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    Recovering from Illness, Christmas hours, Cindy

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Great week of classes last week – despite the heatwave hitting us.  For those amongst you who have been wondering if it gets hot in the gym over summer, I think you now have your answer…YES.  Doesn’t mean you can’t work hard though – make sure you take your water bottle with you, and get stuck in to your training.  Constantly talking about the heat wont just drag you down – it will remind everyone around you that conditions are uncomfortable and negatively impact on them as well.  Believe me, by the time February rolls around we will all be nice and acclimatised to the hotter temperatures and what we experienced last week won’t seem too bad at all.

    There have been a number of people who have recently returned to the gym after missing a week or two of sessions due to illness – and have found the going VERY tough.  They can’t believe that they have ‘lost it all’ in a week (or however long) and become a little bit upset or depressed with things.  The reality is though, what they are experiencing is perfectly natural and they haven’t ‘lost it’ – it is just the body responding to being placed under ANOTHER form of stress.

    When coming back from illness, remember that even though you might be telling yourself to ‘take it easy’, your muscle memory will quickly take over and you will be hitting harder/faster and lifting faster/heavier than you realise…and probably with a lot more intensity than at your first session (however long ago that might have been).  And whilst you might feel ‘better’ after your illness, your body does take a while to recover – and you are probably back training before everything is back to 100%.

    So – what is the answer?  Firstly, don’t panic – you haven’t lost all of your gains, you are recovering from an illness and will bounce back quickly.  Secondly, don’t get upset with yourself or depressed about what you were (or weren’t) able to achieve in what was only one class – nothing really in the overall scheme of things.  Give yourself another day (or two) off, come back and try again…and if necessary, repeat the whole process a couple of times.  Of course, if you find yourself coughing and spluttering and all those sorts of things, it is back to the doctor for you, but even then – don’t stress.  You will be back running on all cylinders soon enough and going flat out all session long.

    Small Group Classes – TANKS

    The ‘TANKS’ sessions kicked off last week and I am pretty sure those people who participated got what they bargained for.  The rowing/burpee monstrosity we completed on Tuesday and Wednesday was really challenging – physically and mentally.  The bench press/chin-up/hand-stand pushup combo on Thurs/Sat was set up to really challenge your chest and shoulders (and I am pretty sure I can say mission accomplished!).

    As per last weeks blog, there are three ways to get involved in the Tanks classes:

    –         Option 1:  Premium membership option

    This option is available for all Round 1 Fitness members and entitles you to attend one (1) TANKS session per week.  If you take up this option, you will receive priority booking into the session of your choice.  The premium membership option will add $10 per week onto the cost of your existing Round 1 Fitness membership.

    –         Option 2:  ‘TANKS’ 10-Round Pass

    This option is available for all Round 1 Fitness members and gives you access to 10 x TANKS sessions for the cost of $120.

    –         Option 3:  ‘Tanks’ Casual Session

    This option is available to all Round 1 Fitness members and gives you access to a single TANKS class for the cost of $13.50.  Remember though, you MUST book to gain access to a ‘TANKS’ session as numbers are limited to seven (7) people per session.

    Christmas hours

    The hours of operation for the gym over the Christmas/New Year period will be as follows:

    Christmas Week New Years Week
    Monday 19th 6am 9pm Monday 26TH Closed
    Tuesday 20th 6am 9pm Tuesday 27TH 8am 12pm
    Wednesday 21st 6am 9pm Wednesday 28th 6am 9pm
    Thursday 22nd 6am 9pm Thursday 29th 6am 9pm
    Friday 23rd 6am 6pm Friday 30TH 6am 6pm
    Saturday 24th 7am 10am Saturday 31ST 7am 12pm
    Sunday 25TH Closed Sunday 1ST Closed
    Monday 2nd 8am 12pm
    Tuesday 3rd 6am 9pm

    Pretty much business as usual – closed Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day, with a couple of ‘earlier’ than usual closing times on the 23rd, 24th, and 30th of December.

    Gym Update #1

    Just a quick reminder about a couple of things:

    –         The new share gloves are now in use – but if you want to use them, you must have on a pair of hand wraps or cotton inners.  Both of these are available from reception (wraps are $10, inners are $5).  This is all about hygiene and reducing the smell of the gloves.

    –         You simply have to bring a towel.  More people were denied a session last week because they didn’t bring a towel along – you have to have one and you are expected to USE it.  There is nothing worse than jumping on one of the bikes to find it dripping with sweat from the previous user.  Bring a towel – it is just common courtesy.

    Gym Update #2

    In amongst everything else, some new equipment arrived last week – plyometric boxes, power-bands (for assisted chin-ups) and also some new sand-bags (which haven’t seen the light of day just yet).  I hope you all enjoy using the new gear – and yes, there are some more plyometric boxes already on the way…

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week:

    –         Kid Chocolate training:

    –         A training mask courtesy of Jason Barnes:

    –         A request for some Parkour:

    –         A muscle-up as slowly as possible:

    The Facebook group is a terrific daily reminder of your training.  Turn notifications on to stay on top of the updates and get involved in the conversations.  We have 450 members of our page – I would love to get a few more people contributing – don’t just read the comments – get involved.

    Link of the week

    This week’s link has been included to illustrate one of the Crossfit standard workouts which – as many of you have noticed – are now proudly displayed in a fantastic 5m x 2.5m sign at the front of the gym near the power-racks and lifting platform.  The one I have chosen to highlight is called ‘CINDY’:

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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