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    New exercises = New Challenge = New Benefit (So don’t give up)

    Hi and welcome to another week,

    Really looking forward to this weeks sessions – there is a heap of variety in the plans and Tuesday and Friday just look like a heap of fun.  After last week, I wish I could write here that we have planned a week without push-ups, but that would not necessarily be the truth!

    The other thing that we have been doing over the last couple of weeks is try to introduce some ‘trickier’ exercises – certainly new exercises.  It is a bit of a challenge for us as trainers – trying to teach technique to a group of 40 people and then modify it and adjust it within a two minute round can be difficult – and I know that it can all be a bit hard for you guys as participants, particularly when you feel you aren’t getting as good a workout whilst trying to master a new skill.  BUT – if we don’t keep introducing new things, then we cannot keep adding variety to the sessions.  And if we cannot keep adding variety, then we cannot continue to challenge your body in new ways.

    So – if you have recently found the kettlebell figure 8’s, hand-stand push-ups, kettlebell snatch or last week’s get-ups a bit tricky or hard to master, please have a go and stick at it – we will be happy to help you through until you can do it.  Don’t get frustrated by any technical issues you might be having – remember, the outcome of the new exercise is a new way of working your muscles and therefore a new benefit to your body!

    The other thing that is happening this week is the start of the new small-group ‘TANKS’ classes (more about them below).  Together with our recent foray into the area of personal training – and some clients are seeing terrific results here – the small group sessions are our way of offering a more focussed and intense training experience for those people who want to push their training to another level but don’t have the confidence to ‘go it alone’.

    The small-group sessions are not intended to be something that you would do every single day.  When putting the ‘TANKS’ sessions together, I am doing so on the assumption that the people doing the session will still be doing 2-3 (3-4 and even more for some of you crazy people!) boxing sessions, a couple of post-class 20-minute treadmill/summit trainer stints and maybe a weights session.  Like everything, the small-group stuff is ‘part’ of the plan, NOT the whole plan…

    Gym Update #1

    The new ‘SHARE’ gloves will be made available for use this week.  As per last weeks note, you will NOT be allowed to use these gloves unless you are wearing a pair of ‘inner’ gloves underneath.  This is to make using the gloves a lot more pleasant for everyone – and reduce the smell that comes from that part of the gym.

    Bringing your own inner gloves from home is a perfectly good solution – if you don’t have any, you can buy them from the gym for $5.

    Small Group Classes – TANKS

    ‘TANKS’ starts this week – this Tuesday (22nd) at 6:30pm is the very first class – and there are still a couple of spots available in all of the sessions scheduled for this week.

    What will we be doing?  Tuesday and Wednesday will be a heavy focus on aerobic conditioning – Thursday and Saturday will be a more ‘even’ mix of weights, bodyweight exercises and aerobic conditioning.  Both of the sessions planned for this week (same class Tues/Wed and Thur/Sat) are very, very challenging.

    As per last weeks blog, there are three ways to get involved in the Tanks classes:

    –         Option 1:  Premium membership option

    This option is available for all Round 1 Fitness members and entitles you to attend one (1) TANKS session per week.  If you take up this option, you will receive priority booking into the session of your choice.  The premium membership option will add $10 per week onto the cost of your existing Round 1 Fitness membership.

    –         Option 2:  ‘TANKS’ 10-Round Pass

    This option is available for all Round 1 Fitness members and gives you access to 10 x TANKS sessions for the cost of $120.

    –         Option 3:  ‘Tanks’ Casual Session

    This option is available to all Round 1 Fitness members and gives you access to a single TANKS class for the cost of $13.50.

    Friends of Round 1

    As announced on Facebook last week, R1F members will receive a 5% discount upon presentation of their membership card at Ryan’s Meats between the 21st è 25th of November…that is Monday to Friday THIS WEEK.  Ryan’s is a great place – the guys are super-friendly and the produce is first rate.  Business aside, Vanessa and I have been recommending them to our friends and family for a long time now…no-one has ever been disappointed!

    Ryan’s is located at 22 Biscayne Way, Jandakot – which is in the little industrial/commercial precinct behind Bunnings.

    Facebook Highlights

    Some good stuff on Facebook this week:

    –         Some ‘interesting’ comments about the sessions on Tuesday (pushup central) and Wednesday (side-bridging).

    –         Pictures of the kids being put through their paces in the R1F “Kids Club”.

    –         A leg-based lifting / conditioning complex:

    –         An interesting article about food:

    –         An article about mistakes made by ‘girls’ when they are working out…though this sparked a bit of debate on the page:

    –         Floyd Jr showing everyone how to do it!

    The Facebook group is a terrific daily reminder of your training.  Turn notifications on to stay on top of the updates and get involved in the conversations.  We have 450 members of our page – I would love to get a few more people contributing!

    Link of the week

    This video doesn’t really need me to say much…it is amazing what people can acheive when they are motivated/determined/inspired…

    Anyway, that is it from me for another week.

    See you in the gym!



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