – and is something that I think those people who have participated in the TANKS classes recently might well relate too.

    In the introduction, he makes the point that a physicist – by calculating speed and g-forces – could make a pretty good fist of describing the feelings experienced by people riding a rollercoaster.  But only those who sat on the precipice of the peaks – who felt the adrenaline rise as the anticipation of the near vertical descent grows closer – can really detail the experience.

    The reason I compare this to the TANKS sessions is that the class plans have been written on the wall (so are the Crossfit standard workouts for that matter) and I have seen lots of people reading them and chatting about them and how hard they might be…but actually DOING them and experiencing them is something else again.  And actually doing them with real ‘engagement’ is on another level altogether.

    We all play the part of the physicist during the classes – sometimes for a moment, others for a round or two and other times for the entire class – but not this week.  This week we go ALL OUT.  We set ourselves little targets (mountain climbers tomorrow – Monday – I am going to do 120 each time) throughout the session and blow past them.  When punching hard – we will hit as HARD as we can.  You have all heard me say it – at times we do what we think we can get away with, rather than really pushing ourselves to the edge – but NOT THIS WEEK.

    It is December – it is the holiday season – it is going to be hot…it doesn’t matter.  As an entire gym we are going ALL OUT this week and setting a new standard for ourselves.

    Holiday Tips / Boomers Giveaway

    A couple of weeks back, the ‘give us your best holiday training tips, win a bag of Boomers’ contest kicked off and thanks to everyone who submitted an entry.  Lots of variations on a similar theme though, and as Viv managed to get her entry in – covering a lot of bases – within a couple of hours of the blog being posted, she wins!

    –         Remember how good you felt after the October challenge (and that it actually DIDN’T kill you after all!!)?  Keep that tempo in mind when you are planning your week’s workouts.

    –         Repeat a mantra to yourself that you ARE that person, you ARE the person who puts in their all EVERY time, you ARE the energetic, fit person who gets it done.

    –         Plan ahead with food eg: eat a healthy meal before you go Christmas shopping to avoid temptation.  Bring healthy snacks with you to Christmas drinks and if people rib you for eating healthy – picture them naked and I can guarantee if they are the type of person who just ate a tub of dip with chips…’s not going to be good!

    –         NO EXCUSES!  So you have a few events to go to – imagine how awesome you’ll feel and look if you got that work out in.  You have 24 hours in one day – what’s 45 minutes!?  It’s the difference between squeezing into that party dress or not taking your shirt off at the Summer festivals/concerts.  Exercise increases serotonin so that measly 45 mins is equal to a few drinks without all the calories (or embarrassing “oh my god I so did not do that at the Christmas party”! moments).

    –         But most of all just GET IT DONE!!!

    Christmas hours

    Please refer to the signs in the gym (or last weeks blog: for details of our Christmas trading hours.  As you will see, it is pretty much business as usual – closed Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day, with a couple of ‘earlier’ than usual closing times on the 23rd, 24th, and 30th of December.

    To answer the question I am getting asked the most, the class timetable remains unchanged…if the gym is open, the scheduled class will run.

    Gym Update #1

    A couple of more things from the Gym Nazi this week.

    If you are late to a class – and I know, traffic can be terrible and therefore being late isn’t necessarily avoidable – then please understand that it might take a few minutes to find you a spot / get you up and running…particularly in those peak sessions at 5pm/6pm Mon-Thurs and 8:15am on Sat/Sunday morning.  We understand that being late wasn’t your fault – we hope you understand that our priority at the start of each session is getting the majority of people up and running, not focussing on the few late comers.  I know it can be frustrating – you are stressed running late and don’t want to miss out on any more of the session, but you are/were late and are just going to have to ‘chill out’ for a couple of minutes.

    Please also be aware that whilst we try to start the class ‘on time’, the exercise demos generally happen 2-3 minutes BEFORE the scheduled start time…so if you want to see the demos and understand what techniques you are being asked to perform, getting there ‘before’ the scheduled class time is really what we are looking for.

    One final thing – if you buy a bottle of water or a PowerAde, please make sure that the plastic lids go in the bin.  Throwing them on the floor in the gym area is not just bad manners – if someone was to step on one hopping down from the speedball steps, they could injure themselves.  I really think this is just common courtesy stuff – if you have to put the lids in your pocket, or run them back to the bin (in front of the pigeon holes) or even ask me or one of the other trainers to throw them out for you, then that is what you need to do.

    Gym Update #2

    As most people would have seen, the additional plyometric boxes and PowerBands arrived during the week…now HEAPS of options for box jumps and 4- PowerBands of each colour to help you with your chin-ups (or maybe HURT you with your push-ups??)  If you don’t understand what this last comment means, ask me about it during the week.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week:

    –         Body Transformation:

    –         Some great feedback about PT, some great feedback about TANKS.

    –         One-arm chin-ups:

    –         Benefits of interval training (vs slow, steady running):

    –         A bit of bar work:


    There is daily activity on the Facebook site that will keep you focussed on your training.  Get involved!

    Link of the week

    In honour of the ‘Holiday Contest’ mentioned earlier, here are some holiday weight loss tips from Lee Hayward.  Now it starts a little USA centric (talking about the cold, Thanksgiving, Superbowl etc) but don’t stress too much – it quickly gets on track and the advice is worth listening too.

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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